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Sun-soaked beaches, tasty tacos, and mariachi beats; Mexico is a fiesta-filled paradise of spicy flavors and caliente vibes!

Map of Mexico

Map of Mexico

Weather in Mexico

Mexico’s weather is beautiful, tropical, and warm most of the year. The dry season falls between November and April, with clear blue skies, perfect for beach enthusiasts. The wet season runs from May to October, bringing occasional rain and lush, vibrant landscapes.

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Packed full of diverse landscapes, pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and lively cities, Mexico deserves a prime spot on every traveler’s bucket list. Beyond the breathtaking scenery, Mexico boasts some of the most vibrant food and culture—making it an absolute must-see destination!

Your budget will thank you in Mexico! Luxurious options are available, with plenty of expensive resorts and eateries. However, you can also indulge in mouthwatering street quesadillas, explore historic sites, stay in boho hostels, and relax on pristine beaches—all without breaking the bank. 

Tap water isn’t safe to drink in Mexico. Bring a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter system to guarantee that your water is always safe to drink while being eco-friendly and reducing single-use plastic. 

Good news! Most countries can travel to Mexico without getting a visa before they travel. You’ll get a stamp on arrival with the length of stay, usually between 90 and 180 days, making it easy to travel to this beautiful country. 

Tip: Check your country’s entry requirements before you travel. 

The official language spoken in Mexico is Spanish, with a slightly unique dialect known as Mexican Spanish, but the differences are small. Although Mexico is a popular travel spot, many locals don’t speak English, so learning a few phrases can help, and Google Translate will be your best friend!

Travel the breathtaking country of Mexico worry-free by purchasing travel insurance before your trip. This will protect you against unplanned events like medical emergencies, delayed flights, or lost luggage.

Despite media representation, most criminal activities happen away from tourism, and an emphasis has been put on protecting travelers. Like any destination, always keep valuables out of site, stay in well-traveled areas, and avoid walking alone at night.

Mexico uses two plug types: Type A with two flat parallel pins and Type B with two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. Keep your devices connected by purchasing a travel adapter before your travel, and let the exploration begin!

From the vibrant street food to breathtaking diversity, Mexico is loved by so many. Whether you’re looking to relax on pristine beaches, explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, or jump into crystal blue cenotes, this country offers so many unforgettable experiences! 

Travel to Mexico 

Imagine a country where ancient ruins whisper tales of the past, vibrant markets tease your senses, sparkling turquoise blue waves crash into palm-tree-lined beaches, and lively fiestas paint the streets with colors. Mexico is a paradise for travelers seeking a perfect blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation. 

How to plan your trip to Mexico

Looking to plan the ultimate adventure? Follow our Mexico travel guides! Whether you’re backpacking around the Yucatán Peninsula, visiting the surfer’s paradise of Baja California, exploring the underwater world of cenotes, or catching rays on the white sand beaches of Isla Holbox, there are so many extraordinary things to do in Mexico

To really experience this fantastic country, we recommend renting a car and spending at least two weeks exploring and eating lots of delicious Mexican food—yum!

Best time to visit Mexico

Organizing your dream vacation in Mexico? With two distinct seasons and cultural celebrations, find out when the best time to visit Mexico is based on your preferences. 

Dry Season (November-April): The weather in Mexico during the dry season is usually around 28°C, making it the coolest and clearest time to visit. Although these months see the most crowds and high prices, the dry season is the perfect time to explore ancient ruins, lounge on the sandy shores, and indulge in water activities, particularly in coastal towns like Holbox and Tulum

Wet Season (May-October): For those seeking more tropical vibes, outstanding surf, and lush landscapes, the wet season is the best time to holiday in Mexico. While brief afternoon showers are expected, these typically only last for a short time, and you’ll often see beautiful sunshine the rest of the day. This is also an amazing time to visit for those backpacking on a budget, as it’s considered the low season, so prices tend to be lower, and crowds are few and far between. 

Tip: Hurricane season coincides with these months, particularly in September and October, so always keep an eye out for any warnings and follow the advice of local authorities. 

Best time to visit Mexico for festivals: If you’re after something a little different and want to experience the truly unique festival of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), where streets come alive with colorful processions, traditional costumes, and a profound sense of remembrance, head to Mexico for the 1st and 2nd of November; the atmosphere is like no other! 

Coastlines and beaches in Mexico

With over 5,000 miles of coastline, Mexico has countless breathtaking and diverse beaches. To the east, you’ll find the picture-perfect beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, while to the west is the untamed and surfer-friendly Pacific Ocean.

From Cancun to Tulum, the Caribbean coastline invites you to indulge in paradise. With its crystalline turquoise waters and pristine white beaches, these destinations redefine luxury. Cancun, a buzzing resort city, offers vibrant nightlife and water activities, while Tulum’s bohemian charm and ancient Mayan ruins provide a serene escape.

Nearby, nestled off the Yucatán Peninsula, is the untouched beauty of Isla Holbox, a car-free haven and a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility amid nature’s wonders. Accessible by ferry, this island paradise offers miles of unspoiled beaches where soft white sand meets the clear, shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Heading west, the Pacific coastline unveils a different kind of beauty. Puerto Vallarta enchants with its colorful streets, colonial architecture, and long sandy beaches, while the nearby Riviera Nayarit beckons with secluded coves and lush landscapes. Sayulita is a must-visit if you’re in the area; a colorful, bohemian beach town home to incredible surf and stunning deserted beaches. 

The Baja California Peninsula is the place to go for those seeking a tranquil retreat and home to out-of-this-world gems From Cabo San Lucas, with the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas, to La Paz, known for Balandra Bay, with half-moon-shaped coves offering panoramic views; two spots not to be missed. 

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful off-grid retreat, a crazy surf adventure, or boho beach vibes, Mexico has a stretch of sand perfectly suited to meet your vacation needs.

Food, culture and religion in Mexico

Mexico is a sensory fiesta of food, culture, and religion, painting a vivid portrait of a nation steeped in tradition. 

Food: Amidst the bustling streets and lively markets, the aromas of flavorsome dishes fill the air, like tamales, tacos, tortas ahogadas, and zesty salsas, enticing locals and visitors alike; you’ll never be short of options and new delicious things to try. 

Religion: The iconic churches and cathedrals scattered across the country, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City and the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, stand as architectural marvels, with around 85% of the population following the Catholic faith. Religion isn’t just a set of beliefs in Mexico; it shapes the bright festivals like Día de Muertos, celebrating the beauty of life.

Culture: From the vibrant hues of traditional folk art and the rhythm of mariachi bands to the centuries-old rituals woven into everyday life, Mexico’s cultural heritage is palpable. Wander through the awe-inspiring Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza or the charming colonial architecture of cities like Oaxaca. The country is filled with magnificent history! 

Why you should travel to Mexico

Embarking on a Mexican adventure is a journey that promises memories of a lifetime! Picture yourself on sun-soaked beaches, where you can leisurely sip on a margarita and soak up the laid-back vibes. The country’s culinary scene is a festival for your taste buds – think sizzling street tacos, zesty salsas, and refreshing guacamole. 

Delve into Mexico’s rich history by exploring one of the many UNESCO World Heritage sites or stroll through charming colonial streets where every building has a story to tell. And let’s not forget the breathtaking landscapes – from the turquoise waters of Holbox to the lush jungles and cenotes hiding ancient secrets. These are just a few of the best places in Mexico waiting to be discovered! 

Mexico has it all: mouth-watering food, cultural treasures, and breathtaking natural beauty. With unreal experiences awaiting every type of traveler, traveling Mexico deserves a prominent spot on your bucket list.

Safety and travel advice in Mexico

With its diverse landscapes and colorful cities, Mexico is a fantastic destination. But like any country, being well-informed is crucial for a safe trip. The following information provides a breakdown of essential safety tips to help visitors maximize their travels. 

Crime and safety in Mexico: Mexico has a reputation for crime. Still, it’s important to note that most travelers have a safe visit to the country, and many of the issues reported in the media tend to be off the beaten track. Stick to well-traveled, well-lit areas, keep valuables secure and out of sight, and always be vigilant of your surroundings. Engaging with the local culture is encouraged, but exercise the same caution you would in any unfamiliar destination.

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Natural Disasters: Mexico is susceptible to natural disasters, particularly hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. Stay informed about weather conditions, register with your embassy to receive emergency updates during your trip, and always follow the local authority’s advice. 

Driving in Mexico: If you’re planning to rent a car or motorbike in Mexico, ensure you hire from a reputable rental agency, follow traffic rules, and be cautious of poorly maintained roads. If you take a taxi, use licensed vehicles from authorized taxi ranks or through your hotel, and ensure the meter is turned on before setting off. 

Tip: We recommend renting a car through Sunny Cars, as your insurance is included. 

Travel Insurance: Make sure to purchase comprehensive travel insurance before you embark on your travels in Mexico. This will protect you from unforeseen issues – for example, flight cancellations due to poor weather, lost baggage, or a hiking injury.

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