Staying in the most beautiful area of Mauritius Staying in the most beautiful area of Mauritius

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From the exotic wildlife and sand dunes, to the rich history & picturesque cities of Morocco.

Did you know?

The Sahara is the world’s largest desert & the first-ever university in the world was built in Morocco.


has a total of 54 countries with around 2,000 different spoken languages!

Egypt Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit

Egypt Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit

Must-do's in Africa


Africa dances to the beat of its own drum. Music and rhythm are integral to the people, who live to sing and dance. Nature also dances to this rhythm, in a continent that is teeming with wildlife, marching with the rise and fall of the seasons and the land. Africa is truly the best place on earth for seeing the greatest animals of all time. See Gorillas in the rainforests of Rwanda, the remarkable migration of the wildebeest, or the ‘big 5’ on a world-famous safari. Just the sight of seeing such incredible animals as elephants and cheetahs in the wild is enough to reduce even the hardiest of travelers to excitable tears. It is an unforgettable experience that will leave an imprint on your heart for a lifetime.

Legendary Landscapes and Wildlife

Africa is the continent that really does have it all. Home to the hottest deserts, the most epic mountains, the endless savannah, mammoth waterfalls, and paradise white-sand beaches. It is also home to fantastic cities from tip to toe. From the northern delights of Marrakech, filled with souks and treasures, to the southern gem of Cape Town, home to the legendary Table Mountain. Each country within Africa will bring travelers into another world, each one as extraordinary as the next. Reach new heights on Mount Kilimanjaro,  experience the road trip of a lifetime in Namibia, the delights of safari in the Masai Mara, the mind-blowing force of Victoria Falls, or wine tasting among the beautiful vineyards of South Africa.

Joyful People

Africa, the birthplace of mankind, is nothing short of addictive. Many places have stayed in the past, maintaining ancient traditions, languages, and spiritual bonds. Because of this, the fundamental principles of family, community, and nature have not been lost. As a result, people live life joyfully through colorful landscapes, vibrant patterns, soulful music, and beautiful smiles. Africa is truly an extraordinary continent that effortlessly steals hearts, and will continue to mesmerize travelers again and again.