9 Great Things To Do in Kandy, Sri Lanka 9 Great Things To Do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Lush tea plantations & waterfalls, tropical beaches, jaw-dropping wildlife, historical monuments & temples.

Best time to Travel
What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

South and Central:
December to March
East coast:
April to September

What is the curreny in Sri Lanka?

The currency in Sri Lanka is called Rupee. 1 USD is equivalent to 187 Sri Lankan Rupee.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: a 3-week travel itinerary

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: a 3-week travel itinerary

Sri Lanka

A myriad of cultures, religions, landscapes, climates, and food, Sri Lanka feels like countless countries rolled into one. Because of this, travelers can experience an incredible diversity in landscapes within a short space of time. Travel among dusty plains, luscious tropical mountain regions, heavenly coastline, spectacular bushlands, and bustling cities. Wherever the path leads, it will fill even the weariest of travelers with unadulterated excitement and joy.

Adventure of a Lifetime

Sri Lanka is all about exhilarating adventure. Hike at dawn to the peak of Lion’s Rock, for epic views of the valleys and elephants below. Experience the unforgettable sight of a leopard sleeping in the trees in Yala, or experience the ferocity of the waves while learning to surf in Mirissa. The adventure doesn’t stop here though. Sri Lanka is all about the journey, not just the destination. Pass through stunning tea plantations by train, as the wind hits your face in an open carriage. Go off-roading in a jeep along long stretches of rippled sand, or cycle on twisting paths through beautiful palm tree forests.

Relax, Smile, Refresh

The feeling of contentment and peace is everywhere in Sri Lanka. Relax the body and mind in one of the many yoga retreats, swing in a beach bar hammock with a delicious coconut, or paddle in the warm shallows of the turquoise sea. Sri Lanka truly lives up to its name as ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’, showcasing world-class natural beauty, plant life, and wildlife. Not only this but also world-famous sites, unparalleled in their beauty and history. The infinite kindness of this country, and its joyful people, is not to be missed!