Hluboka Castle: A Complete Visitors Guide (Czech Republic) Hluboka Castle: A Complete Visitors Guide (Czech Republic)

Hluboka Castle: A Complete Visitors Guide (Czech Republic)

Hluboka Castle: in the heart of the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic is a stunning white-yellow castle. The country is home to the most castles in the world, and Hbluboka Castle is described as ‘the most beautiful’ of them all. Inspired by Windsor Castle in England, with its impressive white facade and many towers, Hluboka Castle is a must-see on any Czech Republic trip! Here’s all you need to know about visiting Hluboka Castle.

Visiting Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic

Originally built in the Gothic style in the 13th century, Hluboka Castle has been through many reconstructions over the years. Its final makeover was at the hands of the Schwarzenberg family, the final owners of the castle.

The Schwarzenbergs attended Queen Victoria of England’s coronation, where Windsor Castle’s look hugely inspired them. On their return, they were determined to turn Hluboka Castle into an imitation of the Queen’s residence, making it unique in the Czech Republic. The castle is now a National Monument of the country.

Hluboka Castle Czech Republic

Hluboka Castle Gardens & Grounds

In typical Czech Republic style, the chateau sits on top of a hill, overlooking the mammoth River Vltava and the South Bohemia region’s green countryside. The outside of the castle is breathtaking in itself, with its many turrets, surrounded by stunning rose gardens, courtyards, terraces, and pristine gardens.

The grounds extend into an English-style country park that the Schwarzenberg family would have hunted in. Best of all, visiting the grounds of the castle is totally free! 

guide Hluboka Castle Czech Republic

Hluboka Castle Tours

The interior of the castle is equally as impressive as the grounds. Taking inspiration, again, from the English castles, the interior is full of ornate woodwork paneling, sweeping staircases, impressive collections of art, tapestries, and furniture.

To visit the interior of the castle, it’s necessary to take part in one of the ticketed tours. Because the castle is so large (140 rooms + 11 towers!), there are several tours to choose from.

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Hluboka Castle: A Complete Visitors Guide (Czech Republic)

Tour A – Representation Rooms

This is the main tour on offer throughout the year. The guided tour takes visitors through some of the most beautiful rooms in the castle, such as the smoking room, dining room, and library. It also gives visitors the opportunity to see many of the family paintings of the Schwarzenbergs. The tour takes about 1 hour.

Tour B – Private Rooms

Tour B is available at more popular times of the year (i.e., the summer holidays). The guided tour focuses more on the final years of Schwarzenberg’s time in the castle and their love of hunting. Visit the hunting dining room, bedroom, and servant room, and more. The tour takes just under 1 hour.

Hluboka Tour C – Chateau Kitchen

This is a unique opportunity to see the huge castle kitchen that spans the entire length of the castle’s basement. The tour explains how a kitchen from this period would function and a little bit about the cuisine of the time, with the original facilities and equipment on show. The tour is slightly shorter than the others – approximately 30 minutes. 

Hluboka Castle Czech Republic things to do

Ticket Price

The park around Hluboka Castle is free to visit. Many guided tours take place throughout the day; however, most are in Czech. If you want to book an English tour, make sure to check the times and dates available well in advance. If they don’t have an English tour on the day you visit, you are still able to take part in the Czech tour, as they will provide a brochure for you to read in English as you go along. 

  • Representation Rooms: 320 CZK (approx $15 USD) for a foreign language tour (i.e., in English)
  • Private Rooms: 230 CZK (approx $11 USD) foreign language tour 
  • Chateau Kitchen: 150 CZK (approx $7 USD) foreign language tour

Opening Hours

Opening hours depend on the season: 

  • High Season (May, June, July, August): 9 AM – 5.30 PM
  • Mid Season: (April, September, October): 9 AM – 4.30 PM
  • Low Season: (November, December, January, February, March): 10 AM – 4 PM

The castle is closed every Monday, except in July and August, when it is open every day. For more information about when the tours take place, click here.

How to Get to Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic

The charming medieval city of Cesky Krumlov is only a 35-minute drive by car. If you’re visiting from Prague, the drive is 1.5 hours.

Once you arrive in the town of Hluboka nad Vltavou, you’ll find the main car park next to the penny market. From here, it is a 10-minute walk uphill to the castle. There is also a small tourist train operating in high season that you can jump on right by the car park. (3 EUR return ticket)

If you’re not driving, all public transport goes into the nearby town of Ceske Budejovice. From here, you have to take a taxi for the last 10 minutes of the journey.

Best Time to Visit Hluboka Castle

Hluboka Castle is beautiful in all seasons of the year, whether you want to see the fall colors of the woodland surrounding the castle or the chance to see snow! To see the gardens and flowers at their best, visit in the spring or the summer.


Where to Stay

A short drive away is the stunning city of Cesky Krumlov. Situate yourself there to explore for a few days, and use it as a base to take a day trip to Hluboka Castle and the surrounding areas of the South Bohemia region.

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