Pidurangala Rock: Sigiriya’s Most Incredible Viewpoint Pidurangala Rock: Sigiriya’s Most Incredible Viewpoint

Pidurangala Rock: Sigiriya’s Most Incredible Viewpoint

Pidurangala Rock is an incredible 360-degree viewpoint located opposite the world-famous Sigiriya Lion Rock. Hiking to the top is possible for both of these rocks, but hiking at dawn to the top of Pidurangala Rock is a real adventure. Best of all, you get an incredible view of Lion’s Rock itself, which is really special! This is a moment that will stand out on any Sri Lanka trip, so a visit to Sigiriya is a must on your itinerary.

On Top of Pidurangala Rock

Experience the sunrise from the top of Pidurangala Rock, where the first rays of light hit the surrounding landscape and the morning mist clears from the surrounding jungles. It’s a magical spot and moment that’s not to be missed in Sri Lanka.

The large boulder, the highest point, has more than enough space for visitors to walk around and enjoy the scenery. Discover panoramic views across the valley and a unique perspective of Lion’s Rock itself!

Pidurangala Rock or Sigiriya Rock?

But if there are two rocks, which one should I climb? Sigiriya Lion Rock has a lot of interesting history because it used to be King Kassapa’s palace. Its beauty and history led it to be awarded UNESCO world heritage status because of its incredible murals, gardens, and ruins. There’s even a swimming pool on top of the rock!

best viewpoint sigiriya rock Pidurangala sri lanka

The downside is that the rock formation itself is the most impressive part, but because you’re standing on top of it, it means you’re unable to really see how beautiful it is. Additionally, the entrance fee is on the high side, priced at 30 USD. 

Pidurangala Rock

The alternative is Pidurangala Rock. This rock is less-visited because the path up has a strong incline and is a little harder to climb. At some points, there are rocks that visitors will need to climb over, so it’s not recommended for those that have lower mobility. However, this is also what makes it an adventure, and it’s one hundred percent worth it for the unforgettable view directly over Sigiriya Lion Rock

sunrise sigiriya rock Pidurangala

Another bonus of choosing Pidurangala is that the entrance fee is only 500 LKR (3 USD)! Due to its pricing, it is also the most popular with backpackers and budget travelers. Both rocks are a must-visit, but for adventure and view, Pidurangala is the absolute winner.

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Pidurangala Rock: Sigiriya’s Most Incredible Viewpoint

How Long Does it Take to Climb Pidurangala Rock?

The hike starts by passing through a charming white temple. Pay the entrance fee of 3 USD and collect a free scarf to cover your shoulders and legs if necessary. Once past the temple, you’re allowed to take off the scarf. 

climb Pidurangala rock sri lanka

It is a medium-difficult 30/40-minute hike up to the top with a bit of climbing on boulders at the final part, which can be a bit challenging. Allow for a little more time to spend time at the reclining Buddha and the beautiful murals halfway. 

How to Get to Pidurangala Rock

The entrance of Pidurangala is about 2 kilometers north of Lion Rock’s entrance. If you stay in Sigiriya town, it is a very short drive to the foot of the rock. Alternatively, many visitors spend the night in Dambulla, which is a 30-minute tuk-tuk ride to Sigiriya. 

Hiking at Sunrise or Sunset

Sunrise is the most beautiful time to visit the top of Pidurangala Rock. However, hiking up in the dark requires a flashlight. Otherwise, sunset is also a great option! The light will be different, but if you start your descent early, there won’t be the risk of hiking down in the dark. 

Pidurangala Rock sri lanka

Entrance Fee and Opening Times

The Pidurangala Rock entrance fee is LKR 1000 per person ($3,10 USD). This fee acts as a donation in order to pass through the temple. Tickets at the office are sold from 5 AM until 6 PM. The hours are not strict, but we do recommend making a donation. It’s super cheap and well worth it!

Where to Stay in Sigiriya

Most of the accommodation in Sigiriya is a bit higher in price, but it does allow you to enjoy and make the most of the incredible scenery in this area. Some hotels even have direct views from the rooms of the rocks themselves!

Dambulla is located 30 minutes away but has more accommodations on offer in every price category.

Sigiriya accommodation

Best Time to Visit 

Hiking up Pidurangala Rock when it’s raining is dangerous, therefore, always keep an eye on the weather.


The best time to visit this area is from December to April when the days are dry, and the sunrises are clear. 

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