14 Best Things to do in Vietnam in 2023 14 Best Things to do in Vietnam in 2023

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Majestic Asia! An incredible continent that has something to offer for any kind of traveler.

Did you know?

Out of all rice eaten in the world, 90% is consumed in Asia! And all Vietnamese people share the same birthday.


With 48 countries it is the world’s largest continent.

11 Best Things To Do in Luang Prabang

11 Best Things To Do in Luang Prabang

Must-do's in Asia


A continent of contrasts and diversity: home to 48 incredible countries, countless ancient treasures, and stunning natural wonders. This extraordinary continent pushes boundaries, aiming to be bigger and better than any other place in the world. Discover the highest mountains, the biggest cities, the largest temples, the tallest buildings, and even the most enormous flowers! Every corner of Asia is a joy to explore, made even better by colorful countries, each unique in their character. Each one has one defining feature though- warm, friendly, and fascinating locals.

The Past Meets the Future

Asia is continuously ahead of the curve, always in the future, growing and developing. Because of this it’s at the forefront of technology worldwide and known globally for its cities leading the way in infrastructure and inventive design. Yet somehow, there is also a perfect contrast with the beautiful simplicity of the past. The epic history of the continent shapes Asian culture and the community- reflected spectacularly in the resilience and friendliness of the people, the preservation of beautiful ancient buildings, and customs. However, it is Asian food that remains the most beloved and preserved thing of all. Get ready to experience the mouthwatering flavors of Pho in Vietnam, the citrusy zing of Thailand, and the unbelievable spiced curries in Sri Lanka. Delicious dishes still lovingly crafted that are now popular the world over!

The Power of Nature

The peace and spirituality of Asia are beyond powerful. Feel it in the special energy of locals taking part in time-honored rituals. See it in the enchanting paintings covering golden temples, or in the harmony of nature as a bird sits on the back of an elephant. Everywhere a new type of landscape, climate, or community, will be waiting to greet travelers with open arms. Whether it’s on the silk road of Uzbekistan, under the dreamy cherry blossoms in Japan or South Korea, or next to coconut trees on coral-fringed beaches in the Philippines or Indonesia. Asia will give a new and exciting meaning to the words ‘paradise’ and ‘adventure’.