Laos Travel Guide: Complete 10-Day Itinerary Laos Travel Guide: Complete 10-Day Itinerary

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Saffron-robed monks at outstanding temples, movie-like sceneries, and silky blue waterfalls.

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What is the best time to visit Laos?

November to April is the best time to visit Laos.

What is the curreny in Laos?

The currency in Laos is Kip. 1 USD is equivalent to 8,800 Lao Kip.

Laos Travel Guide: Complete 10-Day Itinerary

Laos Travel Guide: Complete 10-Day Itinerary


The wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility is unmistakable at every turn in beautiful Laos. In the stillness and magic of the misty green paddy fields, in the majestic nature of the forest-covered mountains, and in the spiritual silence of the barefoot monks as they walk together at dawn.

Saffron-robed monks

Observe a profound sense of spirituality in Luang Prabang. A town where the golden sun rises over orange-robed monks, who walk in the shadows of fuchsia-colored flowers. An exquisite Buddhist scene, that Laotians beautifully preserve and respect. The harmony between nature and people is obvious, not only here but throughout the entire country. As can be seen, in charming scenes of children picking fresh fruits and young monks playing in turquoise lagoons.

Untouched nature

However, Laos is also a country where adventure and relaxation exist side by side. More so than anywhere in the breathtaking town of Vang Vieng! Feel the thrill of motorbiking down luscious jungle roads, the wind in your hair as you reach the summit of one of the many sensational limestone karsts, and the water on your skin as you kayak over river rapids. All rewarded with the indescribable feeling of epic sunsets, panoramic valley views, or cooling lagoon water.

In essence, Laos is a beautiful country of friendship. A country, where there is an incredible ability to balance calm, with an undeniable zest for life. Because of this unique and fun-loving energy, Laos is impossible to forget!