12 Top Things to Do in Sidemen, Bali 12 Top Things to Do in Sidemen, Bali

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Unique in every aspect. Volcanoes, beaches, wildlife, impressive cultures, and heartwarming locals.

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What is the best time to visit Indonesia?

April to October is in general when the weather is at its best in Indonesia.

What is the curreny in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s currency is called the Rupiah. 1 USD is equivalent to 15,500 Indonesian rupiahs.

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Indonesia Travel Guide: The Ultimate Itinerary to Bali, Java & Flores

Indonesia Travel Guide: The Ultimate Itinerary to Bali, Java & Flores


Mother nature really pulled out all the stops when it came to incredible Indonesia. A country made up of epic proportions and a generous serving of spectacular natural phenomena. All this, and more, make it a giant natural playground waiting to be explored!

Adrenaline Adventure

Indonesia is the ultimate escape for adventure lovers because of the diverse range of activities and landscapes on offer. Such as, trekking in the dense rainforest or swimming with manta rays off the coast. It’s true that pure exhilaration and heart-pumping adrenaline are around every corner. As a result, travelers can expect to scale the rocky faces of active volcanoes and craters or dive within the most biodiverse waters, among sharks and dolphins. Better still, be in harmony with nature, as you stand at the foot of some of the greatest waterfalls on the planet, feeling the power and the roar of the cascading water.

Beloved Wildlife

This amazing archipelago of over 17,000 islands, is home to as many different cultures as it is picture-perfect beaches and natural wonders. Witness a unique union between people of all backgrounds and religions. As well as deep respect from the locals towards the extraordinary range of wildlife. To discover some of the richest, and most unusual, wildlife on the planet, head for the Komodo Islands. Here, discover an otherworldly utopia of spectacular pink sand beaches and fantasy-like dragons.

Cultural Gems

For those more culturally savvy, spend your days seeing the immeasurable number of UNESCO world heritage sites across Indonesia. Be mesmerized by the stunning temples of Java, or the spectacular rice terraces of Bali. Whether its culture, adventure, or relaxation, there is no doubt that Indonesia is a true people pleaser. The variety of life here means there’s something to suit every traveler and an infinite positivity that radiates from every corner.