12 Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days 12 Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days

12 Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days

Welcome to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and home to one of the largest castles in the world! Nicknamed ‘city of a hundred spires’, although, in reality, the skyline has thousands, typical of the city’s gothic architecture. There are so many things to do in Prague, that you can spend at least 3 days here discovering its history, wandering the charming cobblestone streets, eating delicious food, and admiring the fairytale architecture.

Day 1 – The Old and the New 

Spend your first day enjoying the beautiful contrasts of Prague. From the ancient old town, with its traditional atmosphere, to the modern and abstract ‘Dancing House’. Good to know: Everything on this day is within walking distance of each other!

1. Old Town (Stare Mesto)

The old town of Prague is the heart and soul of the city. Not least, because of its history and preservation, which have made it a world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site. Over a thousand years of history has been preserved here through religious buildings, monuments, and houses.

Prague City Trip Things to do Czech Republic

The main old town square is beautiful at all times of the year, but it’s particularly impressive in December. At this time, the square fills up with festive Christmas markets!

Astronomical Clock

Surprisingly, the top thing to do in the old town is to pay a visit to the unique astronomical clock. Every hour, on the hour, the clock chimes, and mechanical figures march out. The legend goes that the Prague councilors were so proud of this clock that they burnt the clockmaker’s eyes out to prevent another being created elsewhere. Despite this, there is now an exact replica in Seoul, South Korea!

prague things to do Astronomical Clock

2. Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

Unlike many other Jewish neighborhoods in Europe, the Jewish Quarter in Prague was not destroyed in the war. This is because Hitler aimed to eliminate the Jews and then later retire to Prague and make the district a museum.

Thankfully, Hitler failed, and the area is now a UNESCO-protected site. Not only because it was the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe but also because of the Jewish Museum that is located here. During the holocaust, when all Jewish residents were sent to concentration camps, their belongings were stored here.

prague Jewish Quarter

In the Jewish Quarter, visit the museum, the cemetery, the Jubilee, and the stunning Spanish synagogue with a Moorish interior!

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12 Things To Do in Prague in 3 Days

3. Tunnel of Books

Head to the municipal library, located in the Jewish Quarter, to see the vortex of books! This tunnel of never-ending books is an illusion created by artist Matej Kren.

Opening times: The library is open from 10 AM – 2 PM and 3 PM – 8 PM. Note that on Sunday, the library is closed.

4. River Vltava

London has the Thames, Paris the Seine, and Prague the River Vltava! It is the longest river in the country and also passes through the wonderful city of Cesky Krumlov. Join a boat tour or go kayaking on the river to have the best view of the city.

prague city trip guide

5. Dancing House

Arguably, the most eye-catching building is this weird, twisted building named the Dancing House, a collaboration between a Czech and Canadian architect. It symbolizes yin and yang; in this situation, the coming together of communism and democracy.

things to do prague Dancing House

Day 2 – Fairytale Castles & Palaces

Spend day 2 on the opposite side of the river, exploring the huge Prague Castle, its gardens, and the romantic Mala Strana district.

6. Mala Strana (The Little Quarter)

Mala Strana, a charming hilly district that sits on the river banks, is the must-visit neighborhood in Prague. Here, visitors can discover luxurious, brightly colored townhouses and elegant gardens as a result of its position beneath the castle.

Visit the stunning Waldstein Garden (free) and the Gardens below Prague Castle (~ 2 EUR) that offer a view over the city.

Gardens below Prague Castle

Additionally, the Lennon Wall is a wall covered in graffiti in honor of John Lennon and his pacifism. Now, it is home to political art and slogans that aim to spread love and peace.

7. Prague Castle

Delve into one of the world’s largest castles! Prague Castle made it into the Guinness World Book of Records for its size, and you can visit the following sites inside:

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace was built in 1135 and used by Czech Princesses, Kings, and Queens throughout the ages.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Vitus Cathedral is iconic to Prague, with its twin gothic spires, detailed carvings, and impressive gargoyles. The cathedral has influences of many different architectural styles as it took nearly 600 years to complete! 

St Vitus Cathedral prague czech republic

Golden Lane

North-east of the castle grounds is the medieval street ‘Golden Lane’, named this way because the brightly colored houses were lived in by goldsmiths.

prague things to do golden lane

Opening Times & Entrance Fees Prague Castle

The castle grounds are open from 6 AM to 10 PM every day and can be entered for free. However, to visit the monuments, a ticket is required. Skip lines and book your tickets online.

The monuments open at 9 am but arrive on time as there will be a queue at the ticket office. Visitors can choose from circuits A, B, or C, depending on the monuments they want to see. We did Circuit B (the most popular tour at the price of 250 CZK or 9.5 EUR), which includes St Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, George’s Basilica, and the Old Royal Palace. Book a tour and ticket online.

8. Charles Bridge

Right before sunset, cross over the famous Charles Bridge: a charming cobbled, pedestrians-only gateway from the old town across to Mala Strana and the castle. Built in 1357, the Charles Bridge features 30 statues that represent saints from Czech history. Nowadays, it is occupied by artists and musicians and is simply fantastic for a stroll.

things to do Prague czech republic

Close by the bridge is the narrowest street in Prague, measuring in at only 50cm wide! It even has its own traffic light to prevent people from walking into each other.

Day 3 – Outside Prague

The countryside around Prague is spectacular! Explore lakes, canyons, and castles with all the things to do on day 3.

9. Saturday Farmers Market

Start your day off right by visiting the Naplavka farmers market! The market is located here and is a great thing to do in Prague on a Saturday morning. Wander along the riverbanks, discovering all the stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as delicious bread, pastries, and coffee. Delicious! Note: Only on Saturdays.

prague farmers market bread

10. Karlstejn Castle

Just 40 minutes driving from Prague is the spectacular Karlstejn Castle, one of the most famous castles in the Czech Republic! The gothic castle sits nestled in the forest-covered hills above the charming village below.

Karlstjen Castle czech republic

How to get there: If you are doing the Czech road trip by car, then you can drive to the castle in 40 minutes from Prague. You can also reach the town by the castle in about an hour by train. Once in the village of Karlstejn, it is a 20-minute uphill walk to the castle.

11. Great Quarry America

From Karlstejn, definitely take a hike or ride to the great quarry of America. ‘Velka Amerika’ is its name in Czech; however, it is widely known as the Czech Grand Canyon. Walk amongst the countryside for 45 minutes from Karlstejn Castle before arriving at this incredible limestone canyon with an 18-meter deep lake at the base. 

czech republic Great Quarry America

12. A day trip to Cesky Krumlov

As an alternative, do a day trip to the medieval town Cesky Krumlov. The picturesque setting of Cesky Krumlov, with a huge ‘Disney style’ castle and horseshoe bend river, is what Cesky Krumlov is famous for.

Where to Stay in Prague

Prague offers accommodation for every kind of budget, with the best area being Prague 1. Alternatively, see all hotels in Prague. We stayed in the Mosaic Design Hotel, one of the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in!

How to Visit Prague

Prague is well-connected via the Václav Havel International Airport to many other destinations in Europe and beyond.

Find flights to Prague ✈️

There are also some great train connections to Prague from other European cities like Vienna, Budapest, and many more! (Find all train connections to Prague here). Alternatively, you can also rent a car and drive to the city yourself. This is a great option as it offers lots of flexibility in your pace and schedule when traveling through the Czech Republic.

Getting Around

Prague has a good, affordable transit network that spreads through the entire city. Take the metro, tram, or bus to anywhere in Prague. Tickets need to be purchased according to the length of your journey. A 30-minute ticket costs 24 CZK (0.90 EUR), and a 3-day ticket 310 CZK (11.50 EUR).

Alternatively, ride-sharing scooters like Lime are everywhere in Prague and are a fun way to see this city in a different way. Get your first ride unlocked for free here.

Best Cafes and Restaurants in Prague

  • Maitrea restaurace (incredible vegetarian food)
  • Da Antonio Dittrichova pizzeria (Best pizza in town)
  • Bistro Monk (cute lunch spot)
  • Crème de la Crème (Delicous Gelato)
  • Forky’s (Vegan fast food)
prague czech republic best restaurants
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