Adršpach-Teplice Rocks: National Park Czech Republic Adršpach-Teplice Rocks: National Park Czech Republic

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks: National Park Czech Republic

The Adrspach-Teplice Rocks is a jaw-dropping national park with otherworldly rock formations that reach a height of 50 meters! Wooden walkways lead along a dense green forest, through narrow gorges with rocks covered in bright-yellow moss, along crystal-clear lakes and powerful waterfalls. Pass through the mystical stone gate in Adrspach and find out why this is one of the Czech Republic’s best-kept secrets.

The Trails at Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Guide yourself along the well-marked trails at Adrspach and pass the most incredible spots of the natural reserve. Around each corner lies a new, unique, and incredible perspective of the rock labyrinth.

The rocks at Adrspach-Teplice were once at the bottom of an ocean. Over the years, winds and rains eroded the rocks, giving it its distinctive shape. 

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Main trail loop

The main trail in Adrspach is a loop of 7 km. There are some steep stairs and declining parts on the trail, but nothing too intense. The hiking trail is fairly easy to follow, but it is recommended to wear good shoes as it is muddy and slippery. The trail takes approximately 3 hours, including the many stops for photos. 

Lake trail loop

When entering Adrspach, the first thing you’ll see is a stunning lake with clear waters. In the early morning, fog floats over the water, making it an extra magical sight. The walk around the lake is also the first trail to follow; this is a 1.5 km loop. However, we recommend following the whole 7-km trail to see a bit of everything. 

National Park Czech Republic

Lake boat ride

Halfway through the main loop is a second lake where you can take a boat ride or rent a rowboat to admire the rocks from a different angle. This detour will add an extra 2 km to your total trail in Adrspach, and the boat trip costs 50 CZK (2 USD).

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Adršpach-Teplice Rocks: National Park Czech Republic

Entrance Fee & Opening Times

Adrspach is a protected nature park with the local authorities keeping it clean. The entrance fee to Adrspach-Teplice Rock is 120 CZK (5 USD) in the high season and 80 CZK (3.5 USD) in the off-season. 

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There is only one entrance at the Adrspach-Teplice National Park, where you can collect a map at the tourist information center. However, if you follow the marked paths, you won’t need an additional map.

The Adrspach-Teplice National Park is open year-round, but due to weather conditions, opening times change per period.

April 1st – October 31st: 120 CZK – 08 AM till 6 PM
November 1st – March 31st: 80 CZK – 08 AM till 4 PM

Please note: Drones are strictly forbidden within the park! Plus, Adrspach has the largest breeding site of falcons in Europe, so they’ll grab your drone out of the sky anyway. :’) 

How to get to Adrspach

Adrspach-Teplice National Park lies in the north of the Czech Republic, just 10 minutes from southwest Poland’s borders. It’s possible to make a day trip from either Prague or Wroclaw (Poland) or, even better: spend the night at one of the hotels nearby

To visit the Adrspach Rocks from Prague, it’s best to book a tour or rent a car. It is a 2.5 – 3-hour drive from Prague city center. Once you arrive by car, please remember to pay for parking (150 CZK / 7 USD).

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Day trip from Wroclaw to Adrspach

There are plenty of tours to choose from that leave the neighboring cities of Wroclaw or Katowice, which include return transportation, a knowledgeable guide, and entrance into the park.

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Where to stay near Adrspach-Teplice

Around the Adrspach-Teplice Rocks are many hotels and guesthouses. Trutnov is a good place to base yourself as there are some good restaurants, and it lies just 10 kilometers away from the nature reserve. 

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  • Marg

    I really enjoyed your article on this amazing part of the world. You got some awesome photos, thank you for sharing.
    It seems a little confusing when I research the available hikes in the area- am I correct in thinking there are hikes from the Adrspach end and the Teplice Rocks end of the national park? I want to see both areas, but am unsure as to whether I should spend a couple of nights in Teplice nad Metuji or if it is better to bas myself in Trutnov? Is it feasible to do two hikes in one day or would you advise spacing them over two days, as I’m sure I will be stopping often for photo opportunities?

    • Salt in our Hair

      Thanks! We’ve only done one of the hikes but would definitely recommend adding in an extra day. Trutnov is a bit better to base as it’s much more lively and has more restaurant options. I hope that helps! Enjoy.

      • Marg

        Oh okay, thanks for that advice. Through my research I’ve discovered that the Adrspach hikes are meant to be more interesting than the Teplice Rocks one. May I ask what time of year you went please and which hike you actually did please? Thanks

      • Salt in our Hair

        Great! So we were there in August and we did the main hike of 7 km. Enjoy your time in CZ!

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