Iznajar: Southern Spain’s Hidden Gem (Best Things to do) Iznajar: Southern Spain’s Hidden Gem (Best Things to do)

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Land of pristine beaches, delicious paellas, architectural highlights, and scenic coastlines.

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What is the best time to visit Spain?

March to November is the best time to visit Spain.

What is the curreny in Spain?

The currency in Spain is Euro. 1 USD is equivalent to 0.90 Euro.

Best Things to do in Madrid, Spain

Best Things to do in Madrid, Spain

Must-do's in Spain


Holiday vibes are a way of life in beautiful Spain! Enjoy fruity sangria in the sun, take relaxing siestas in the afternoon, and eat unlimited plates of delicious tapas by night. If eating is the heart of the country, then the outdoors is the soul. Bring the two together and you’ll discover a foodie paradise, where meals last for hours, as Spaniards chat and laugh in the warm evening temperatures. Day to day life operates outside, so get ready to see the beach become the living room, and the street the kitchen. A simple, yet beautiful, way of life that explains the sunny Spanish outlook.

Spain is special in other ways too- an extraordinary time capsule to the past, despite being a modern country. See beautifully preserved buildings, charming cobbled streets, impressive cathedrals, and sweet mountain villages. However, dig a little deeper and discover Spain’s spirited and fun side. Street art breathes life into cities, with bright, colorful, and imaginative murals. Architects and artists are pushing the limits with their phenomenal designs, from the futuristic ‘City of Arts and Sciences’ in Valencia to the weird and wonderful designs of Gaudi in Barcelona.

However, the true emblem of Spanish life is the fiesta. Any reason is good enough for all generations of the family to dance, laugh, and party together in the streets. Coupled with loud music and singing, this makes for an extremely colorful and exciting way of life!