Visa for Egypt: How to Get it and Entry Requirements Visa for Egypt: How to Get it and Entry Requirements

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Sail the Nile River and discover the land of mysteries. Pyramids, ancient temples and artifacts.

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What is the best time to visit Egypt?

October to April is the best time to visit Egypt.

What is the curreny in Egypt?

Egypt’s currency is called the Egyptian Pound. 1 USD is equivalent to 16 Egyptian Pounds.

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Egypt Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit

Egypt Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit

Must-do's in Egypt


Mighty Egypt: home to the first ancient wonder of the world, and history that has shaped and inspired humanity since the beginning of time. The beauty and majesty of the pyramids is the main drawcard. Here time stands completely still, as onlookers are stunned into silence. The silence doesn’t last for long though, as adventure is around every corner. Discover the mind-blowing wonders of tombs, temples, and gold, and the extraordinary hieroglyphic stories of mummies and pharaohs. Get ready for the bucket list experience of a lifetime!

Pyramids & More

The delights of Egypt don’t stop at the pyramids. Experience the unique blend of spectacular mosques and churches in Cairo, or follow the Nile south to explore the archeological wonders of Luxor. For example, the Valley of the Kings, or the colossal pillars of the fantastic Karnak Temple. To really make it the trip of the lifetime,  journey as far south as the Sudan border. Here remarkable temples are carved out of rock faces, close to the fun-loving multicolored Nubian villages.

Water Wonders

Egypt is not just for culture vultures and history buffs, it is also a relaxation paradise!  The red sea coastline is home to stunning white-sand beaches, fringed by crystal clear ocean and incredible coral reefs that make it a haven for snorkelers. The main oasis in Egypt, however, is the River Nile, the longest river on the planet. Life centers around the wonders of this mammoth river, providing much-needed hydration that allows greenery and wildlife to flourish. Without it, the entire country would be desert. Relax and refresh among the wonderful waters of Egypt, be it on a legendary Nile cruise, or swimming in the heavenly seas.