Things you Must See on a Nusa Penida Tour

Things you Must See on a Nusa Penida Tour

Things you Must See on a Nusa Penida Tour

Nusa Penida is the little gem of Bali. Penida island is part of the Nusa Islands, is the biggest of the 3 but until now the least developed. By visiting Nusa Penida expect white-sand beaches with silky blue water, 200-meter high coastal cliffs drop and yet untouched nature. It is recommended to either visit the island by a one-day Nusa Penida Tour or a 3-day Nusa Penida trip.

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Things to see on a Nusa Penida Tour

During a Nusa Penida day tour, you can either explore the west or east coast of Penida Island. West is more popular since it is closer to the harbor. East is at least as beautiful and fewer visitors. If you prefer to see both sides, it is better to do a 3-day Nusa Penida Trip.

We explain both tours in this article so it will be easier for you to choose from.

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West Coast Nusa Penida Tour

The west coast of Penida island has beautiful sights like Angel’s Billabong and Kelingking Beach. Combine this with Crystal Bay, Peguyangan waterfall and Broken Beach to have a day filled with incredible viewpoints and jaw-dropping nature.

Tip: It’s also a great option to switch Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong to Tembeling Natural Pool.

nusa penida tour kelingking drone

Kelingking beach

Kelingking beach is 100% sure the most spectacular place on Nusa Penida. White sand and a piece of land shaped like a dinosaur head. The view from the top is incredible but be prepared if you want to hike down to the beach. This hike down is a 45-minute incredibly steep path.

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Angel’s Billabong & Broken Beach

Nusa Penida is full of spectacular shaped locations. Broken Beach is one of them. A 45-minute bumpy ride from KelingKing takes you to this spectacular gate.

A 150-meter walk from Broken Beach is a natural infinity pool where you can dip in and enjoy the clearest water you’ve ever swum in.

Find all hotels on Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

One of the few beaches fully surrounded by palm trees where you can snorkel and relax.

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crystal bay penida

Peguyangan waterfall or Snorkeling with Manta Rays

A 150-meter high iron blue stairs down towards a tiny waterfall, which gives you the most scenic areas and a real test to your fear of heights.

Around Nusa Penida are great Manta-Ray snorkeling and diving points. To do this, you would have to stay a little longer.

things to do nusa lembongan manta rays.

Tembeling Forest & Beach

For a more unique experience on Nusa Penida, we recommend you to visit Tembeling Natural Pool, forest and beach. Modify your west Nusa Penida tour by removing one of the other things to do on Nusa Penida.

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East Coast Nusa Penida Tour

The east coast is a little more untouched. You will visit Atuh and Diamond Beach, Thousand Islands viewpoint, Rumah Pohon Treehouse and you can either choose between the underground temple Giri Putri or Teletubbies Hill.

Nusa Penida tour thousand islands viewpoint

Diamond and Atuh Beach

Two picture-perfect beaches located very near each other. To get to those beaches you will have to decline via a stair which is quite challenging.
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diamond beach nusa penida view

Price of a Nusa Penida tour

The price of a tour totally depends on what you like to see and the comfort you prefer on Penida Island. A day trip usually takes from 8 AM until 16 PM.

Spend one night in Nusa Penida if you like to see both the east and west coast in a Nusa Penida tour. 

Find all hotels on Nusa Penida

nusa penida trip guide Thousand Islands

Private tour price
A private Nusa Penida Tour with driver, car, boat, hotel transfers, and entrance fees usually starts from 850000 IDR (~55 USD). Split the with two to four people and it is cheaper than a shared van.

Shared van price
A fair price for a Nusa Penida tour (not private!) would be 500000 IDR (~33 USD) when doing either the west or east side. Do remind keep in mind will probably be put in a van with 10 others.

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nusa penida tour teletubies hill

Getting to & around Nusa Penida

It’s super easy to get from Nusa Lembongan or Bali to Nusa Penida. The boat trip takes around 40 minutes. Read everything about this in our full Nusa Penida Trip Guide.

nusa lembongan yellow bridge

Book a Nusa Penida tour

Nusa Penida is popular and many companies are offering day tours.

Book it with a local

Or contact our Balinese friend Yande and his team. He offers a Nusa Penida Tour day trip for 850000 IDR (~55 USD) which includes:

  • Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Crystal Bay
  • Lunch
  • Drinking water
  • Hotel return transfer on Bali
  • Boat return transfer
nusa lembongan boat

Accommodations Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is developing quickly and now offers some great places to stay. We selected some guesthouses and hotels on Nusa Penida that should fit your budget.
Find all hotels on Nusa Penida

Guesthouses Nusa Penida

Hotels Nusa Penida

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  • Elizaveta Rassykhaeva

    Do you have Nusa Penida East tour (Dimond beach includied) 5/02/2020?
    And how much it will be?

  • Amazing pictures , but you forgot to mention about places to eat . It will be super helpful
    Thank you

  • Isabelle Barbara

    Hi and thank you very much for all your information. I will be in Nusa Penida in 2 weeks but I have already booked the transfer and hotel. I would like to find a tour trip directly in Nusa Penida. I understood that your contact Hand operates from Bali with transfer boat. Do you know someone directly in Nusa Penida?

    • Salt in our Hair

      Hi Isabelle, my contact Yande can also set you with a tour only on Nusa Penida if you request this. Just make sure to mention the Salt in our Hair Blog to him

  • hey guys,
    Since me and my husband are planning to do a day trip to nusa penida would u recommend to do west side or the east side since we can cover only one.

  • Hello, i want to do a day trip to nusa penida and book a west nusa penida tour. Do you know how i can book one? It would be nice to have a tour guide to show us around

  • Hoi, wij gaan in augustus naar Bali. Ik wil denk ik ook nog Lombok en Komodo aan doen. Maar ik vind de Gili eilanden en Nusa P ook heel mooi. Als je moest kiezen, welk van de twee zouden jullie dan mooier vinden?
    Ik heb nog veeeeeel meer vragen, maar waar ik voor nu heel nieuwsgierig naar ben en nog niet echt antwoord op kan krijgen is, hoe is ht met de wilde dieren op land en water? En dan heb ik het over spinnen, slangen, kwallen en haaien? :P

    • saltinourhair

      Hoi Jolien,

      Superleuk dat je naar Bali gaat!
      Onze favorieten zijn Komodo ( en Nusa Penida.
      Komodo is echt een hele speciale plek. We hebben nog nooit eerder zoveel mooie natuur om ons heen gezien binnen een boottrip van 3 nachten.
      Het is wel wat duurder maar zeker de moeite waard + is het is maar een uurtje met het vliegtuig vanaf Bali.

      Nusa Penida is ook geweldig en je kan je er makkelijk 3 volle dagen vermaken (

      Qua wilde enge dieren valt het echt heel erg mee. Er zijn wel spinnen en slangen op Bali, maar wij hebben ze eigenlijk nooit gezien. Wel zit er af en toen een kakkerlak of een kleine salamander in je kamer, maar deze zijn niet gevaarlijk. Gevaarlijke haaien zijn er ook niet ;)

  • Hello, when trying to go on the link of Yande there is an error message. Could you please send me his contact? I would like to book a trip to Nusa Penida. Thank you!

  • Hi Guys!

    Saw that you recommended the Nusa Penida tour company above! have you personally worked with them/know someone who has? I’m going with a couple of my girlfriends to Bali and we love the 1D1N+snorkeling trip and just want to make sure it’s safe and legit.

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Alex!

      We worked Yande (twice on Nusa Penida) – He is a local company. See his link in the article <3

  • can you tell me what shoes are those? Going to bali in january and need help with shoe suggestions, thanks!

  • I’m booked to stay in Nusa with my gf for a week. We figured it’s basically Bali. Is it considered part of Bali? My gf is Chinese and doesn’t need a visa for there but she does for the rest of Indonesia. Also From Bali is it quick to Nusa? Saw.from 1-4 hours by boat? Do they check for vosas on those boats Do you need an Indonesian visa or is a bali one ok? Is there enough to do for one week there? Seems like there’s no real sandy beach. Also what’s this about sharks? Is it safe to go swimming there? So many questions. How’s plain old swimming there?

    • saltinourhair

      Hi! Here are the answers to all your questions ;) :
      -Yes, Nusa Penida is a part of Bali.
      -The boat will only take a small hour from Bali to Nusa Penida.
      -They don’t check your visa on the boat since it’s part of Bali.
      -There are many beautiful sandy beaches on Nusa Penida: Atuh beach, Diamond beach, Kelingking beach, Crystal bay etc.
      Don’t expect many beach clubs though. Atuh & Chrystal are more to relax. Diamond & Kelingking are more for an adventure.
      -It’s safe to swim there, no dangerous sharks.The only thing is to be careful with strong current and big waves in some places.
      -Tip: Bring water shoes/sandals when you go snorkeling. The corals are sharp.

      These are our 19 favorite things to do on the island:
      Normally people spend maximum 5 days on the island but a full week is perfect too. Just explore the island and enjoy :)

  • I love your blog. It is very informative. I need advice on going around Nusa Penida with a biggish group. There’s 9 of us friends and we are staying in Nusa Ceningan for 3 days. Do we catch a boat from Ceningan to Penida? Does your local guide have a car or do we all need to ride motorcycles and follow the guide around? Will we be able to do the tour in one day? Sorry for all the questions but all of us haven’t been to Bali yet and we really don’t know the logistics of visiting Nusa Penida. Thank you very much!!!

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Van,

      It totally depends on what you prefer. You can catch a boat from Bali or Lembongan to Penida. From there you can rent motorbikes and drive by yourself. Or arrange the boat + tour in advance via our buddy Yande. (He’s linked in the article)
      Nusa Penida is still a bit rough roads-wise so I’d recommend you to get a car.

      Not sure when you’re planning to go there but we’ll be back on Penida within a month and publishing more content about the island. Might be interesting for you guys! (Keep an eye on our Instagram for that


  • Hi!

    Thank you for this great blog post, very informative!

    I wanted to ask your opinion .. I am a solo traveller and would like to visit Nusa Penida for the day and therefore would you recommend rocking up and getting a driver for the day, or going with your local friend Yande? I would like to do snorkelling as well as land exploring if possible!

    Thank you

  • I want to visit PENIDA ISLAND.
    Maybe one day or two days.
    Please send me SCHEDULE DETAIL (include price)
    My team have 7 people and will go to bali 24-7-2018.

  • saltinourhair

    Hi! Not sure about that, most of them will need some walking skills. We haven’t visited any places who were easy to access.

  • i will be in UBUD for a week then Nusa Dua for a week which waterfall and temple would be the best for me since I have a bad knee cant do alot of stairs or walking ? THnaks

  • Hi! your site is very informative, i and my friends (group of four) are going to bali on 8th May and planning to spend 1 day in nusa penida ( 9th May- 10th May). we would like to have one day plus a half day tour. Would you recommend me a tour guide who also a driver there and how much will it cost?

    • saltinourhair

      Hi, a daytour will cost around 400 IDR (25$). Please see the tourcompany links in this article.

  • Hi!
    I would like to book a 1-day tour around Nusa Penida and visit all the places you wrote about above. I just checked some of the links to the websites with tour guides you have recommended, but I will not be staying in Bali, but in Nusa Lembongan. Do you know if it is possible to book a tour from Lembongan instead of Bali? Becuase I would not be using the return ticket and therefore I figured it kinda would be a waste of money..
    Amazing blog btw!
    Best, Jasmin

  • Hi,
    Have planning to visit Lovely Nusa Penida in April only 1 day (not stay at Nusa). Do you have any idea to organize private trip for 6 people? (no snockling) How about tour cost per person?

    Thank you ^^

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Poom!

      Ok, so you want to do a 1-day private trip from Bali island, right?
      I think it’s best to just ask around and search for a few companies while you’re on Bali. We’re not sure how much you should pay from Bali island though.

      Sorry! And hopefully you will have an amazing trip.

  • Hey there!
    Thanks for the details info, loved reading your tips :)
    Just one question I have in regards to the boat from Lembongan to Penida – how much did you pay?! I am currently here with my parents and a friend and will need to transport across in a few days. Wouldn’t mind an idea of what’s the best price!
    Thanks in advance!

    • saltinourhair

      We booked it the night before so we overpaid of course. 600K per head for a boat, guide and car tour.

      Hope it helps! Enjoy Georgia!

  • Hi!
    Lovely insights to Nusa Penida. Thx. Planning a trip in March to stay overnight in penida so have abt 1.5 days to go around.
    Is the west and Atuh beach doable on a bike/scooter ? i am not too bothered about the roads but wont it be too hot in march? any entrance fees chargeable anywhere? any idea if we can do some snorkeling in
    crystal bay?

  • Hi!
    Planning to visit nusa penada next month. Can i get a tour guide if i do the island on the bike? If so how does it workout ? the tour guide has his own bike? Secondly if i do a day visit to nusa what are the places u recommend are a must see and if i stop over for a night what are the additional places u recommend?

    • Hi ☺️ I rocked up off the boat with the intention to hire a bike for about 60,000 but they said they’d recommend having a driver and id had enough of driving by myselr the last few days so I got a driver as a guide and personal photographer ! I was on my own so it was amazing so have him the whole day taking phtoos for me and the roads are really rough. well worth it for 250,000 for the bike, driver/guide/personal photographer/coconut collector ! ? My number #1 priority was kelingking beach so we went first up and we’re prqctically alone ! also did broken beach & angels billabong then finished at crystal bay where we chilled quite a bit.

    • saltinourhair


      We only know that you can go by motorbike. Which you can rent once you enter Penida. And for one day, only do the west coast tour described in this article.

  • Hello, your side its very informative. I just want to ask, your trip in Nusa Penida with Tour Guide or just rent a motorcyle?

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Ray,

      So sorry for the late reply. Your comment slipped through. Yes, our trip was with a tour guide but you can ride around on a motorbike as well!

  • Is it possible to cover the West and the South part of Nusa Penida in 1 day and return back to Bali? Or do you suggest staying in a hotel in Nusa Penida for 1 night. If yes, any good stay you recommend?

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Amol!
      In our opinion, that’s way too much to visit in one day, especially when you like to go back to Bali.
      The roads at Nuse Penida aren’t great so that’s why it’s very hard to visit all these places.

      So staying at Nusa Penida is definitely a better plan! :)
      We heard great things about Bintang Bungalows! >
      Maybe you can check them out?

      Please let us know if you’ve more questions!


  • Hi..I’m Kiki, an Indonesian and so happy my overseas friends visiting my home country :D
    I find your travel blog so inspiring and well-organized.
    When you plan to visit Indonesia in the upcoming months, don’t forget to visit Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara as well as Raja Ampat in Papua.
    Keep on inspiring!

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Kiki,

      Thank you very much for your kind words!
      We definitely want to visit Komodo Island someday. Maybe next year already!

  • Ivy M. Ocampo

    Thanks for this wonderful blog. Planning to do the West Tour only since we only have a day to explore this island. Shall we be needing an extreme motorbike experience for this though? :)

    • saltinourhair

      Thanks! Ah great, you’ll love it!
      Nusa Penida has some quite challenging roads so you need to have some experience, just drive carefully and everything will be fine :)

      • Pilar Gonzales

        Hello! I would like to ask if we need an international licence to rent a motorbike in nusa penida? I am a solo traveler and I will visit nusa next week.
        Thank you! ☺

        • saltinourhair

          Hi! Officially you need one since it’s the only way to have insurance when something happens. Don’t worry too much about though since soooo many people are renting a motorbike without an international license so just go for it (be careful though ?)

  • lovefoodtravel

    Amazing pictures and detailed guide! good work!

  • Nusa Penida looks so incredible! Cannot wait to visit :)


  • Mijn zusje vertrekt volgende week naar Bali en ik denk dat ze dit zeker leuk zal vinden, dus ik ga het met haar delen! :)

  • Oh I wish I had visited Nusa Penida when I was on Bali last summer. Ive written these tips down in case I go back to Bali.

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