Ultimate 7-Day Thailand Itinerary Ultimate 7-Day Thailand Itinerary

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From tropical islands and flavourful cuisine to stunning temples and famed martial arts — Thailand is a traveler's paradise!

Weather in Thailand

Thailand has warm, tropical weather for most of the year but is generally split into three main seasons: hot, cool, and wet. The cool season, running from November to February, is the best time to visit Thailand, when temperatures drop to a nice 25 - 28 °C.

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Thailand, nicknamed ‘the land of smiles’, is a tropical nation home to friendly locals, powdery-white sand beaches, lush jungles, serene temples, and sprawling cities. Home to diverse landscapes that span from north to south, travelers can do everything from rafting among deep canyons to diving among colorful marine life on paradise islands.

Thailand remains one of the most affordable destinations in Asia, offering visitors the chance to stay in fantastic accommodations for a fraction of the price you’d find in Europe. It’s also a country famous for street food, meaning you can find cheap and delicious eats for $2-3!

Although drinking tap water in Bangkok is considered safe, it is not recommended for other destinations in Thailand. However, there are plenty of other great options to stay hydrated! Choose an eco-friendly option, using a reusable water bottle with an in-built filter system or refilling at restaurants with filtered water.

Great news! Most travelers can explore Thailand without a visa for up to 30 days — for free! If your stay is more than 30 days, you’ll need to apply for a Tourist Visa online.

Tip: Check your country’s entry requirements well in advance, as some places are subject to stricter visa rules.

In Thailand, people speak Thai, a tonal language with a distinct alphabet. Because it is very different from most Western languages, it can be hard to pronounce, but it’s worth learning a few phrases to connect with the warm local people as you travel.

Travel insurance is an absolute must in Thailand! It protects you against unexpected events, whether that’s a flight cancellation, lost luggage, or medical care. Jump on that scooter, cliff-jump at the beach, or white water raft without care!

While Thailand is generally very safe, some petty crime does occur, especially in bigger cities like Bangkok. It’s always good to exercise caution by leaving any valuables at home and keeping an eye on your belongings. However, in general, Thailand’s warm hospitality means you can explore worry-free!

Thailand uses plug types A and B (also used in the USA) and C (standard for Europe), which means there’s a high chance you won’t need an adaptor. If you need an adaptor, you can easily buy one at the airport or stores throughout Thailand.

Thailand is loved worldwide for its diverse landscapes, fantastic island-hopping, friendly locals, and excellent food. Whether you’re looking for buzzing night markets in Chiang Mai, motorbike mountain adventures in Pai, or marine adventures off the coast of Krabi, Thailand will delight every traveler.

Thailand Travel

Thailand is world-famous for its warm culture, delicious food, nightlife, and scenic landscapes. Travelers who choose to vacation in Thailand have a world of choice at their feet, from world-famous temples and island retreats to impressive waterfalls and dramatic gorges.

How to Plan Your Trip to Thailand

Follow our Thailand travel guides to plan the trip of a lifetime! The country is great for backpacking because of its affordable and lively destinations, but it’s also perfect for those looking for island resorts and luxury vacations. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking to discover the best places in Thailand or want to follow a 7-day Thailand itinerary in the south of the country.

Staying for longer? 2 Weeks in Thailand (from Bangkok to the north) provides the ultimate mix of culture, adventure, and stunning nature.

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Planning the perfect vacation in Thailand? Find out about the climate in Thailand to choose the best time to explore the Land of Smiles!

Hot Season (April-October): Instead of dry, Thailand sees a hot season when temperatures surge to over 30 degrees. April is known as the hottest month in Thailand, and these temperatures are most noticeable in the north, with locations such as Chiang Mai being the hottest (up to 37 °C).

Wet Season (November-March): Thailand thanks its lush tropical scenery to the rainy (monsoon) season, with the heaviest rainfall in September/October. For most of these months, it doesn’t rain the entire day (just a few hours in the afternoon). The rest of the day is sunny, leaving plenty of room to relax on the beautiful beaches. It’s also a good time for backpacking in Thailand as it’s more affordable with fewer crowds.

Cool Season: The temperatures in Thailand drop to a nice 25 – 28 °C across the country from November to February, with fresh air and less humidity. This period is the best time to visit Thailand. However, this is also the high season, bringing more crowds and slightly higher prices.

Tip: Avoid visiting Chiang Mai and Pai between January – March, as they experience the so-called ‘burning season’. During this time, there’s a lot of pollution in the air from fires burned on neighboring farmland.

Coastlines and Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is rightly famous for its fantastic beaches, most of which are located on the southern tip of the country. These are some of the best places to visit in Thailand, home to golden sand beaches bordered by cliffs in buzzing towns like Krabi and Phuket. Whether you want to enjoy the coastal nightlife, go rock climbing, or simply relax, there’s a beach for every type of traveler.

For true paradise, head to the hundreds of stunning islands off the mainland, where you’ll find white sand, coconut palms, and turquoise water. Choose places like Koh Lipe, which is almost car-free, and spend your days walking around the island or snorkeling off the shore. A truly memorable spot on your vacation in Thailand is the iconic Koh Phi Phi, used as the setting for the Hollywood film ‘The Beach’.

Food, Culture, and Religion in Thailand

Nicknamed the ‘Land of Smiles’ because of its warm and friendly locals, Thailand travel is simply bliss.

Religion: Part of its friendly nature is down to the religion practiced in Thailand; the country has a predominantly Buddhist population. The philosophy of Buddhism is centered on enlightenment and morality, a good explanation for the kind and courteous manner of Thai people. Not only this, but you’ll find tens of thousands of intricately decorated Buddhist temples and shrines around the country, from the exquisite white temples of Chiang Rai to the giant Big Buddha statue that towers over Phuket.

Food: Thai cuisine is one of the most loved in the world, offering delicious noodle dishes such as the famous Pad Thai and spicy red and green curry delights. The street food scene is huge in Thailand, and wandering the night markets sampling barbecued pork skewers, coconut curry soups, and papaya salads is one of the best things to do in Thailand.

Culture: The culture in Thailand is expressed in a myriad of ways — through dance, colorful clothing, flowers, festivals, and even tattoos. The Buddhist culture means that friendly locals conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times, so you’ll never see them expressing extreme emotions. Senior people and elders are highly respected, and you’ll often see people with palms together and bowed heads as a sign of admiration.

Why You Should Travel to Thailand

With such beautiful culture, people, and landscapes, a vacation in Thailand is hard to beat. The nation and its people’s smiles are infectious, and with so much to explore, it’s easy to return again and again.

Thailand’s coastline and paradise islands are the real drawcard for travelers, with people whiling away weeks on end lounging under the palms, drinking coconuts, and drifting on traditional Thai longtail boats between picture-perfect islands. These southern islands are some of the best places to visit in Thailand. However, if you prefer luscious nature and cultural delights, head for the verdant rice paddies, powerful waterfalls, and golden temple complexes of northern Thailand.

Whatever you’re looking for on your Thailand holiday, you’ll find it among the diverse regions, whether that’s enjoying a relaxing Thai massage, canyoning among deep gorges, or hiking to epic viewpoints for sunset.

Safety and Travel Advice in Thailand

Travelers who want to vacation in Thailand, the Land of Smiles in Southeast Asia, should take the necessary precautions to enjoy a safe trip. The following information helps visitors get the most out of their journey.

*Please note that certain provinces are not recommended to travel because of terrorist risk. Please check your government website before travel for up-to-date information.

Natural Disasters: Although natural disasters happen infrequently in Thailand, the country is prone to earthquakes and heavy flooding. Especially in the wet season, stay informed by registering with your embassy to receive emergency updates on your trip.

Crime and safety in Thailand: While Thailand is generally safe, petty theft can happen. Exercise caution by keeping valuables secure and leaving any important belongings at home. Like any destination, we recommend avoiding isolated areas at night and sticking to well-lit spots with more people.

Learn more about travel safety

Traffic in Thailand: Traffic in Thailand can be chaotic, and the country does have a high rate of motorbike and scooter accidents. Although it’s very normal to rent transport like this for your trip, always wear a helmet and protective clothing, and ensure you have travel insurance. During the rainy season, be aware of road conditions, as the tarmac can be slippery.

Cultural Sensitivity: Thailand has a very respectful and polite culture, so please always follow local customs, be that wearing appropriate clothing or asking permission to take photos of locals.

Drugs and Drinking: Thailand has very strict drug laws, some of which can see you imprisoned for possession of small amounts of substances. Even more severe, possession of Class A drugs can lead to a punishment of the death penalty.

Spiking of drinks is known to occur in party towns and very touristy places. Always be aware of your glass and consider purchasing a drink cover to protect yourself at larger parties like the Full Moon in Koh Pha Ngan.

Travel Insurance: One of the most important things you need to do before your Thailand holiday is purchase travel insurance. Although Thailand is generally safe, there is potential for accidents – for example, an injury, canceled flight, or lost baggage. Check out these best travel insurances.