11 Best Things To Do in Iceland 11 Best Things To Do in Iceland

11 Best Things To Do in Iceland

Iceland is the land of many. Waterfalls, horses, Mars-like landscape and they are a champion in unpronounceable names for locations like Fjaðrárgljúfur. Every corner you pass in this country will be jaw-dropping. Iceland is a great destination year-round, and it’s tough to choose between all the incredible sights in Iceland. These 11 things to do in Iceland are focused on spring and summer. Visiting in winter? Add the Northern light, and glacier hiking to the must do’s in Iceland.

1. Experience the waterfalls

Iceland is the king of the falls. You probably won’t see as many waterfalls in one trip as you will in Iceland. You will find the most impressive waterfalls in the southern part of Iceland but if you have enough time, drive the ultimate Iceland route around the whole country. Our favorite? Godafoss!

Discover Iceland in our 2-minute cinematic video:

2. Explore the art town Seydisfjordur

The small village Seydisfjordur is off the usual Iceland route. This art influenced town in the deep east part of Iceland only hosts around 600 citizens. It is also the port to the ferry to Denmark that arrives every Wednesday.

To get to the town, you have to get over a spectacular snowy mountain in a 30-min ride which is a highly recommended thing to do in Iceland!

things to do iceland snow seydisfjordur

3. Walk at Kolugljúfur Canyon

Kolugljufur is our favorite spot in Iceland. This canyon is just a 15-minute gravel road drive off the ring road and unknown to most tourist. The main reason for this is that it can’t be spotted from the main road.

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11 Best Things To Do in Iceland

The canyon is easily accessible (2-min hike) via two sides of the bridge. It hosts a few waterfalls and a jaw-dropping viewpoint. No 4×4 car needed.

things to do iceland kolugljufur canyon

4. Admire the wild Icelandic horses

If your route through Iceland isn’t already magical enough, the wild Icelandic horses make it even more special. All around the country you’ll spot horses and sheep on the side of the road. You might be surprised and get stuck in a traffic jam caused by these beauties.

5. Capture the most scenic churches

In every town, tiny or large, there is a picturesque church (kirkja). Try searching for the signs that end with the word ‘kirkja’. Our personal favorites are located near Hellissandur and in Reykjavik.

things to do iceland scenic church

6. Visit Iceland in Lupine Flower Season

In summer you will be able to find lupine flowers all over the country. Their blooming period is usually during the first two weeks of June. These purple beauties give your Iceland photos a great extra touch.

7. Warm up in one of the Natural Hot Spring, must do in Iceland!

No matter how cold it is in Iceland, you can always warm up in the many hot springs around the country. Most of them are human-made, and the natural hot springs are all located in a superb scenery. Make sure to visit Hrunalaug & Landbrotalaug.

things to do iceland natural hot spring

8. Snæfellsnes Peninsula

In West-Iceland is the peninsula Snaefellsnes. It hosts one of the most photographed spots in Iceland called Kirkjufell. It is a beautiful area to spend a day, visit a crater in the national park, the black church, an art town and of course, Kirkjufell.

9. Stokksnes, Vestrahorn

Stokksnes, also known as Vestrahorn is a scene of black dunes with tall grass and a mountain range backdrop. It is a small 30-minute drive from Höfn town. This area is private property so you will be asked to pay $8.

Use Google Maps in Iceland to take you there and make sure you turn right onto the gravel road before entering the tunnel.

things to do iceland stokksnes

10. Camp in a campervan in Iceland

We aren’t camp people. However, we would have never wanted to miss camping in a campervan in Iceland during our 2-week Iceland route. Being able to drive wherever you like and camp at any given campsite brings you the ultimate freedom to travel through Iceland as fast or slow as you would want to.

11. The viewpoint at Dyrhólaey

Dyrholaey viewpoint a small 5-minute drive up. You will get rewarded with a view over Kirkjufjara black sanded beach, Dyrholaey Arch and maybe you’re lucky to spot some puffins. Dyrholaey is located near the popular camp town of Vik.

As extra, stop at the rock formations Reynisdrangar, in between Dyrholaey and Vik.

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