11 x Best Cafes to work in Canggu 11 x Best Cafes to work in Canggu

11 x Best Cafes to work in Canggu

Canggu in Bali is one of the top locations worldwide to work as a digital nomad. Affordable accommodation, every kind of food, and some of the best cafes to work. After living in Canggu for over four months, we found it time to write down our favorite working spots rated by WiFi speed, coffee, seat options, and much more. This is the list of best cafes to work in Canggu.

Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe in Batu Bolong is for those who love the quiet cooler mornings. Breakfast at Crate Cafe starts at 6 AM, spend the first two hours of the day on your laptop at this spacious cafe to work in Canggu. Crate Cafe has some of the best breakfast deals!

  • WiFi speed download: 3MB / Upload: 1MB
  • Coffee: Good
  • Lunch: Very good
  • Power plugs: Almost none
  • Seats: Enough seats, not so ergonomic
  • Airconditioning: No

Plant Cartel

A bit hidden and not so obvious cafe to work in Canggu but the Plant Cartel near Old Mens Beach checks most of the requirements. It isn’t really a cafe, Plant Cartel is vegan fast food and has superb wifi and seats upstairs.

  • WiFi speed download: 34MB / Upload: 21MB
  • Coffee: No coffee!
  • Lunch: It depends if you like fast food.
  • Power plugs: Loads!
  • Seats: Fantastic seats upstairs
  • Airconditioning: No


Our absolute favorite cafe to start our work is by having breakfast and delicious coffee at Coffee&Oven.

  • WiFi speed download: 10MB / Upload: 12MB
  • Coffee: Great coffee
  • Lunch: Superb
  • Power plugs: Enough
  • Seats: Good
  • Airconditioning: No

I Am Vegan Babe

For a steady up and download speed, head over to I Am Vegan Babe. A vegan place with one of the best long black coffees we had. The only downside, there are no AC’s upstairs.

  • WiFi speed download: 30MB / Upload: 30MB
  • Coffee: Great long black!
  • Lunch: Yummy vegan food
  • Power plugs: Loads!
  • Seats: Good seats
  • Airconditioning: No

Cinta Cafe

Cinta is not really equipped to be a cafe to work in Canggu. However, they serve delicious lunch and dinner, fantastic coffee, a view over the rice fields and have great internet speed.

  • WiFi speed download: 50MB / Upload: 43MB
  • Coffee: Fantastic coffee
  • Lunch: One of the best
  • Power plugs: Good, they provide extension cords
  • Seats: Ok seats
  • Airconditioning: No

Matra Co-Working – Best cafe to work in Canggu

On top of the Matra Co-Working building is a cafe with great seats and a lot of power plugs. They offer two air-conditioned rooms with comfy desk chairs.

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11 x Best Cafes to work in Canggu

The coffee and food were unfortunately not as good, however, this was our overall favorite cafe to work in Canggu.

  • WiFi speed download: 20MB / Upload: 20MB
  • Coffee: Not so good
  • Lunch: Ok lunch
  • Power plugs: Unlimited!
  • Seats: Best seats in town
  • Airconditioning: Partly

Peleton Supershop

Peleton Supershop is a famous vegan place in Canggu. It offers loads of seats in an airconditioned room.

  • WiFi speed download: 18MB / Upload: 14MB
  • Coffee: Good coffee
  • Lunch: Good food (vegan only)
  • Power plugs: Few plugs
  • Seats: Good seats
  • Airconditioning: Yes, downstairs.


To be sure you have a seat, you should go to DuaTiga in Berewa. Their open-air top floor offers many seats including power plugs.

  • WiFi speed download: 6MB / Upload: 3.5MB
  • Coffee: Good coffee
  • Lunch: Yummy food
  • Power plugs: Loads of plugs
  • Seats: Loads of good seats
  • Airconditioning: Only a smaller area downstairs

Sunny Cafe

Step into a living room at Sunny Cafe in Berewa. Sunny Cafe is a great cafe to have lunch and get work done at the same time. The entire place is airconditioned.

  • WiFi speed download: 11MB / Upload: 11MB
  • Coffee: Good coffee
  • Lunch: Great food
  • Power plugs: Few plugs
  • Seats: Good seats
  • Airconditioning: Yes

Lupe – Best Wifi Cafe to work in Canggu

Lupe is a relatively small buffet-style cafe in Berewa. Breakfasts are good but you really have to be there at lunch or dinner time for there daily themed buffet. They offer some good seats but all outside which means; No AC.

  • WiFi speed download: 70MB / Upload: 70MB
  • Coffee: Ok coffee
  • Lunch: Great food
  • Power plugs: Few plugs
  • Seats: Few seats
  • Airconditioning: No

Ruko Cafe

Small, one of the best internet speeds in the area. Ruko Cafe has incredible food, good coffee and good seats to spend a few hours on your computer to work in Canggu.

  • WiFi speed download: 50MB / Upload: 41MB
  • Coffee: Good coffee
  • Lunch: Fantastic food
  • Power plugs: Few plugs
  • Seats: Good seats
  • Airconditioning: Yes
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