Best Things To Do in Fethiye: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast Best Things To Do in Fethiye: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

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From the postcard-perfect beaches and mountain ranges, to its charming cobblestone streets that are perfect for sipping tea and having baklava.

Best time to Travel
What is the best time to visit Turkey?

March to October is the best time to visit Turkey.

What is the curreny in Turkey?

Turkey’s currency is called Lira. 1 USD is equivalent to 6.4 Turkish Lira.

Turkey Travel Guide: The Ultimate 2-week Itinerary

Turkey Travel Guide: The Ultimate 2-week Itinerary


Transcontinental Turkey: a remarkable country where continents and cultures blend together, resulting in unique Asian, European, and Middle Eastern influences. Travel through this truly extraordinary travel destination, experiencing incomparable Turkish delights!

Incredible Istanbul

Get ready to explore the dynamic city of Istanbul, a city that straddles both Asia and Europe! As a result, it has both the European beauty of ancient, and colorful buildings, combined with Asian spirituality and flavors. Discover the delights of a modern, metropolitan city, that has all the dazzling beauty of the past, and the grace of Islam. Seen within the ancient spice bazaars, spectacular mosques, and palaces with luxurious interiors as beautifully intricate as their exteriors. Relax after an eventful day of history and culture, with a rooftop view and endless choices of mouth-watering Turkish food. Be it sweet baklava, legendary Turkish kebab, or delicious mezze, Turkish food is loved the world over.

Fairytale Landscapes

Unforgettable experiences await those traveling through the magical Turkish landscapes. Turquoise waters lap at soft white sand, sweeping bays hug beautiful cliffs, and epic ocean roads make for memorable road trips. Once finished on land, go sky high by paragliding over lagoons and oceans, or hot air ballooning above the enchanting cave houses and canyons of Cappadocia. Whether it’s learning about history, undertaking adrenaline-inducing activities, or experiencing fairytale landscapes, Turkey will satisfy countless desires.