Koh Rong to do guide for Cambodia’s Paradise Island Koh Rong to do guide for Cambodia’s Paradise Island

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What is the best time to visit Cambodia?

November to April is the best time to visit Cambodia.

What is the curreny in Cambodia?

Cambodia’s currency is called the Riel. 1 USD is equivalent to 4,050 Cambodian Riel.


Cambodia is exceptional beauty and undeniable resilience. It’s harrowing history leaves a mark, and gives those visiting a deep appreciation for the optimistic nature of Cambodian people, and the spectacular lands they live on.

City of Temples

Get ready to discover the largest religious monument in the world! Angkor Wat is the main draw for travelers who come to marvel at this spectacular complex of temples. Ancient temples emerge amongst the roots of trees and become the home for hundreds of monkeys. It truly is like a scene from the Jungle Book! There is nothing more magical than watching the sunrise over the main temple, across a still lake of lily pads. Follow this, by wandering amongst the hundreds of temples, ranging from intricate arches and spires to gigantic faces carved into stone. A once in a lifetime experience!

Heartbreaking History

The harrowing reign of the Khmer Rouge has left a lasting mark across a country that was victim to genocide not that many years ago. The memorials and derelict prisons are a must-see that will move many to tears but ultimately changes outlooks and perspectives. Without a doubt, there’s not a place in the world that will leave anyone feeling more humble than Cambodia. Despite their history, Cambodians are exceptionally resilient and positive, always moving forwards and teaching of the many wonders of Cambodia in the present.

Surprising Discoveries

Following the journey of history and culture, is a journey through the beautiful green rice paddies, and endless golden fields of Cambodia. Dotted amongst the countryside are bustling towns, with a vibrant atmosphere and great cafe culture. However, most surprising of all is the Cambodian islands, which are not dissimilar to something found in the Maldives. Discover pure white sand beaches, sandwiched between crystal clear waters, tropical fish, and luxurious water bungalows. Bliss!