9 Best Castles in the Czech Republic 9 Best Castles in the Czech Republic

9 Best Castles in the Czech Republic

What better place to live out your fairytale experience than the Czech Republic? The country is home to the most castles in Europe, over 2000! Travel on charming country roads, through woodland, meadows, and forests to reach Disney-style castles that will take your breath away. Discover palaces fit for a king, charming chateaus, and ancient medieval towers straight from the pages of a Harry Potter novel. Here are the best castles in the Czech Republic to visit on your trip!

1. Hluboka Castle in the Czech Republic

Hluboka Castle is picture-perfect, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular castles in the Czech Republic! The stunning white and yellow castle sits at the heart of the South Bohemian region and is thought to be ‘the most beautiful’ of all the Czech castles.

guide Hluboka Castle Czech Republic

Most interesting of all, the castle is a replica of Windsor Castle in England (the oldest castle in the world!). It’s not hard to imagine royalty living here, with the white facade, turrets, towers, and elegant rose gardens that surround the castle. 

The castle has 140 rooms and 11 towers. Because of this, it’s a good idea to book a tour to get the most out of your visit to Hluboka Castle.

Castles Czech Republic

2. Karlstejn Castle

Karlstejn Castle is just a 40-minute drive away from Prague and is one of the most famous Czech castles! Discover the charming village of Karlstejn with the gothic castle that sits in the forest-covered hills above. The castle was very important, as the Bohemian crown jewels used to be kept here. You can learn all about its unique history by joining a guided tour (recommended on your trip!).

Because of its position on the hill, there are amazing views out over the Czech countryside. It’s even possible to take a walk in the luscious nature around the castle itself. 

Castles Czech Republic

3. Prague Castle

Prague Castle is famous for being one of the largest castles in the world! In fact, it’s so impressive that it made it into the Guinness World Book of Records for its size. Within the estate, there are numerous buildings you can visit that make up the castle. These are:

  • The Royal Palace. There’s so much history to discover here, as this was home to the Czech Kings and Queens throughout the ages.
  • St Vitus Cathedral. This building is an icon of Prague; the St. Vitus twin spires can be seen for miles around.
  • Golden Lane. Discover a medieval cobbled street lined with colorful cottages.
Castles Czech Republic

4. Lednice Castle

Lednice Castle is another of the beautiful castles in the Czech Republic that has been awarded UNESCO heritage status. This castle has an English style, with carvings and stonework so intricate that it looks more like a church. Wander among the tulip gardens, get lost in the maze, and walk through the grand halls imagining the historical banquets that would have been held here. 

Good to know: Lednice Castle sits opposite Valtice Castle, and the two dukes that used to live here make sure to create a huge park between the two. In fact, it is actually the largest park in the Czech Republic, so save some time to explore this area of natural beauty!

5. Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov is the second-largest castle in the Czech Republic, and it’s a must-see on your trip. Wander through the UNESCO old town of Cesky Krumlov, along the cobbled streets, and between the orange-roofed houses. Eventually, you’ll reach the headland where the castle sits. Here, you’ll discover drawbridges, moats, and castle towers that will take you on a journey back in time.

pink castle tower cesky krumlov guide

Join one of the tours to learn more about the history of Cesky Krumlov Castle and discover its beautiful interiors and gardens. Don’t forget to climb the 150 steps to the top of the tower! You’ll experience incredible panoramic views out over the medieval town and the river below.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

6. Bouzov Castle

Bouzov Castle is one of the most romantic castles in the Czech Republic, situated in Central Moravia, among remote rolling hills and woodland. The fairytale characteristics of this castle have seen it become a national cultural monument, as well as the setting for lots of Czech movies. Think dragons, knights, towers, and dungeons at this fascinating castle!

Admire the interior of the 14th-century castle, discovering the knight’s hall, ancient artwork, and the legendary Bouzov Castle watchtower. Better still, join a tour and learn about the fascinating history of the castle; it was even occupied by the Nazis during World War 2!

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9 Best Castles in the Czech Republic

7. Pernstejn Castle in the Czech Republic

Pernstejn Castle really feels like the setting from a Harry Potter movie! It sits on a steep rock, high above the town below, and it’s built at an angle that makes it look like it’s leaning. However, these crooked walls and turrets are all part of the charm; it truly makes you feel like you’re visiting one of the most ancient castles in the Czech Republic. 

Castles Czech Republic

There are lots of tours to choose from. For example, you can even do one that takes you underground into the spooky cellars of the castle! 

Did you know? Pernstejn Castle is known in the Czech Republic as the ‘marble castle’ because of the marble stone that’s used to frame the doorways and windows. It’s also known for its spooky ghost stories!

8. Litomysl Castle

Discover Litomysl Castle: a white brick renaissance chateau so beautiful that it could come from a dream. This Czech Republic castle is particularly grand, with its arches, colonnades, and beautiful courtyards. It’s no surprise that these incredible features saw Litomysl Castle named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. 

As you’d expect from a castle so palace-like, there are also stunning courtyards and English-inspired country gardens that make up part of the luxurious estate. 

Castles Czech Republic

9. Trosky Castle

Wow. Trosky Castle will take your breath away; it is the clear winner for ‘the most unique setting’ of all the Czech castles. The two towers of the castle are perched on the peaks of two volcanic plugs that can be seen for miles across the landscapes of Cesky Raj. Connecting stairs join the towers to the main part of the castle below, so prepare to climb a few stairs on your trip to Trosky Castle!

Because of its unusual position, it’s one of the traveler’s must-see sights in the Czech Republic, and it’s very popular for adventurers who want to bike or hike up the hills and rocks to visit the castle. 

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