11 Things To Do in Labuan Bajo, Flores 11 Things To Do in Labuan Bajo, Flores

11 Things To Do in Labuan Bajo, Flores

Labuan Bajo is a small town where the tourism industry has taken a huge step over the last few years due to the opening of Komodo Airport. The town is the entrance port to the incredible Komodo Islands in Komodo National Park. Spend two days in town to get to know the things to do in Labuan Bajo.

1. Explore the local life

Life outside Labuan Bajo town is basic but beautiful to see for yourself. Rent a motorbike and drive through the villages. Expect surprised faces of the people living there, and once you start waving, friendly smiles are their kind answer. One of our favorite things to do in Komodo was trying to interact with locals.

things to do labuan bajo flores local village

2. Labuan Bajo’s secret viewpoints

You don’t have to visit one of the Komodo Islands to have a beautiful view. A 30-minute motorbike ride out of town through the local villages and over a dusty road takes you to a beautiful viewpoint. This is the exact location.

things to do komodo sunset point

3. Visit Rangko Cave from Labuan Bajo

Rangko Cave is a tucked-away gem, relatively close to Labuan Bajo. The pristine blue water inside the cave contains so much salt that it will keep you floating easily.

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11 Things To Do in Labuan Bajo, Flores

It is a 1.5-hour motorbike drive to the pier, followed by a boat that takes you to the cave. Highly worth the visit!

ranko cave komodo flores

4. Chill at the Le Pirate rooftop pool

Labuan Bajo owns a few cool places to hang around, relax, and spend your day. One of those places is the rooftop pool of Le Pirate. They serve delicious drinks and tasty snacks and offer a beautiful view of the harbor.

labuan bajo rooftop pool

5. Taste Italy at La Casuna

In town is a very good Italian restaurant, owned by a real Italian. The balcony with a fresh sea breeze offers a view over the harbor.

things to do labuan bajo flores food

6. Komodo National Park Boat Tour

Spending one or more nights on a boat, waking up in the middle of the national park, having delicious local meals, and having fewer tourists around you is the experience of a lifetime.

Loads of companies offer these tours from Labuan Bajo in any kind of comfort.

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komodo islands boat tour

7. Discover Labuan Bajo Town

Labuan Bajo is a small town; you are able to walk around in 30 minutes. From the main street, take a look at the small side streets and walk on the boulevard near the water.

Tip: Labuan Bajo has a shortage of accommodation (2019), which is why they are building a lot at the moment. This makes it recommended to book a guesthouse or hotel in advance.

labuan bajo town

8. Try incredible sushi

If you love fresh fish, you have to eat at Happy Banana! Although the name doesn’t sound very promising, this sushi restaurant offers an incredible quality of fish.

best food labuan bajo flores

9. Staircase to Heaven

A good place to watch the sunset near Labuan Bajo town is the Staircase to Heaven, also called Bukit Cinta. It is an easy 8-minute drive outside of town, and the staircase is easy to walk up.

labuan bajo bukit cinta viewpoint

10.  Coffee and Breakfast

The best coffee and breakfast place in Labuan Bajo is Bajo Bakery. Quite a lot of space, and they even offer WiFi if you really need this.

labuan bajo flores breakfast

11. Eat fresh fish at the market

Enjoy fresh and affordable fish prepared at one of the small food stalls. The market is open daily, directly after sunset.

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