Discover the Art Village Seydisfjordur in Iceland Discover the Art Village Seydisfjordur in Iceland

Discover the Art Village Seydisfjordur in Iceland

Seydisfjordur can be named as one of the most beautiful little towns in Iceland. Located quite remote in the East Fjords of Iceland the town hosts only 700 residents and it’s filled with creative people. The town is surrounded by mountains on every all side and drive through to mountains to reach Seydisfjordur is super impressive.

About Seydisfjordur

Seydisfjordur is totally off the beaten path. Many tourists skip it because of its location, which is such a shame. This was actually one of our highlights during our 2-week Iceland Route.

art village seydisfjordur iceland

On Wednesday, the day before the ferry leaves to Denmark via the Faroe Islands, bars and restaurants are packed. The is a great well-known sushi restaurant in the center of town together with a picturesque blue church and a handful of art shops.

art village seydisfjordur iceland shop

But the little town is most famous because of its connection with art. Dieter Roth, who was a German/Swiss/Icelandic artist had an art studio for a long time. This has drawn loads of other creatives to Seydisfjordur.

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Discover the Art Village Seydisfjordur in Iceland

Every July, an art festival named ‘LungA’ is held which is a gathering of creative Icelandic people. It’s highly recommended to check out Tvisongur sound sculpture created by the German artist Lukas Kühne.

Waking up in this town is magical, there are waterfalls all around the valley and you forget you’re actually in Iceland. The area has great hiking routes that will offer a view over the whole valley.

art village seydisfjordur iceland waterfall

Staying in Seydisfjordur

Just like in most parts of Iceland, staying in a hotel isn’t cheap. Your first option is to camp at Seydisfjordur Camp Site.

art village seydisfjordur iceland airbnb

Getting to Seydisfjordur

In summer the town is easily accessible by a 30-minute drive through the mountains. On your way down you will pass one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland called Gufufoss.

art village seydisfjordur iceland snow

After Seydisfjordur

From Seydisfjordur you can either go the south or north of Iceland. Check our Iceland route to see your next stops.

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  • Ken

    Someday I’ll have to visit Seydisfjordur. Dieter Roth did some very unusual self-portraits. I’ve landed in Raykovich twice on my way to Europe, but alas never got to venture out past the airport. One time, we were delayed for about 20 minutes while an airport labor dispute was being settled. All flights were delayed, so it wasn’t an impact on our trip. Thanks for sharing!

    • Salt in our Hair

      Thanks for reading Ken! We hope you get a chance to visit soon- amazing place ?

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