6 x Most Picturesque Churches in Iceland 6 x Most Picturesque Churches in Iceland

6 x Most Picturesque Churches in Iceland

When you’re thinking of a visit to Iceland you won’t necessarily think about visiting churches. What if we tell you these might be the most picturesque churches you have ever seen? In every town is a church, called ‘kirkja’ in Icelandic. Most of them have a cinematic scenery that you’ll only find in Iceland. These are the 6 most picturesque and beautiful churches in Iceland.

1. Ingjaldshólskirkja

In the west part of Iceland on the peninsula Snaefellsnes is the most beautiful church in Iceland. The Ingjaldshólskirkja is built in 1903 and therefore one of the country’s oldest concrete churches. It is in the middle of nowhere, has a mountain backdrop and one cinematic road leading towards it. A photographers dream.

churches iceland Ingjaldshólskirkja

2. Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik

Located in Reykjavik is Hallgrímskirkja, the most famous church in Iceland. With 74-meter it is the country’s highest church. Climbing the tower of this modern styled church will reward you with a view over the whole city and surroundings.

churches iceland Hallgrímskirkja Reykjavik

3. Búdakirkja

Also on Snaefellsnes is a small wooden black church. The church is a popular one in Iceland and often used for weddings photos. We were lucky that it was surrounded by many Icelandic horses but that isn’t the normal case at this church.

4. Seydisfjordurkirkje, Seydisfjordur

In the deep eastern part of Iceland is the tiny creatives town called Seydisfjordur. Here is a small blue church with a rainbow path leading towards it. A must-visit town!

churches iceland Seydisfjordurkirkje

5. Vik i Myrdal Church, Vik

Surrounded in summer with a sea of purple is the southern located church in Vik. In June the purple lupine flower opens which makes this church a photographer’s favorite. Vik is very close to Dyrhólaey. Which is on the list of ‘Things you must do in Iceland’.

6. Siglufjarðarkirkja, Siglufjörður

Far off the usual Iceland Route in the northern part of Iceland is the town Siglufjörður. He’s a little church on a hilltop. You will pass this village on day 8 towards Hofsos and its infinity thermal pool.

churches iceland Siglufjarðarkirkja
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