Istanbul’s Must-See Area – the Colorful Houses of Balat

Istanbul’s Must-See Area – the Colorful Houses of Balat

Istanbul’s Must-See Area – the Colorful Houses of Balat

One of Istanbul’s best-hidden gems is the colorful neighborhood named Balat. This old district filled with beautiful colorful wooden houses and cafes will instantly give the feel-good vibes. Visiting Balat is best during the morning, it is relatively unknown for most tourists, but we’ll promise: it is one of the best things to do in Istanbul, so make sure to add it to your list!

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About Balat, Istanbul

Balat is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul with some wooden houses over 200 years old. Friendly local families, a cultural mix of Jewish, Christians, and Muslims people are all welcoming you to their neighborhood. Balat has Synagogues, Churches, and Mosques, something you don’t see all along that often. The second you enter Balat with its colorful historical buildings and narrow streets, you will forget that you’re in Turkey.

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What Do To in Balat, Istanbul

Wander around the quiet sloping streets of Balat. The area is slowly transforming into a hipster area where old neglected buildings are renovated into cool cafes, restaurants and design shops. One of the places to have a delicious lunch is Forno. Delicious Turkish pide’s and other goods baked freshly in front of you.

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After lunch, walk up to the rainbow stairs of the cafe: Incir Agaci Kahvesi. Follow the extremely colorful steps uphill towards our next location.

Tip: Wear good shoes, as these sloping streets are steep!

Colorful Houses Istanbul

One of the iconic and most photographed places in Istanbul are the houses in Kiremit street. Pastel-painted houses that make a lively street scene. It is such a quiet and relaxing area to stay in, in between the locals, away from the busy city. One of the houses is an Airbnb.

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While making your way back down, pass the Phanar Greek Orthodox College. This beautiful red school over overlooking the entire neighborhood. Locals told you should be able to visit the inside, but unfortunately, we couldn’t figure this out.

Hotels in Balat

As a lot is being renovated, hotels or guesthouses are very limited here. The only places you could stay are Akin, Balat House, Educa Suites, and Hotel Troya.

How to visit Balat, Istanbul

Balat is best to reach by bus or ferry. The ferry point named Fener is directly across the main street of Balat. At that same location, is a bus stop where many buses stop. Use Google Maps to plan your trip.

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