13 Things You Must See in Komodo, Flores

13 Things You Must See in Komodo, Flores

13 Things You Must See in Komodo, Flores

The Komodo Islands are one of the best treasures that Indonesia has to offer. With the 2015 opening of Komodo Airport, tourism got a huge push. Discover the national park by a multi-day Komodo Islands boat tour with the following things to do in Komodo, Flores.

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Things To Do in Komodo, Flores

The town Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park together offer so many great things to do. Komodo is a short 1-hour flight from Bali and great to combine with your 3-week Bali Route. From Labuan Bajo, hop on a boat tour around the islands inside the national park.

1. Hike up Padar Island

Padar Island is a must-do when visiting the national park. It is the third-largest island in Komodo National Park and together with Rinca Island home to the Komodo Dragon.

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2. Walk on a sandbar

In the middle of nowhere, a small white sand island pops up. There are loads of small sandbanks around the Komodo Islands. Some even disappear during high-tide.

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3. Spot the Komodo Dragon

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park in Indonesia thank his popularity to the Komodo Dragon. The world’s largest lizard only lives in Komodo National Park, mainly on Rince island. Yes, they are as dangerous as they look.

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Padar island has a handful of spots to hike up to. The highest point gives a 360-degree view over the entire island. We spotted loads of wild deer from one of the viewpoints.

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4. Snorkel with Manta Rays

At Komodo National Park it is possible to snorkel or dive with Manta Rays year-round. During the rainy season, you will be guaranteed to snorkel with these impressive animals.

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5. Rangko Cave

Rango Cave is a tucked-away gem, relatively close to Labuan Bajo. The pristine blue water inside the cave contains that much salt that it will keep you floating easily. From Labuan Bajo, it is a 1.5-hour motorbike drive to the pier followed by a boat that takes you to the cave. Highly worth the visit!

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6. Visit Komodo Village

Be welcomed by the super friendly locals of Komodo Village, located on Komodo Island. The inhabitants make a living by fishing or selling handicrafts to visitors to the national park.

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7. Experience a million bats in the sky

The sky filled with a million bats leaving the mangrove right after sunset. A highlight of the things to do in Komodo.

8. Wander on a pink beach

Another natural wonder in this national park is the pink beaches. White sand mixed with tiny pieces of red coral makes the beach look pink.

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9. Do a multi-day boat trip in Komodo National Park

Spending one or more nights on a boat, waking up in the middle of the national park, local delicious meals, and having fewer tourists around you is an experience of a lifetime. Loads of companies offer these tours from Labuan Bajo in any kind of comfort.

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10. Swim with sea turtles

Like Mantas, turtles aren’t hard to spot in the national park. Diving or snorkeling doesn’t matter, you should be able to see them pop-up their heads everywhere. Please note: It is not allowed to touch any animals.

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11. Sunrise on a boat

Is there any better way to wake up in Komodo than experiencing the sunrise from your bed?

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12. Snorkel at Batu Bolong

In the middle of the water is a small rock with a hole in it. Batu Bolong is a 60-meter deep rock offering world-class snorkeling and diving.

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13. Dive at the world-class reefs

Komodo National Park is the place to do dive if you are a diver. Expect millions of fish in all forms, colors, and sizes.

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  • Dave Munger

    Going to be in March on a Viking Cruise. Is it possible to see Komodo dragons, hike to top of island, and visit a pink sand beach in 4.5 hours?

  • Hi, I am wondering if you can stay a couple night in Labuan Bajo & visit all the islands as day trips?

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Carolien,

      Yes definitely! There are lots of different island hopping packages you can take from the harbour for the day if you don’t fancy doing an overnight boat stay. Have an amazing time!

  • Sally Hipacus

    Hi, i would like to ask where did you rent the white blue boat you used? In the picture. Looks so great! Would like to know the rental place n price. Pls let me know thanks :)

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