Sibenik, Croatia: The Complete Travel Guide Sibenik, Croatia: The Complete Travel Guide

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Architectural masterpieces, beautiful nature, and fantastic culinary diversity.

Did you know?

The world’s second-largest food exporter is the Netherlands, just after the USA, which is 237 times larger in size!


A total of 44 countries with The Vatican as the world’s smallest country!

20 Best Cities to Visit in Europe in 2023

20 Best Cities to Visit in Europe in 2023

Must-do's in Europe


Europe is the continent of hopeless romantics. A place that radiates warmth, happiness, and enchantment in the form of hot summer nights, under the stars. By day, wander picturesque streets, laughing and chatting, or dip salty, sunkissed skin in beautiful blue waters. Continue to feed the soul by visiting the most sensational cities in the world! Each magical European city writes a love letter to the past, through its buildings and customs. For example, the abstract works of Gaudi in Barcelona, the love lock bridge of Paris, or the exotic grand bazaar of Istanbul. Alternatively, get ready for an epic adventure through the ages. Discover wonders like the majestic acropolis in Athens, the magnificent Colosseum in Rome, or the remarkable floating city of Venice.

Crossing Borders and Cultures

Each nation, however small, has its own unique culture and language. As a result, Europe is one of a kind. In just 24 hours several countries could be visited, each with a different beauty, landscape, culture, and language. Experience the icy charm of northern Europe, with its epic fjords, snow-capped mountains, frosty blue lakes, and hilltop castles. Together with the vibrancy of southern Europe, with its colorful houses, street art, shady cobbled streets, bustling plazas, and heavenly islands. The diversity of a continent which stretches as far as the Arctic Circle, and borders both Africa and Asia, is hard to beat.

A Food Lovers Heaven

European diversity makes for a legendary culinary journey. Jumping from country to country will provide new, and delicious, experiences. Each of which will kickstart taste buds into action. Discover tapas in Spain, pizza in Italy, pastries in France, fondue in Switzerland, bratwurst in Germany, kebab in Turkey, or khachapuri in Georgia. Because of the freedom of movement between European countries, each country is multicultural in its people and in its cuisine, always open to new things and fusing ideas. It is because of this powerful way of thinking that Europe is easily one of the most unique and special places on earth.