10 Best City Trips in Europe of 2024 10 Best City Trips in Europe of 2024

10 Best City Trips in Europe of 2024

Europe, the continent that holds the world’s most impressive architecture, mouth-watering cuisines, medieval castles, white beaches, history, and culture, and every single country is very different. This diversity within relatively short distances is why city trips in Europe are so popular. Here are the 10 best city trips in Europe!

1. Budapest, Hungary

Creative, vibrant, and bursting with remarkable architecture, that’s Budapest! The capital of Hungary is quickly transforming into one of the best places to visit in Europe. It’s famous for it’s thermal baths so don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a whole day at the spa (book your ticket here). Split into the hilly ‘Buda’ and the flat ‘Pest’, the city is easily walkable and centered around the beautiful Danube River.

city trip europe budapest

At first glance, Budapest is as traditional as you would expect. But underneath, you find an experimental edge to the city, revealed through multicolored street art, vintage shopping, and abandoned buildings transformed into fashionable dining spaces.

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10 Best City Trips in Europe of 2024

An added bonus is that Budapest’s capital status isn’t reflected in the prices, so expect goods and services to be extremely affordable.

When to visit: March to May and September to November
Budget: 70 USD per day

Where to Stay in Budapest

Budapest has plenty of options for all budgets when it comes to hotels and hostels (you can search for your hostel here).

The best areas to stay are on the Pest side between Keleti station and the Danube River, where most is happening.

Budapest city guide europe

2. Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam in the Netherlands is Amsterdam’s cooler and contemporary brother. The second biggest city in the Netherlands is a metropolitan and multicultural hub, combining the old with new and daring architecture.

best thing to do rotterdam visit delfshaven

Think jaw-dropping geometric shapes, young and fresh eateries, and a skyline that could rival that of a far bigger city. Visit the art museums, take a boat tour on the river, or cycle around the city. After all, this is what the Netherlands is all about!

whitehouse rotterdam

One of the best places to visit in Europe

This forgotten treasure is becoming easier to visit within Europe due to new and improved travel links. Lonely Planet named it one of their 2016 places to visit in Europe.

When to visit: April to June and August to October
Budget: 150 USD per day

Where to Stay in Rotterdam

Although the city is very walkable, it is useful to have a hotel in Rotterdam near public transport or in the city center.

Tip: The best areas to stay in Rotterdam are North, Central, Delfshaven, and Kop van Zuid.

erasmus bridge rotterdam citytrip

3. Valencia, Spain

The birthplace of Paella and home to one of the unique festivals in the world, Valencia has to be one of the best city trips in Europe. Best described as a city of contrasts, it perfectly blends the old and new and not only showcases architectural gems but beautiful green spaces and beaches, too.

spain city trip

The contrast continues in March when normal slow-paced Spanish vibes are abandoned for the festivities of Las Fallas. Fireworks during the day, street parties and on the final night the burn of hundreds of sculptures. 

When to visit: March to May and October to December
Budget: 160 USD per day

Where to Stay in Valencia

Accommodation in Valencia is reasonably affordable. Aim to stay in the city center, near to the old town or Rusafa, for easy access to the key sights.

For a more affordable option, stay a little outside of the center on the metro line for easy access to the city. Alternatively, find a hostel down by the beach.

4. Venice, Italy

Enchanting Venice, a city free of cars, where the mist runs off the water and boats run in a peaceful way. From the postman to the doctor, traveling by boat is at the heart of the nature of Venice. Book a gondola ride and glide through the canals of Venice.

city trip venice italy

Follow the twists and turns of the streets and canals passing the ancient buildings whilst eating a heavenly Italian gelato. This picture-perfect city is one of the greatest places to travel in Europe. Best to visit out of high season to experience authentic Italy a little better.

When to visit: March to May and October to December
Budget: 260 USD per day

Where to Stay in Venice

Stay in the middle of the city but tucked away in a quiet street 5 minutes walking from San Marco Square at Novecento Boutique Hotel.

Tip: If you’re on a tight budget, your best option is to stay outside of Venice on the mainland.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Charming hilly Lisbon with its panoramic city views all over the city and the mouth of the river Tagus. Lisbon is impossible to leave without wanting to come back, so it’s easy to see why Lisbon is one of the best places to visit for a European city trip.

city trip lisbon portugal

It manages to strike a balance between historical buildings and a trendy metropolitan vibe. Combine the melody of Fado (a music genre originating in Lisbon) with the Portuguese custard tart, and you’re onto a winner!

When to visit: March to May or September to November
Budget: 120 USD per day

Where to Stay in Lisbon

Lisbon’s best neighborhoods to stay in are the charming old town: Barrio Alto and Alfama, or in the center at Baixa and Chiado.

Lisbon is also a haven for backpackers, and there are plenty of great hostels to choose from. Please note: the old town is hilly but also quieter throughout the entire day.

6. Tbilisi, Georgia

A city of quirks and surprises, prepare to be blown away by the rustic charm of this transcontinental city. Everything about Tbilisi screams unique and different, making it one of the most underrated city trips in Europe.

The must-do city trip in Europe

It somehow pulls off being traditional yet futuristic. However, it manages to preserve its culture while also branching into the new and innovative. See ancient creations rub against the more industrial, giving it a young, metropolitan vibe. Join a group tour to make sure you don’t miss any of this city’s must-see highlights.

When to visit: April to June and September and October
Budget: 90 USD per day

Where to Stay in Tbilisi

Most things to do in Tbilisi are located in the old and charming city center, and this is also the best area to stay in Tbilisi.

The city offers accommodation for any kind of budget, including some great hostels (search for a hostel here).

tbilisi city trip europe

7. Istanbul, Turkey

East meets West in the stimulating city of Istanbul! A city that bridges the gap between Europe and Asia physically and culturally. Let all your senses come alive as you wander the colorful streets and bazaars, making friends with the locals and haggling for a bargain. Take plenty of snack breaks to taste the mouth-watering food, bought from markets or eaten at cute cafes in the hipster area of Balat.

city trip istanbul

However, Istanbul isn’t only street art, spices, and shopping – spend time discovering the religious buildings and history of this sacred city. Full of hidden gems, you can expect to find a new discovery around every corner, making this city a must-do city trip in Europe.

When to visit: March to May or September to November
Budget: 90 USD per day

Where to Stay in Istanbul

Hotels and hostels in Istanbul are available throughout the entire city. If you want to stay close to the majority of historical sites, we recommend staying in the area of Sultanahmet.

Alternatively, for nightlife and the majority of luxury hotels, choose the suburb of Taksim, which has great transport connections by metro, cable car, and funicular.

8. Rome, Italy

One of the most intoxicating cities in the world, Rome is alive with the laughing of locals, the blare of horns, and the slurping of spaghetti. No amount of days will ever be enough to get your fill of the history, art, and culture of the city, but be sure to step back in time by visiting the Colosseum (one of the seven wonders) and the smallest country in the world: the Vatican.

rome city trip

After you are stuffed full of history and pizza, find an oasis within the city by visiting the third largest park in Europe and reflect on which of the thousands of beautiful buildings in Rome is your favorite. Don’t forget to make a wish at the Trevi fountain and hope that the myth is true and you get to return to Rome- one of the most fantastic city trips in Europe!

When to visit: February to May and September to December
Budget: 190 USD per day

Where to Stay in Rome

Rome offers accommodation for every kind of budget, including plenty of great hostels (search all hostels in Rome here).

Piazza Navona and San Lorenzo are central areas within walking distance of many of the top attractions. Trastevere is another great neighborhood by the river, which has a more authentic ‘Roman’ feel and loads of cute shops, restaurants, and bars.

9. Krakow, Poland

Welcome to one of Europe’s best cities: Krakow! This young and vibrant city with charming cobbled streets is on its way to becoming one of Europe’s favorites.

krakow poland city trip guide

The sightseeing, large urban green belt, high-quality restaurants, and accommodation make Krakow the complete package for a city trip. Additionally, visit the Auschwitz museum to understand the WWII history that had taken place.

Where to Stay in Krakow

Krakow’s old town is the most popular area to stay in. However, hotels are generally more affordable outside the old city walls. Alternatively, stay in the hipster neighborhood of Kazimierz.

We stayed at a perfect location on the border of the old town near the park at Vienna House Krakow.

krakow Old Town Main Square

10. Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower, French cuisine, Art Museum Louvre, and Montmartre. Paris is possibly the most popular city for a city trip to Europe, and that’s for a good reason. 

Where to Stay in Paris

The best area to stay in Paris is Le Marais if you want access to everything right on your doorstep. You’ll be in the middle of trendy restaurants and shops and can walk or take the metro to most sights.

Alternatively, find a hotel in Montmartre, which is just outside the center and full of character and charming streets.

paris city trip
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