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With a creative eye for originality and authenticity we develop content campaigns cross-platform, so that clients can feel assured of success when working with us. We offer content campaigns for brands and tourism boards, social media marketing, product photography, modelling and brand partnerships. In the past we worked with brands and organisations like OnePlus,, GoPro, Teva, Tourism Boards of Oman, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

You will reach a highly targeted travel audience with a combined interest in photography, environmental awareness or fashion.

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We can help market your brand with authenticity and creativity. Please contact us for more information or to request our media kit.

“Their mastery of photography, design, and social media, as well as their fun personality, made our collaboration more pleasure and less work!”

Moroccan National Tourism Office - Social Media Team

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  • Albania Tourism + Vodafone – Gentian Minga

    “Our campaign with Nick and Hannah (and the team) exceeded all expectations, with their Albania Reel collecting approximately 30 million views. The reel went viral, both on Instagram and Tik Tok, so we couldn’t be more pleased. Albania’s Prime Minister shared Hannah and Nick’s photographs on his personal official Facebook page as well. We highly recommend Salt in our Hair to any travel destination.”

  • Poland Tourism Organization

    “Poland Tourism Organization worked with Hannah Spelt and Nick Noordijk - Salt in Our Hair on social media campaign promoting Poland in 2020. The text, photo and video coverage created by Hannah and Nick was of excellent quality, including beautiful images, dynamic videos and engaging storytelling. Hannah and Nick were very helpful and independent in creating their travel itinerary. It was a pleasure to work with these professional creators. I highly recommend Salt in our Hair to any travel destination interested in creating inspiring travel content.”

  • Visit Oman – Tanja Olde Weghuis

    “Nick and Hannah traveled to Oman and were very flexible and enthusiastic. They created beautiful videos about the diversity of Oman, great articles and many effective social media posts. We recommend working with them any time because of their creativity, professionalism and their original style. Thank you for the nice outcome and collaboration!”

  • Moroccan National Tourism Office – Social Media Team

    “It was a pleasure for us to collaborate with Nick & Hannah. Despite getting in touch with them under very short notice, we were able to plan a beautiful collaboration that resulted in a gorgeous collection of content (photo & video) from various cities and destinations in Morocco. Their mastery of photography, design, and social media, as well as their fun personality, made our collaboration more pleasure and less work! We highly recommend them and will definitely collaborate with this travel couple every time they are available!”

  • Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels - Mauritius

    “Their talent, creativity and professionalism clearly reflected in their work. Our collaboration with Nick and Hannah exceeded our expectations. We particularly appreciated their friendliness, their attention to details and the smooth communication.”

  • Munduk Moding Plantation - Bali - Indonesia

    “It was such a pleasure working with Nick & Hannah. Your high standings and vast experience mean a lot to us. We admire your lovely personalities, creativity and inspiration to follow your dream and make it a lifetime which you can share with the world. Thank you for sharing your experience and such an amazing photos during your stay at Munduk Moding Plantation. We hope we will have a chance to work together in the future.”

  • BeMarrakech – Nicole & Mo

    “We received more likes and followers on Instagram after our collaboration and noticed that many other popular pages have shared your photos. It was a mutual benefit for both of us. Thank you for your collaboration and hope to see you next time!”

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