Malaysia Travel Guide: Tips for the Ultimate Itinerary Malaysia Travel Guide: Tips for the Ultimate Itinerary


Asia's foodie heaven and cultural melting pot. Home to pristine beaches, lush jungles, and fresh highlands.

Best time to Travel

Peninsular Malaysia
December – February (West) or May – September (East)

Borneo Malaysia
March – September


The currency in Malaysia is Ringgit. 1 USD is equivalent to 4.2 Malaysian Ringgit.

Must-do's in Malaysia


The new and old exist side by side in diverse Malaysia! Witness cutting-edge designs, amongst heritage buildings and UNESCO protected sites, with some street art here and there.

Malaysia’s unique feeling comes from a long history of colonization and immigration, which has brought many cultural influences. These influences blend together beautifully in everything from cuisine to architecture.

The real beauty of Malaysia is in its nature that spans the country and even within urban areas. As a result, travelers can sip a drink at the top of a skyscraper and never be far from the jungles.

Travel not far off the mainland and discover hundreds of picture-perfect islands. Experience some of the world’s best snorkeling here or take it easy on one of the many palm tree-lined beaches. Malaysia is not to be missed!