15 Best Things To Do in Budapest, Hungary 15 Best Things To Do in Budapest, Hungary

15 Best Things To Do in Budapest, Hungary

Trendy cafes with delicious food and stunning architecture – Budapest is one of the most beautiful and underestimated cities in Europe. The creative, vibrant city is the capital of Hungary and home to many international students, and that’s for a good reason. Budapest is super affordable! Spend 3 days exploring all the things to do in Budapest.

Things To Do in Budapest in 3 Days

Budapest is divided by the Danube River, with on one side the hilly “Buda” area and the flat “Pest” side. Use this 3 guide to explore the highlights of both sides of the city. The guide is designed so you won’t have to walk large distances.

Day 1 – Both sides of Budapest

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion, with its beautiful detailed arches and seven fairytale-like white towers, is a castle overlooking the entire city. It is incredibly picturesque and one of the best things to do in Budapest.

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15 Best Things To Do in Budapest, Hungary

The Fisherman’s Bastion is easy to reach by Metro, followed by a short 10-minute walk. To avoid the tourist buses, plan a visit before 9 AM. It is open 24 hours a day, except for the towers (9 AM).

things to do budapest fishermans bastion

2. Matthias Church

Right behind the Fisherman’s Bastion is the Matthias Church. The colorful roof tiles, decoration, and architecture are what make it a unique church in Europe. Both the church and bastion have the best view of Budapest.

After having visited these two great sights, walk down the hill towards the bridge but stop for delicious breakfast and a coffee at Zërgë Coffeeshop or Home of Franziska.

budapest Matthias Church

3. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Follow your way down the hill towards the water and cross the famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge – the first stone bridge that connected Buda to Pest. Once on the other side, follow the riverside towards an imposing part of history.

budapest Széchenyi Chain Bridge

4. Shoes on the Danube – Imposing thing to do in Budapest

The Shoes on the Danube River is a war memorial placed on the location where over 20,000! Jewish people had to take off their shoes, got shot, and fell into the river.

5. Parliament Building

Located on the opposite side of the Danube River lies one of the world’s most stunning government buildings. The impressive Hungarian Parliament, in its Gothic style, is the largest ever built in the country. Via a 45-minute tour, you will be able to see the inside.


6. Eat at Mazel Tov

From the Parliament, take the metro and step out at Blaha Lujza tér. Eat at Mazel Tov, a great-looking middle eastern and possibly the most popular restaurant in Budapest. Try to make a reservation in advance because there is pretty much always a long waiting line at the door.

Day 2 – Famous things to do in Budapest

7. St. Stephen’s Basilica

Start your day at 9 AM at the highest church in Budapest. With its 96 meters, detailed inside, and panoramic view from the top, it is something you can’t miss while visiting Budapest.

The domes inside may remind you a bit of the Vatican City in Rome. The entrance to the basilica is free, but a 200 HUF (~ $0.65) donation is suggested at the door. Occasionally, concerts are held inside.

things to do budapest St. Stephens Basilica

Fun fact: Buildings in Budapest can’t be built higher than the basilica.

The square in front of the basilica is filled with little restaurants to have a morning coffee, but we can highly recommend the Espresso Embassy, which is one street away from the square.

8. Great Market Hall

Make your way to the city’s largest and oldest indoor market. The Great Market Hall is a two-story market that looks like an old train station on the inside — filled with small stalls selling fruit, veggies, meat, handicraft, and souvenirs. Plan to spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour inside the hall.

things to do budapest Great Market Hall

9. Szabadság Híd Bridge

Yellow trams crossing the green bridge have resulted in many iconic pictures. The Szabadság Híd Bridge (Liberty Bridge) next to the Market Hall is an icon of Budapest.

budapest house

10. Vintage Shopping in Budapest

Budapest embraces vintage, design, and second-hand shops. All over the city center are creative shops offering beautiful products. Make sure to check out Retrock and Szputnyik D20.

budapest city guide vintage shopping

11. Dip into a Thermal Bath

Budapest is the city of the thermal baths. They are inside every guide of things to do in Budapest. Thermal baths in Budapest are all over the city and loved by both locals and tourists. The most popular baths are Rudas, Gellert, and Széchenyi.

things to do budapest Thermal Bath
Photo by our friends KingingIt

Day 3 – The Jewish Quarter of Budapest

12. Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is the go-to place in Budapest. Less than 100 years ago, this was a slum area. Nowadays, the majority of trendy cafes, delicious restaurants, young hipster people, and street art can be found in this neighborhood. We recommend joining a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter that will include a knowledgeable guide and entry tickets.

Tours & Tickets 🥾View all

It is also recommended to visit one of the synagogues in the area, like the Great Synagogue or the lesser-known Rumbach Synagogue.

13. Discover Budapest’s Street Art scene

Budapest is relatively unknown as a street art city, but once you walk around the city, you feel the creativity. Both local and international artists have been busy, especially in the Jewish Quarter. Walk around the area, and you’ll find large, beautiful murals covering the side of a building.

14. Street Food Gardens  

Eat on the street! Budapest has a handful of cozy gardens surrounded by street food stalls. Gather and meet people or just enjoy the good vibes while eating delicious food. Our favorite: Street Food Karavan Budapest. Have we already mentioned that Budapest is a hub for delicious vegan food?!

things to do budapest streetfood garden

15. Ruin Bars

Old abandoned buildings transformed into a location to gather and have a drink. Locations like Szimpla Kert are nowadays the place to go for a drink. A crazy mismatched interior is what makes this place interesting to see. There are more ruin bars in Budapest, but Szimpla Kert was the first.

How to Visit Budapest

Budapest has an international airport with lots of flights arriving from destinations all over Europe.

Find flights to Budapest ✈️

From the city center to the airport or vice-versa is well arranged by public bus 100E or 200E. Both stop at a Metro line to continue your journey. Tickets are available on the bus or at the machines inside a metro station. Unfortunately, there is no metro line from the city to the airport.

Getting around Budapest

Getting from A to B in Budapest is no problem. The metro system spreads throughout all popular parts of the city, and the same goes for the tram and busses. The metro in Budapest is one of the oldest in the whole of Europe and also one of the best if you ask us.

budapest city train station

A single ticket for metro, bus, or tram costs 350 HUF ($1.10 USD). Multi-day passes can also be bought at the vending machines.

Hotels in Budapest

Budapest has plenty of options for all budgets when it comes to hotels and hostels (you can search for your hostel here).

The best areas to stay are on the Pest side between Keleti station and the Danube River, where most is happening.

Budapest’s Best Places to Eat

Budapest has plenty of great cafes and restaurants. Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan meals are dominating in the city center, which is a funny contrast against the traditional Hungary meaty dishes. It’s not all fish – or meatless, so don’t worry if Vegetarian is not for you! These were our favorites:

  • Dobrumba
  • Hummus Bar (all over Budapest)
  • Mazal Tov
  • KUSZKUSZ (Takeaway)
  • Szimply

How much does Budapest cost?

A city trip to Budapest does not have to be expensive at all. It is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe. With a budget of around 50 USD per day, you can spend the night in the Hungarian capital, use public transport, and have lunch and dinner.

Costs of Traveling in Budapest

Travel on a budget in Budapest, from $230 − $290 USD weekly per person, mid-range $550 − $1640 USD, and high-end from $1500 − $2300 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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    I love Budapest and you really did highlight the best of the city! I also love going up to Janos Hill on the Buda side and taking the chairlift down with spectacular views of the city.

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