16 Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia (3-Day Guide) 16 Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia (3-Day Guide)

16 Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia (3-Day Guide)

Ornate wooden balconies lean over the cobblestone streets of Tbilisi. The capital of Georgia, being a transcontinental country between Europe and Asia, is very different from what you might expect. Tbilisi offers arguably some of the best European food and wine, charming houses with courtyards, artsy and futuristic architecture, and countless corners that make you want to grab your camera. Get to know all the things to do in Tbilisi in three days as it is set to become one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Day 1 – This is Tbilisi, Georgia

Unlike other city trips in Europe, you don’t necessarily have to wake up at sunrise to avoid the crowd. Tbilisi is slowly becoming a European city known for its hospitality and fantastic food & wine.

1. Sulfur Baths of Old Tbilisi

Warm water enriched with minerals from deep underground is used inside the dome-shaped sulfur baths of Old Tbilisi. Around 8:30 AM, make your way to the domes and the mosque-shaped Orbeliani Bathhouse for a few very picturesque photos.

sulfar baths things to do in tbilisi georgia

When visiting the city during the colder months, getting a bath treatment is one of the best things to do in Tbilisi. Doors open at 8 AM – Costs 60 – 80‎ Lari.

Tip: For a delicious breakfast or lunch, check out Culinarium Khasheria at the Sulfer baths.

2. Meidan Bazar 

Discover Georgian handicrafts, wine, and many more souvenirs in an underground tunnel bazaar. The shop goes all the way underneath the road and is a 5-minute walk from the Sulphur Baths. 

3. Gallery 27

Gallery 27 is an eye-catching house with impressive carvings and has a photogenic staircase entrance decorated with colored stained-glass windows. The gallery itself offers local arts and crafts, opens at 11 AM, and is a short 5-minute walk from the Meidan Bazar.

Did you know: Tap water in Tbilisi is safe to drink. Bring your reusable bottle and prevent using plastic bottles.

gallery 27 things to do in tbilisi, georgia

4. Holy Trinity Cathedral (Sameba)

With a height of 87 meters, the Holy Trinity Cathedral is the largest Orthodox Cathedral of Georgia, and its golden dome can be spotted from pretty much everywhere in Tbilisi. 

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16 Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia (3-Day Guide)

From Gallery 27, take a 10-15 minute taxi ride to the cathedral and spend one to two hours around sunset wandering around the complex.

tbilisi georgia Holy Trinit Cathedral

In 2004, the Sameba Cathedral opened its doors with a lush green garden, fountains, and a swimming pool where you will see the children play in the summer. The cathedral is free to enter, but to visit the inside, men have to wear long pants, and a woman has to cover her shoulders and head and wear a skirt. 

5. Georgian Cuisine

With Georgia spanning between Europe and Asia this fusion of flavors is one of the most underrated cuisines in the world. Yes, you heard it right – The food in Georgia is in-cre-di-ble! 

georgia Khachapuri tbilisi food

Have you heard of Khachapuri? It is Georgia’s most famous traditional dish; a delicious bread shaped like a boat, topped with eggs, cheese and butter. 

Does that sound too traditional? Well, in recent years, many chefs transformed the local flavors of traditional dishes into something better. And since walnuts, eggplant, mushrooms, and cheese are commonly used ingredients finding good vegetarian meals in Georgia isn’t hard at all.

6. Fabrika

Spend the evening at the coolest place in town; Fabrika is a large old Soviet sewing factory transformed into a multi-functional space. It includes the biggest hostel in the region, cafes & bars, artist studios, a co-working space, and a creative industrial open courtyard where everyone gathers for a drink.

Tbilisi Things to do Fabrika

The Fabrika space is an absolute must-see and a great thing to do in Tbilisi, as it is a popular hotspot among locals and travelers. 

Fabrika Tbilisi artwork

Day 2 – Old and New things to do in Tbilisi

Goodmorning on your second day exploring the things to do in Tbilisi! You must be buzzing after your first day in this incredible city! Start your day again around 8:30 AM.

7. Leaning clock tower

The first stop of the day is the fairytale-like leaning clock tower of Tbilisi. Tucked away in a side street of the old town, the clock was designed as a part of the puppet theater and attracts many eyes. A fun fact is that it has the smallest and biggest clock in the city.

Tip: Do not miss the angel hitting the bell at the hour.

things to do tbilisi leaning clock tower

8. Flea Market

The daily ‘Dry Bridge’ flea market is perfect if you love old and antique items. A huge assortment of jewelry, vinyl records, books, old cameras, maps, clothing, and so much more is carefully laid out on the ground in the park. It’s open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day and is a 10-minute walk from the leaning clock tower. Oh, and don’t forget to bargain! It is very common.

Good to know: There are many street dogs in Tbilisi. Fortunately, they are all tagged, and the locals take good care of them.

dry bridge market things to do in tbilisi, georgia

9. Tbilisi Peace Bridge and Rike Park

Follow the path down along the riverside, and pass by the mushroom-like building ‘Public Service Hall’ towards Tbilisi’s Peace Bridge. This pedestrian bridge connects old to new Tbilisi, with on the other side a green park with fountains, art, and flowers. A good place to relax and enjoy the city.

georgia tbilisi peace bridge

10. Sachino – Queen Darejan Palace

The charming turquoise balcony hanging over the edge of a cliff is the former summer residence of Queen Darejan and is overlooking Rike Park. It’s a short walk uphill from Rike park and free to visit inside.

11. Narikala Fortress

Rike Park is also the cable car station to Narikala Fortress on the top of the hill. A 360-degree view over the city in a quick cable car ride will only cost you one Lari. (0.35 USD) 

Narikala Fortress tbilisi

On top, walk the trail to the old Narikala Fortress that was built in the 4th century. From there you will have a panoramic view of the city. Follow the 1500-meter trail down to get back into Tbilisi’s old town.

Bonus thing to do in Tbilisi – Georgian interiors 

Behind the old Tbilisian house walls, lie courtyards and stairways that could be part of a movie scene, they are that beautiful. Make sure to check out the Blue House, London Hotel and Kalantarov House.

Day 3 – Tbilisi Outskirts  

For this third day of things to do in Tbilisi, it’s recommended to use the taxi a little more often. Traditional taxis are cheap but get ready to bargain. Bolt is an Uber alternative and a good option to get around the city.

13. Chronicles of Georgia

One of the best things to do in Tbilisi is a morning trip to the Chronicles of Georgia. Standing 30-meter tall, this massive 16-pilar monument overlooks the Tbilisi sea. The shape, decorations, and structure are spectacular and definitely worth a visit, as it is free to visit and open 24/7. 

best thing to do tbilisi georgia

How to get to the Chronicle of Georgia:

The easiest way is to use the Bolt app and ask if the driver can wait for you at the monument. Expect to pay between 20 and 40 GEL for a round trip. (~ 6 – 13 USD)

14. Gardenia Shevardnadze

On your way back from the Chronicles, stop at the tea house and stunning garden of Gardenia Shevardnadze. Escape from the city in a relaxing garden atmosphere and try the delicious cakes, coffee, and tea.

tbilisi georgia Gardenia Shevardnadze

15. Cooldown at Mtatsminda Park

Mtatsminda Park is a park at the highest point of Tbilisi at 770 meters. It can be reached by an impressive funicular ride all the way to the top. Inside the park, you can enjoy a nice breeze, have lunch or a coffee or visit one of the attractions, as it is also an amusement park. There is no entrance fee for the park, only for the attractions.

Tbilisi best viewpoint Mtatsminda

16. Wine, Georgian wine!

Wine-lover or not, you have to taste Georgian wines. Wine is Georgia, and Georgia is wine – winemaking and drinking have been part of their culture for over 8000 years! Long before Italy started making wine. Nowadays, Georgia makes wine for every taste, and it is one of its biggest export products. Close your adventure in Tbilisi with a delicious glass of wine or join a wine tasting tour of the Kakheti wine region.

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Tbilisi wine Georgia

How to Visit Tbilisi

Tbilisi has direct flights to major cities in Europe and into the Middle East.

Find flights to Tbilisi ✈️

Amsterdam, London, and Paris have multiple direct flights per week and there is a daily flight to Dubai, Egypt, and Israel.

tbilisi georgia transportation

Getting from the airport to Tbilisi city can be done by bus or taxi. Bus 37 runs every 15 minutes and is a 50-minute ride to the city center and costs 0,5 Lari. (0.20 USD) Another option would be taking a taxi that takes 25 minutes and will cost you about 35 Lari. (11.5 USD).

Getting around Tbilisi

By foot – Tbilisi and its charming little streets are fantastic to discover simply by walking. The distances between the things to do in Tbilisi are relatively short, especially the first two days of this city trip guide.

Public transport –  The yellow buses and the metro are dirt cheap and make it easier to cover a larger distance. Pay in the bus and subway with a “Metromoney” card – a single ride costs 50 Tetri (0.20 USD) and can also be used in the Rike Park cable car.

Taxi – Taxis in Tbilisi are everywhere, but be prepared to agree on a price before entering the car. The taxi app Bolt works conveniently and gives you a fair price.

Where to stay in Tbilisi

Most things to do in Tbilisi are located in the old and charming city center, and this is also the best area to stay in Tbilisi. The city offers accommodation for any kind of budget, including some great hostels (search for a hostel here).

How much does Tbilisi cost?

Although Tbilisi feels like a European city, just like Budapest, it is surprisingly affordable. Currently, 1 USD is equal to 3 Lari.

Costs of Traveling in Tbilisi

Travel on a budget in Tbilisi, from $220 − $450 USD weekly per person, mid-range $700 − $1790 USD, and high-end from $1760 − $2510 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Where to eat in Tbilisi

The food culture in Tbilisi is huge. Traditional and fusion restaurants serve delicious Georgian cuisine. The following restaurants are our favorites and also offer vegetarian options.

  • Alubali
  • Veriko
  • Cafe Leila
  • Culinarium Khasheria
  • Keto & Kote
  • Puri Guliani
  • Lolita

Best time to visit Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a great city to visit year-round; however, a little bit of sunshine would make your visit even better. The best time to visit Tbilisi would be in Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September and October).


During summer, temperatures rise to 30-35 degrees, which is still doable but not great to walk around in the entire day.

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