travel advice

Get personalised travel advice

Need help planning the days of your itinerary for your next holiday? We offer extensive travel guides with free information but putting this all together into your ideal itinerary can be exhausting and time-consuming! Therefore we offer you our personalised travel advice service!

What to expect from our personalised travel advice service

Have a live call with Hannah or Nick where you can ask all your pending questions from the ideal itinerary, transport, hotels, cheaper options for flights/travel and unique experiences.

Our personalised travel advice service can include:

  • A 40-min voice or video call with Hannah or Nick.
  • Learn from our experience in that destinaton. (How is traveling, safety, general tips)
  • Recommendations for your ideal itinerary
  • Tips for booking flights
  • Tips for other transporation
  • Discussion of your interests/wishes/ideas for your trip
  • Recommendations based on your budget
  • Accommodation suggestions

Why choose our travel advice service?

  • Save time and have less stress. Skip the weeks of doing research your ideal trip.
  • Learn about the destinations based on our true travel experiences. We are not here to sell you a destination or travel packages.
  • All advice is custom to you!

How does this travel advice service work?

Get personalised travel advice from either Hannah or Nick. In a 40-min voice or video chat, you can ask anything you like about your next holiday destination. The costs for this entire service are 65 EUR or 70 USD. Here’s how planning a call works:

Step 1:

Fill in the form with your wishes and submit your request to us.

Step 2:

We will get back to you via email to agree on a date and time for our voice or video call via Instagram, Zoom, or Skype. After we agree on the date and time, we will provide you with a payment link. You will be able to pay through Creditcard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Ideal and a few more options. We will confirm your payment and look forward to chatting with you!

Why do we offer this travel advice service?

There will always be questions, no matter how much information we add to our travel guides. And with the growth of our travel blog came more questions, so many that it took too long for us before we could get back to your emails.

Our personalised travel advice makes sure you can get answers to all your questions related to your next holiday destination.