Wild Coast Tented Lodge: Glamping in Yala National Park Wild Coast Tented Lodge: Glamping in Yala National Park

Wild Coast Tented Lodge: Glamping in Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the most popular area to see leopards and Elephants in Sri Lanka. Staying in Yala wasn’t really on the radar until last year when these cocoon-shaped tented lodges opened up. This next-level safari lets you camp between elephants and monkeys by daytime and leopards in the night.

Camping in Yala National Park

Wild Coast Tented Lodge has three kinds of stays. The cocoon pool suite with a pool, the cocoon suite and family cocoon suites with an urchin for children. In total there are 28 stays in the area. You can easily call this glamping instead of camping.

The inside of the tents are spacious and beautifully decorated. With furniture and accessories imported from India and Africa, the interior is one of a dream house. All copper details, matching furniture and even a freestanding copper bathtub.

Yala Wild Coast Tented Lodge already won several awards like the Best New Luxury Hotel of 2018! 

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The tents are eco-friendly and fully wrapped with canvas on the outside. Even the air conditioning was hidden in a beautiful copper cove.

During sunset, wild pigs and sometimes elephants come to the small streams next to your lodge to drink. Around the property are several streams where the animals gather during sunrise and sunset.

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Dining at Wild Coast Tented Lodge

The dining area is in a beautiful bamboo dining dome called the Dining Pavilion. There is also a big swimming pool and the Ten Tuskers bar where you can get your cooldown cocktail directly at the pool.

Breakfast is a great selection of international favorites like fresh croissants, pastries, eggs, fruit, and delicious coffee. Sri Lankan breakfast is also an option.

For dinner, there is a daily changing menu of delicious Sri Lankan cuisines. Their quality of food is really something that’s going to surprise you.

Just to be sure, after dark the staff will escort you to the dining area so you won’t bump in wild elephants. ;-)

Yala National Park Safari

And when you’re in a national park, you, of course, have to do a safari to spot leopards and elephants. Go out with your guide in the early morning, or late afternoon. Learn about the park, its animals and be even more amazed by the place you are staying.

Staying at Yala National Park

Staying at Wild Coast Tented Lodges in Sri Lanka is a once in a lifetime experience. From the bamboo dining dome to the stitches on the tent, every little detail has been taken care of. Walking around in the dunes and spotting wild buffalos or see the wild water hitting the rocks on the beach will amaze you again about the beauty of this country.

For more information see their website.

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Wild Coast Tented Lodge: Glamping in Yala National Park
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