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Alpine villages, crystal-clear lakes, mountain hikes, and delicious cuisine await you in this charming European destination.

Map of Austria

Map of Austria

Weather in Austria

You can enjoy Austria’s beauty in every season. Summers are warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities. Fall brings colorful foliage and wine harvests, whereas winters are snowy, perfect for skiing. And spring blooms with fresh greenery.

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Austria is a great travel destination with sky-high mountains perfect in either season, tranquil scenery, and incredible cuisine. From hiking, biking, skiing, or roaming through its Alpine villages, there are many things to do in Austria

Austria is a slightly more expensive destination to visit in Europe, though there are plenty of free activities. Expect to spend about $50 – $70 per day (budget) or $100 – $150 (mid-range), including accommodation, meals, transport, and activities. 

Yes! Tap water is perfectly safe to drink in Austria. Stay hydrated by filling up a reusable water bottle on the go – a great way of traveling more sustainably.

Most countries can travel visa-free for up to 90 days in Austria, as it’s within the Schengen area. As always, check your country’s travel requirements before traveling and make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 more months.

German is the official language of Austria, though the pronunciation often differs from its neighbor. Some Austrians also speak Croatian, Slovenian, or Hungarian, and most have a high proficiency in English, too – making it easy to connect with the locals!

Travel insurance is your safety net for all your adventures in Austria, ensuring you have peace of mind while traversing its mountains and many beautiful lakes. It protects you against unexpected events, whether it’s lost luggage or an accident. 

Austria uses two common European plug types: Type C and Type F. Type C is the plug with two round pins, and plug F has two round pins and two earth clips. Bring an adapter to stay connected during your trip.

There are so many great places to visit in Austria, from historic cities like Vienna to the stunning Alps. Soak up the Austrian culture, known for enjoying life, lots of art, strong coffee, lots of outdoor activities, and sports.

Travel to Austria

Traveling in Austria is like stepping into a live fairytale. Discover Vienna’s stunning palaces, where history always stands at the center, or visit Salzburg, the birthplace of world-famous composer Mozart and full of charming streets and lush gardens. Apart from beautiful cities, the natural scenery in Austria beckons many visitors. The Austrian Alps make a playground for many adventurers, with breathtaking vistas and thrilling outdoor activities. Spend your summer days hiking many trails between the bright green hills and lush forests, or visit in the wintertime to race down the slopes with skis.

How to Plan Your Trip to Austria

Follow our Austria travel guides to plan the perfect trip, either in summer or winter! Whether you’re looking to find hidden trails between the mountains of Tyrol, relax at peaceful lakes, or stroll through historic cities like Vienna, we’ve got you covered. Explore all the best places in Austria, or check out our complete guide to Kaiserwinkl.

Best Time to Visit Austria

Full of enchanting landscapes and many cultural treasures, Austria makes a great travel destination year-round. Whether you’re looking for the stunning colors of summer or winter wonderland, Austria offers it all.

Summers: The best time to visit Austria when you want warm weather, luscious scenery, and nature in full swing is from June to August. Austria blooms in various colors during this time, with Alpine meadows full of wildflowers and crystal-clear lakes perfect for swimming. Lazily roam through the little villages, cycling or hiking between the majestic Austrian Alps. Many outdoor events also take place during this time, from live concerts to vibrant open-air markets, giving the country lots of energy. 

Winter: If you’re a snowsporter, visit between December and February, when thick snow blankets the land. During this time, Austria transforms into a real-life snow globe. Cities fill up with atmospheric Christmas markets, and some of Europe’s finest slopes (in the Austrian Alps) are open. Cozy up in mountain chalets, savoring après-ski delights, and head out onto the icy runways.

Mountains and Lakes

Austria is full of natural wonders that all create a stunning canvas of diverse landscapes. The Alps, with towering peaks and lush valleys, are the perfect playground for outdoor lovers. During the summer, this makes a great addition to your Austria holiday if you want to do some hiking, biking, rafting, or swimming. 

Wander through the many forests and meadows, and visit dramatic national parks with canyons and pristine rivers. The Danube River Valley, for example, unfolds in beauty, ideal for bike rides or picturesque cruises. Wildlife thrives in these parts, and Austrian forests see deer, ibex, and golden eagles. 

In the winter, the climate transforms Austria into a snowy landscape, offering world-class ski resorts in Tyrol, Salzburg, and Vorarlberg with great slopes and exciting descents. The quaint mountain villages become cozy retreats, where hearty meals and warm glühwein await after your day out in the snow.

Food, Culture, and Religion in Austria 

Austria’s cuisine, culture, and diverse religion prove the country has a rich history. Around every corner, you learn something new. One of the best things to do in Austria is to explore its rich traditions, flavors, and beliefs. 

Cuisine: From the iconic ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ to heavenly desserts like ‘Apfelstrudel’ and ‘Sachertorte’, there is a lot to try in Austria when it comes to food. Though sometimes rather meat-heavy, there are also lots of options for vegetarians. Stop at one of Vienna’s coffeehouses to get a taste of old-world elegance, or explore the little taverns in the mountain villages dating back many years. 

Culture: At the center of Austria’s cultural heritage stand its history and artistry. You see it in the majestic palaces and castles that show imperial splendor, as well as in the Opera and the Musikverein concert hall. Apart from its architecture, traditional villages like Inssbruck reveal the charm of Alpine life, where herders take care of their cattle and life moves slower.

Religion: Austria’s religious landscape is quite diverse. Christianity is the predominant religion, where Catholics shaped the country and make up most of the population. Nevertheless, the country embraces different faiths, including Protestantism and Islam.

Why You Should Travel to Austria 

A realm where history and natural beauty come together in perfect harmony – that’s Austria. Explore imperial cities like Vienna that’ll transport you back in time and the breathtaking landscapes of jagged peaks and serene lakes in the Alps. Combine this with hearty meals in classic eateries and elegant coffeehouses, and you’ve guaranteed a fantastic Austria holiday

Enjoy an iconic Apfelstrudel as you look at historic palaces, only to hike Alpine trails and cruise the Danube later. Austria manages to captivate with its timeless elegance and warm hospitality. It’s a land where every corner reveals something new about its history, cuisine, and people, making it a worthy destination in the sun or snow.

Safety and Travel Advice in Austria

Natural disasters: Though the risks of natural disasters are relatively low, predominant floods, avalanches, and landslides can happen in Austria. Stay informed by monitoring local and international news and register at your embassy for emergency updates on your trip. 

Crime and safety in Austria: Crime levels in Austria are generally low, though petty crime, like pickpocketing, can happen in the big city centers and parks after dark. Keep your valuables secure by carrying them on the front and never leave them unattended. Take especially care on international trains.

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Outdoor activities: With its lush scenery, Austria makes an outdoor paradise. However, hiking, mountaineering, and other adventure sports can always be risky. Always check if the company you go with is well-established and that you have insurance to cover your desired activity. Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations for a stress-free trip.

Travel Insurance: One of the things we always recommend for your vacation in Austria is to purchase travel insurance. Whether it’s unforeseen accidents or lost personal items, travel insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring a smoother and worry-free experience. Check out these best travel insurances.