Explore Vietnam by Motorbike with Easy Riders Explore Vietnam by Motorbike with Easy Riders

Explore Vietnam by Motorbike with Easy Riders

Strap your big, way too heavy packed, backpack to the back of a motorbike and hop on. Easy Riders Vietnam will take you to the most beautiful places you would have missed otherwise.

What are Easy Riders Vietnam?

Easy Riders is a familiar concept in Vietnam. Actually, they are bad-ass looking, big hearted teddy bears on a motorbike. When traveling through Vietnam you will undoubtedly be confronted with an ‘Easy Riders Vietnam’ sign.

They will get you off the beaten track by traveling parts of Vietnam on the back of their motorbike or let you drive by yourself. Tell them your destination and they will plan a great route spread over a couple of days.
Easy Riders originally started in Da lat. Because of their popularity, there are a lot of Easy Rider copycats.

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Explore Vietnam by Motorbike with Easy Riders

Easy Riders from Da Lat

Your personalized tour totally depends on your preferences and final destination. They decide the stops on the route based on your interests.

Photo by Robyn Von Swank

You will visit a lot of locals, see lots of waving children, bump into a herd of cows, drive through the most beautiful landscapes and most of all learn things about Vietnam that you wouldn’t otherwise.

You will be taken to local restaurants to try traditional Vietnamese dishes during breakfast, lunch or diner.

We chose to do a 2 day Easy Riders tour from Da Lat to Mui Ne. We preferred of breathtaking views, and we got what we wished for

The highlights of what we did those 2 days.

  • The Elephant Waterfall
  • The Pongour Waterfall
  • Dutch flower farm
  • Cotton factory
  • Learned how to make tofu
  • Breakfast at a waterfall
  • Viewpoints
  • Dragon fruit farm
  • Rice farm
  • Weasel coffee farm (which wasn’t really animal-friendly… but the coffee was great)
  • Drum maker
  • A great BBQ with Locals
  • AND: Build a friendship with your driver.

Where to book an Easy Riders tour?

With all those copycats, where should you book your tour? Well, a copycat Easy Rider doesn’t have to be a bad tour in the first place. Some companies are better than others. It’s best to simply check the reviews on the company’s TripAdvisor page.

The original Easy Riders can be identified by the blue coats. Be sure to book your trip one or two days in advance. You could also visit the store in Da Lat or contact them online.

Be advised: On our route, we didn’t meet any copycat companies. Whatever company you choose, be sure they will pick the best highlights. Ask them which places you will go.

How to get to Dalat?

Dalat is easy to reach by plane. Domestic flights in Vietnam are usually not that expensive. Make sure to first head over to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi and fly from there to Dalat.

Find cheap flight tickets to Ho Chi Minh City

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What do Easy Riders cost?

It depends on the company, but trustworthy companies are always more expensive. That’s because the “copycats” stay under the prices of the trusted ones.

The original Easy Riders Vietnam will costs you $75 a day including an overnight stay. That’s 200% worth the price.

Travel Info

Best time to travel Vietnam: Dec – Feb
Currency: Dong
Daily budget: $40
Visa: Single or Multiple entry visa required

Where to stay in Da Lat

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