Brno, Czech Republic: 7 Best Things To Do Brno, Czech Republic: 7 Best Things To Do

Brno, Czech Republic: 7 Best Things To Do

Brno, Prague’s little brother, is the Czech Republic’s best-kept city secret. It’s much quieter than Prague, despite being the second-largest city in the country, and there is a fantastic local vibe. What’s more, its huge student population gives it a contemporary, vibrant, energetic feeling that is different from other more medieval cities in the Czech Republic. Visit in summer for fun pop-up wine bars and festivals, and visit in winter for legendary Christmas markets. Here are all the top things to do in Brno in 24 hours.

Things To Do in Brno

Brno is a city where you can easily spend days lazily strolling the beautiful streets, relaxing in the city squares, and exploring secret corners. However, the perfect sightseeing trip can be done in just 24 hours.

9 AM – Breakfast

Start your day right and eat a delicious breakfast at the atmospheric ‘Podnik Cafe Bar’! Delicious coffee is available, plus all of the classic breakfast favorites, from pancakes to avocado and eggs. Best of all, their breakfast menu is served until 2 PM, so if you’re a late riser, you won’t miss out.


10 AM – Cabbage Market (Zelny Trh)

A 2-minute walk from the breakfast spot is a beautiful square where the famous cabbage market takes place. Here, you’ll discover lots of local stalls selling local farm produce, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and even a vegan ice-cream truck called Božský Kopeček🤤.

Wander among the stalls, admiring the beautiful old architecture surrounding the square, and buy some fresh seasonal fruit as a snack for the day ahead. 

Note: The market is open every day except Sunday.

things to do brno czech republic cabbage market

11 AM – Spilberk Castle, Brno

From the Cabbage Market, start making your way uphill to the city’s infamous castle. The castle, despite its bright white walls, has a very dark history. Not only was it one of the harshest prisons during the 17th and 18th centuries, but it was also used by occupying nazis to hold political prisoners of war.

things to do brno czech republic Spilberk Castle

Getting there: The walk takes approximately 20 minutes and is pretty steep, so be prepared! Once there, an hour is enough to cover the grounds of the castle. Allow a little bit more time if you want to explore inside.

Entrance Fees and Opening Times
From October to March: 9 AM-5 PM, Monday to Sunday. From April to September, 9 AM-5 PM, Tuesday to Sunday 

Admission varies from 60 CZK to 120 CZK (2.60 – 5.20 USD), depending on which area of the castle you want to see. Full admission to see all parts of the castle (casemates, viewing tower, permanent exhibitions) is 320 CZK. (14.30 USD) 

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Brno, Czech Republic: 7 Best Things To Do

12 PM – Cathedral of St Peter and Paul

On your way down from the castle, head for the majestic spires of the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul. The Gothic cathedral isn’t hard to find simply because it dominates the Brno skyline from its position on top of Petrov Hill.

things to do brno Cathedral St Peter Paul

The church bells ring at 11 AM instead of 12 PM. The story goes that during the Brno siege (1645), the Swedish army said that unless they conquered the city by the time the noon bells rang, they would withdraw. The people of Brno, wanting to speed up their departure, rang the bells an hour earlier at 11 AM. This tradition has remained intact to honor the event. 

Visiting the interior of the cathedral is free but for the best views of the city, you’ll need to pay a small entrance fee to climb the 137 steps to the top of the tower. 

1 PM – Lunch

Head to the Soul Bistro for tasty food! And if you’re really hungry, try the fish and chips. The service is excellent, and there’s a great selection of dishes for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. 

2 PM – Freedom Square Brno

Freedom Square is the heart and soul of the old town of Brno. The mix of modern and old architecture, together with the cobbled streets, is what makes Brno very charming.

brno Freedom Square

First, check out the black granite astronomical clock, shaped like a bullet, that sits within the square. Every day at 11 AM, a marble is ejected for you to try and catch!

Additionally, the square is normally home to a variety of festivals during the year. When we were there in August, there was an amazing wine festival taking place!

brno czech republic

Old Town Hall 

Take a short 3-minute walk south of the square to visit the legendary Old Town Hall. The 13th-century building is the oldest building in Brno! Not only is the town hall home to many interesting stories and legends, but it also has a 63-meter tower that is worth climbing for incredible views over the city!

3 PM – St James Church Ossuary

Walk north from the Old Town Hall, and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll reach St James Church. Below the church is a beautifully displayed ossuary. It is the second-largest in Europe, after Paris, with 50,000 people buried here.

brno czech republic St James Church Ossuary

In times of plague and cholera, so many people were dying that every few years, they would have to move their bones to make way for new graves. The rooms where they kept the bones were called ossuaries. This one was accidentally discovered in 2001 during a land survey and has now been made into a visual display for visitors to the city. It’s well worth visiting!

4 PM – Villa Tugendhat in Brno

Finally, to finish off your day in Brno, head to the Villa Tugendhat. This site is one of the prototypes of modern architecture in Europe, built in the 1920s! Its sleek lines and minimalist design were created by the architect Mies Van Der Rohe for the owners of the villa, Fritz and Greta Tugendhat.

brno czech republic travel guide villa Tugendhat

Visiting the villa is so popular that tours are booked out weeks in advance. It’s worth booking at least 2-3 months before your trip.

How to get there: The villa is located about a 30-minute walk from the old town via the pretty Park Luzanky. However, there is also the option of taking tram number 9 from Freedom Square, which takes about 10 minutes. Get off at stop ‘Tomanova’ and walk from here.

things to do brno Villa Tugendhat

Best Cafes & Restaurants in Brno

  • Forky’s (best vegan food!)
  • Super Panda Circus (cool cocktail bar)
  • Podnik café bar (great breakfast spot)
  • Soul Bistro (try their lemonades)
  • SKØG Urban Hub (fantastic coffee and cakes)
brno best restaurant

Getting to Brno

Brno is served by its own airport, so it is possible to fly directly into the city from other European destinations. From Prague, it is a 2.5-hour drive or a 3-hour bus. (Click here to see all buses and trains from Prague to Brno).

Getting Around

All the city’s main sights are within walking distance of each other, so Brno is perfect to explore on foot. If you do need to buy tram tickets, you can do so at any of the yellow ticket machines placed throughout the city or at the local tobacco shops.

Alternatively, hop on a ride-sharing scooter like Lime. This is a fun and different way to see this city. Get your first ride unlocked for free here.

Where to Stay in Brno

There’s a variety of accommodations for all budgets in Brno. However, try to choose one in the old town, so you can be close to all the main sights.

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