10 Best Things to Do on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam 10 Best Things to Do on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

10 Best Things to Do on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Phu Quoc: an ‘emerald island’ of white powder beaches, turquoise waters, palm tree forests, mountains, and waterfalls. This Vietnamese island is located close to the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, and half of the island is a stunning national park. Aside from its incredible nature, and paradise beaches, it is also home to bustling markets, and unique food products. Hop on a motorbike and get ready for an adventure, with all the top things to do in Phu Quoc.

Things to do in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

1. Sao Beach (Star Beach) in Phu Quoc

Experience the powdery white sand and clear, turquoise waters of Sao Beach! This is no doubt one of the best beaches in Phu Quoc, if not in the whole of Vietnam. The clear water makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling, as well as its stunning corals and many starfish.

Phu Quoc beach Vietnam

Out of the water, travelers can enjoy wandering along the sandy beach, exploring the palm tree forests and dense jungle that borders the bay. Enjoy a perfect lazy day here in absolute paradise! If you can, visit early in the morning when there are fewer tourists for a remote, desert island experience. Or visit in the evening to enjoy a romantic seafood dinner on the beach! Alternatively, join a tour exploring the south of the island that includes a visit to this stunning beach.

When to visit? The summer months are the best time to visit for calm waters that are perfect for snorkeling. From October- April, the winds pick up, creating great waves for kitesurfing!

Tip: Sao Beach is a 45-minute motorbike ride from Duong Dong (town), so make sure to take an extra water bottle.

2. Explore Phu Quoc by Motorbike

Exploring the island by motorbike is one of the top things to do in Phu Quoc! Not only is it the most beautiful way to see the island, but it’s also the easiest way. Hop from beach to beach, viewpoint to viewpoint, with the wind in your hair and a feeling of island freedom. 

Although there are a lot of undeveloped roads, you still can get around by using Google Maps.

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10 Best Things to Do on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Motorbike Rental

Most hotels will offer a motorbike rental service, which makes it nice and easy to jump straight out of bed and onto the road. Alternatively, it’s possible to rent a motorbike from a dedicated motorbike rental shop in town. An automatic motorbike should cost from $6 – $12 a day.

things to do siargao philippines motorbike

3. Visit Suoi Tranh Waterfall

Close to the Ham Ninh Mountains, within the forest, lies this beautiful waterfall. The waterfall may be small, but it’s surrounded by wonderful nature, and it’s a lovely place to cool off and swim. To reach the waterfall, head to the center of Phu Quoc island, near the airport. From here, it’s a small hike of around 20 minutes to get to the top of the waterfall. During the hike, you’ll pass through luscious greenery, flowers, and streams.

waterfall phu quoc

For the best experience, visit during the rainy season to ensure there is enough water, and ideally as early as possible in the morning, before the crowds arrive. If you can, try to combine the waterfalls with Sao Beach to save time and energy.

Also, visit Head to Duong Dong Lake, the island’s largest lake. The lake has many streams flowing off of it that give way to other waterfalls, such as Suoi Da Dau and Suoi Da Ngon.

4. Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Located near the Suoi Tranh waterfall is the charming fishing village of Ham Ninh. One of the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam. Enjoy watching this ancient way of living, taking a moment to appreciate the lifestyle of the locals that have lived and worked here for generations. Make sure to enjoy some freshly caught seafood- especially crab, which is the specialty here!

Phu Quoc Island Vietnam

5. Phu Quoc Cable Car

Fly through the sky on the island’s very own cable car! This 15-minute journey takes you high over the turquoise, emerald ocean, a few small islands, and the bright, dense greenery that covers Phu Quoc. The end destination is Pineapple Island (Hon Thom), where there is a nature reserve and a beautiful beach. The return journey is part of the original price. Alternatively, book a tour exploring the small islands that includes the cable car tickets.

6. Visit the Night Market

The Duong Dong night market in Phu Quoc is the place to be when the sun has set. For dinner, choose from a selection of local foods at the market, including freshly caught seafood. Don’t forget to get a chop-chop ice cream afterward, and enjoy wandering through the many stalls, soaking up the lively atmosphere. It’s not the cheapest place to get dinner in Phu Quoc, but it’s definitely worth it!

Phu Quoc night market

Tip: Close to the night market is the colorful temple of Cao Dai. Check this beautiful temple out during the day to see all the marble, colors, and carvings lit up by the sun. There are also beautiful views out onto the ocean.

7. Hang out at Rory’s Beach Club

Rory’s beach club is one of the most popular beach clubs on Phu Quoc Island. Grab a cocktail, mocktail, or beer, and chill for a while here, taking in the relaxed beach vibe. It’s located north of Cay Sao Beach, on the east of the island. A fun thing to do while in Phu Quoc!

8. The Fish Sauce Factory or Pepper Farms

Phu Quoc is famous for its pepper and fish sauce production! Fish sauce (a commonly used ingredient in many Vietnamese dishes) is their number one export product and a huge source of income for the island. Check out Nuoc Mam Hung Thanh, a fish sauce distillery which is located near the market. Here you can see how fish sauce is made, which is a unique thing to do while in Phu Quoc.

Additionally, make a visit to a pepper farm, where you can learn how it is grown and produced. This is a lovely way to get out into the countryside of Phu Quoc, and some of the farms offer accommodation, or even the opportunity to volunteer!

9. Phu Quoc at Sunset

Look to the west for a spectacular sunset! Sit down on a beautiful stretch of white sand anywhere along the west coast and get ready for one of the best sunsets in Vietnam. This is a truly memorable experience and a wonderful thing to do in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc Island sunset

10. Island Hop on a Boat Tour

Plenty of island trips are offered in order to explore the coast of Phu Quoc and its surrounding islands. Tours normally include lunch and fruit, as well as the option to snorkel at various paradise islands. Explore the crystal clear waters of Turtle Island in the North or one of the many southern islands, such as fingernail island or May Rut Island. You may even have enough luck to see a green or hawksbill turtle!

How to Get to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc by Plane

The Phu Quoc airport is fairly new, opened in 2013. Tourism on the island has definitely had a boost because of this. Fly directly from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc within one hour. The price of a single plane ticket should cost from $40 – $80.

Find flights to Phu Quoc ✈️

Ferry to Phu Quoc

Take the SuperDong from Ha Tien. This should take 2 hours and 15 minutes. This will cost 230,000 Dong each way, making it approximately $20 USD for a return journey.

Where to Stay

Phu Quoc is one of the few islands that Vietnam has. It’s not new to tourists, so it is popular, but it’s luckily still not developed enough to be crowded. There’s a variety of accommodations on the island, from budget guesthouses and homestays to luxury hotels. 

Best Time to Visit Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has wet and dry seasons. From November till March, dry season temperatures will go from 25–28°C. This is the best time to visit Phu Quoc. Hotels can get full quickly, so try to plan ahead.


From April to June and during October, conditions are good, but temperatures can reach 35°C in April/May when humidity is high. If you like your holidays very quiet and don’t mind the heavy rain, then the monsoon from July to September is a perfect time to come to avoid the crowds.

Dingen om te doen Phu Quoc Eiland Vietnam

Malaria Advice

Mosquitoes: they’re more annoying than anything, and if you’re bitten, there is only a low risk of acquiring Malaria. On Phu Quoc island, they mainly only come out in the early evening and morning, so you don’t need to use repellent during the day. Also, watch out for the tons of insects in the air when riding a bike between 5 and 7 pm. This is a good time to put on repellent!

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