Surf + Chill at Hiriketiya and Trendy Dikwella

Surf + Chill at Hiriketiya and Trendy Dikwella

Surf + Chill at Hiriketiya and Trendy Dikwella

Dikwella is a small town in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Dikwella (officially Dickwella) is getting more and more famous for its great surf spots and Yoga retreats. Trendy restaurants and hotels are popping up the last few years so Dikwella is becoming a more common stop on a Sri Lanka Route. The town is small, you can get to all the spots within a 20-min walk. Don’t worry, there are plenty of tuk-tuks around. Plan to spend a day or two by doing one of these things to do in Dikwella.

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Surf & Chill at Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya beach (also called Hiri) is a great small bay to chill out or surf. The water is beautifully clear and there are a few good bars located near the beach.

dikwella sri lanka surf lessons

Waves at Hiriketiya Beach are getting famous so more and more surfers find Hiri as a place to hang out for a while. Rent a board and maybe get a lesson directly from the guys on the beach.
Dots is the most popular place at Hiri Beach, they throw parties in the evening with live music.

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things to do dikwella

Visit the most southern tip of Sri Lanka

Dondra Lighthouse is a small 15-minute drive from Dikwella and known as the most southern tip of Sri Lanka. The massive lighthouse is a beautiful white and yellow-colored building surrounded by palms. Definitely worth a visit.

After Dikwella, go explore one of the things to do in Mirissa or stay in Yala National Park.

Hiriketiya Dikwella Dondra Lighthouse

Yoga in Dikwella, Sri Lanka

Salt House is the place to be to follow a Yoga retreat in Dikwella. Their classes are in the open jungle in a beautiful location. Don’t forget to have a great bite at their restaurant as well.

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Visit the world’s 2nd biggest blowhole

Just outside of Dikwella is a well-known attraction, the Hummanaya blowhole. The water power builds up and forces itself into the narrow opening of a rock. Once the water hits, you will almost hear a thunderstorm sounds followed by a spray of water that can reach to 36 meters in the air!

Hiriketiya Dikwella beach blowhole

Take a swing on the beach

Swings are awesome and Sri Lanka has many around the country. There is one swing located on the beach next to Dickwella Beach Resort. The other one is at Mahi Mahi Restaurant in the next bay. Note: Unfortunately, the tree swing on this photo does not exist anymore.

Hiriketiya Dikwella palm swing sunset

Work, Eat, Skate or Chill at Verse Collective

Yes, work! Verse Collective is one of the first co-working space in Sri Lanka. They opened up in November 2017 and already created a very good name for themselves. As Hiriketiya Beach is getting more popular, Verse Collective chose to start at the next, more quiet, bay. They serve great food, have a beautiful hostel (single & double) rooms available and are the go-to place for every Digital Nomad.

You can only book Verse Collective via Airbnb. (Search for Verse Collective on the Airbnb website)

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Restaurants in Dikwella

Restaurants in Dikwella are good, very trendy and definitely one of the most expensive you will have in Sri Lanka. We’ve rated them by yummy (♥️) rating.

  1. Malu Poke – ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  2. Verse Collective – ♥️♥️♥️
  3. Dots Beach House – ♥️♥️♥️
  4. Salt House – ♥️♥️
  5. The Grove Lanka – ♥️
Hiriketiya Dikwella Dots Beach House

Where to stay in Dikwella

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