Exploring the Elsa Trail and Diborrato Waterfall in Tuscany Exploring the Elsa Trail and Diborrato Waterfall in Tuscany


More than pizza, pasta & gelato! Impressive mountains, beaches, world-famous museums and architecture.

Best time to Travel

April to October is the best time to visit Italy.


The currency in Italy is Euro. 1 USD is equivalent to 0.90 Euro.

Must-do's in Italy


Beauty is in the details, in lovable Italy! It’s the skip in the step of an old Italian grandpa, after his morning espresso. In the stringy mozzarella, as it falls off the perfect Italian pizza. In the beaming smile of the Vespa driver, as he drives over the Tuscan hills, through fields of sunflowers. All these beautiful details create an atmosphere that leaves travelers falling deeply in love with Italy.

The incredibly well-preserved history of Italy is what makes the country unique. Rome still looks almost exactly as it did thousands of years ago! Walking the same path as the Romans did all that time ago is indeed a unique way to be a part of history. But Rome isn’t the only city worth visiting. Admire magical, floating Venice, from a gondola, absorbing the romantic personality of the town. Alternatively, watch as the sun changes the colors of the marble, as it hits the cathedral of Florence.

The Italian coastline

Once you’ve absorbed all the Italian history and art that there is to offer, head to the idyllic Italian coast. Discover areas such as the Cinque Terre, where layers of colored houses sink into the olive groves and cliffs. The incredible beauty of the hot Italian sun, shining on deep blue ocean and bouncing off the green cliffs, is hard to put into words. Cooling off in the deep sea and eating refreshing gelato, are just two activities that shape an Italian trip. It is also the intake of more pizza and pasta than you could have ever dreamt of. But overwhelmingly, it is an incredible satisfaction at the end of the day, after seeing so many beautiful things.