Aveiro, Portugal: A Perfect Day Trip from Porto Aveiro, Portugal: A Perfect Day Trip from Porto

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Picture-perfect coastline for both bathing and surfing, where the ocean breeze blows through the charming timeworn cities.

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What is the best time to visit Portugal?

Mid-March to October is the best time to visit Portugal.

What is the curreny in Portugal?

The currency in Portugal is Euro. 1 USD is equivalent to 0.90 Euro.

Road Trip Portugal: The Perfect 3-week Itinerary

Road Trip Portugal: The Perfect 3-week Itinerary

Must-do's in Portugal


Portugal gives travelers an incredible buzz like no other. A country where the thrill of nature takes over. From the wind in your hair as you drive down the rugged Atlantic coastline, to the feeling of the sun on salty skin after a rip-roaring surf. The road-trip comes to life here, with endless quiet roads. Many of which hug extraordinary cliffs and caves, and zig-zag through stunning national parks. One of the most famous national parks is magical Sintra- a fairytale wonderland of colorful castles, among idyllic forest-covered hills. All of this makes Portugal an adventure-lovers paradise!


However, it’s not just the nature and coastline of Portugal that will take your breath away. Discover cities that are equally as fantastic! For example, Lisbon- the mesmerizing capital. A colorful city that sprawls up the hill-side, along the banks of the sparkling river Tagus. Lisbon is compared to San Francisco for its trams, hills, and mammoth suspension bridges. However, what makes it special, is the elegant European city vibe. As a result, discover an oasis of cute, cobbled streets, beautiful blue and white tiled buildings, and artisan bakeries overflowing with delicious custard tarts.

There is no doubt that Portugal is extraordinary. Mainly because of its wild and adventurous side, tinged with a deep sense of culture, romance, and Portuguese charm. This makes for varied days, where a beautiful balance is found between being active and dynamic, and guilt-free relaxation. Perfection!