9 Great Things To Do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

9 Great Things To Do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

9 Great Things To Do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa is one of the main beach destinations in southern Sri Lanka. The area has it all, beautiful beaches, surf waves, whale watching and great bars and restaurants. Mirissa is developing quickly over the last couple of years so it’s also getting more crowded. There are still enough spots where you can enjoy a fresh coconut from your hammock seeing the sunset. Spend about 2 – 4 days with these things to do in Mirissa.

1. Secret Beach, Mirissa

Ssst, this one is secret. A tiny secluded beach and not the easiest place to reach. That’s why Secret Beach is so beautiful. There are one small bar and a local woman selling coconuts. Enjoy an incredible sunset from Secret Beach. Search on Google Maps for Secret Beach bar and ask a tuk-tuk driver to take you there. You will need to walk about 10 minutes down the road since this is too steep for the tuk-tuks.

2. Parrot Rock

Right on Mirissa Beach is a small rock where you can climb up and see a bit of the Mirissa area. You have to walk a little bit through the water and with the high tide or wild water it’s not recommended to go here.
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Things To Do Mirissa Sri Lanka parrot rock

3. Coconut tree spot

A 15-minute from Mirissa Beach is a small coconut farm on a hilltop. The view or sunset view from here is simply amazing. It’s quite easy to get here since the place is on Google Maps. You can access it via one of the restaurants nearby or by a small walk through the water. Be careful with the coconuts, we can tell from our own experience that coconuts will fall from trees.

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4. The Doctors House

Ready for a great afternoon party with surf vibes? The Doctors House is the place to visit! It is a 15-minute drive out of town and highly recommended to visit. The big garden has the perfect laid-back vibe, great food, drinks, and live music. ➳ Find all: Hotels in Mirissa

Looking for a Sri Lankan driver? Contact our friend Indi on Whatsapp (+94777644144).

Things To Do Mirissa Sri Lanka doctors house restaurant

5. Whale watching

Mirissa is very popular for its marine life. At the beach they offer whale watching tours, taking you out on the Indian Ocean for a few hours spotting whales, dolphins, and turtles. The best to spot whales is from the end of November until March.

Not planning a visit in that season? In the opposite season, it is one of the popular things to do in Trincomalee.

6. Day trip to Unawatuna and Galle Fort

Unawatuna is a cool little town to wander around or spend a few hours at the beach. There are a lot of things to do in Unawatuna.
In the afternoon, head to Galle Fort. Galle Fort is the place to go shopping and explore the old Dutch Fort, you can easily spend the whole day in this area.

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7. Surfing

Mirissa Beach is a good spot to start surfing in Sri Lanka. The waves look great and since there’s just little crowd, surfers really love being here. Surf from October to March for ideal surfing conditions.

8. Chill at Mirissa beach

Mirissa Beach is crowded and still a very relaxing vibe. A handful of great restaurants are located on or near the beach who all offer different kinds of foods.

Things To Do Mirissa Sri Lanka beach

9. Be a foodie

There are loads of restaurants in Mirissa. We’ve rated them by yummy (♥️) rating.

Little Tuna – ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Wood Space – ♥️♥️♥️
Dewmini roti shop – ♥️♥️
Shady Lane – ♥️♥️

Hotels in Mirissa

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  • Hye Saltonourhair!

    You guys are rocking and informative. i am you follower in Insta too!

    I am planning for a trip to Sri Lanka this month, can i know if there is any restriction on bringing drone.
    How did you managed it.

    • Salt in our Hair

      Thank you for your lovely comment! The last that we researched drones were prohibited in Sri Lanka since April. However it is worth researching to see if the prohibition will be lifted soon. Have a lovely trip!

  • Hi!
    I was wondering what time of year you went to Mirissa? I am planning to go at the start of April and I’m a bit worried it may be rainy.

    • saltinourhair

      Hi, we went in April and September both great weather!

      • How is surfing in September? There seems to be no consensus on whether this is a good moment to go surfing in Mirissa for beginners/intermediate surfers. Hope you can enlighten me as we will be in Sri Lanka in September and would love to stay in Mirissa!

        • Salt in our Hair

          Hi Saskia, I’m not 100% sure as the surf high season is from November to March.

  • Neville Tebb

    Miirissa is beautiful , but it is already showing signs of rubbish , greywater runoff and poorly planned development. If action isn’t taken soon it will become a paradise lost just like parts of Bali .

  • Hi, thanks for sharing your post! I am coming from Yala region and want to hit up a beach town before driving back to Colombo. Do you recommend 3 nights in tangalle, mirissa, hikkaduwa or unawatuna or a combination of 2 nights at 1 location, and a day trip or 1 night at a different beach? should i skip unawatuna given the time constraints? we would like to try a beginner’s surf lesson, eat local seafood, enjoy the beach and see sea turtles/snorkeling (not a whale tour). any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your help. we also have a half day before we go from that last town to colombo (10 PM at airport for 1 AM Flight next day).

    also, for pickme = do i reserve that more than 1 day in advance from colombo to ella? thanks!

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Kris,

      So sorry for our late reply!
      Because you like to take surf lessons, Mirissa is the best option to stay for 3 days.
      We heard great things about surf lessons at Weligama (which is a 20-minute motorbike drive from Mirissa)
      Maybe you could have a search on that?

      We think it’s better to book you Pickme at least two days in advance (we’re not sure how accurate they are when it comes to one day) :)

      Hope our answers will help you out. Have a great trip!

  • Hey, I’ve got a question about surfing in Mirissa: How much did it cost?

    • saltinourhair

      Hi Eva,

      Sorry, we don’t know that. It was off season so there was no surf.
      We are now in Arugam Bay and it’s about $2 to rent a board and lessons from $15 to $50.

      Have fun!!

  • Never thought SriLanka is such awesome place to travel. Mirissa beach looks stunning as well. I’m glad you are promoting Srilanka in a great way. I will be planning to visit Srilanka next year with my friends. Thanks Hannah for such a wonderful post.

    Your video teaser looks great and professional.

  • Unnavigated

    Mirissa sure is a beautiful place. Great place to be around Christmas in the high-season in Sri Lanka.

  • Arabian Time Travel Tourism

    Great place to visit!

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