6 Places to visit on Snaefellsnes Peninsula (West-Iceland) 6 Places to visit on Snaefellsnes Peninsula (West-Iceland)

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Land of extremes! The largest glaciers and most active volcanoes in Europe. Powerful waterfalls and natural hot springs.

Best time to Travel
What is the best time to visit Iceland?

November to March:
Snow and the Northern lights

May to August:
Spring-like weather & good for camping outside.

What is the curreny in Iceland?

Iceland’s currency is called the Krona. 1 USD is equivalent to 130 Icelandic Krona.

Iceland Travel Guide: The Ultimate 2-week Trip

Iceland Travel Guide: The Ultimate 2-week Trip


Home to some of the most heart-stopping landscapes in the world is rugged and beautiful Iceland. Nature is so raw here, it is almost otherworldly- drawing you into its stunning space-like scenery. This awesome landscape encompasses everything from tectonic plates, and glaciers, to natural hot springs and roaring waterfalls. The island is so remote, that when looking out over the neverending north Atlantic ocean, it can feel like the world’s end. The brutality and beauty of the natural wonders here, cause the people of Iceland to be incredibly resilient. Yet they are also beautifully warm and friendly- living in harmony with the changing seasons and unspoiled nature.


The softer side of Iceland is shown through cute colored villages, stunning fields of purple lupine flowers, and picturesque churches. This beauty is nothing short of powerful. Particularly, when set against a backdrop of black sand beaches, active volcanoes, and exhilarating geothermal activity.

Traveling in Iceland

Traveling in Iceland is a beautiful experience throughout all seasons. Choose the snowy winter months to go skiing, explore ice caves, or see the Northern lights. A once in a lifetime experience! Alternatively, choose the delights of spring and summer to road-trip to all corners of the island. Experience the romantic sight of wild horses running through lush summer greens, and magnificent whales in the ocean. At any place or time, Iceland will inspire a sense of adventure and exploration, that is positively addictive!