19 Reasons Why You Must visit Myanmar 19 Reasons Why You Must visit Myanmar

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From the floating gardens and stilt-house villages in Inle Lake to the temples of Bagan. Discover undiscovered Myanmar.

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What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

October to March is the best time to visit Myanmar.

What is the curreny in Myanmar?

The currency in Myanmar is Kyat. 1 USD is equivalent to 1,500 Myanmar Kyat.

Myanmar Itinerary: A travel guide from Temples to Beaches

Myanmar Itinerary: A travel guide from Temples to Beaches

Must-do's in Myanmar


Myanmar: a little known nation, which at its core, is pure optimism and endless beauty. Part of its extensive beauty lies in the incredible sense of spirituality here. Discover this among the largest number of Buddhist temples in the world and their beautiful devotees.

Magical Bagan

The temples of Bagan are truly a sight to behold. Tranquility reaches new heights, as flocks of birds glide peacefully over ancient, sandy stupas and dusty fields at golden hour. Thousands of pagodas sit here, while equally as many hot air balloons dot the skyline. This storybook scene, as the new morning mist parts, and the red sun rises, is a magical fairytale come to life.

Beyond Bagan

Ancient temples, gold temples, white temples, and everything in between, exist around every corner within Myanmar. Discover the perfect symmetry and flowing lines of Mandalay’s stunningly white Hsinbyume pagoda, or marvel at the oldest pagoda in the world in Yangon!

Simple Pleasures

The untouched scenery of Myanmar surrounding these temples is vast. Green limestone mountains, tower over beautiful patchwork fields, and long empty stretches of white sand, sit between turquoise ocean and hanging palm trees. Best of all, though, are the wonderful local people who live off this land. There is a perfectly preserved simplistic way of living to witness, where everybody in the community has a part to play. Be it living off the rice paddies or fishing from Inle Lake among the floating villages. Above all, the ever-smiling Burmese are always eager to show you the way, with boundless curiosity and friendliness, which is unmatched. Because of this, Myanmar is hard to beat!