9 Best Cafes to work as Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai 9 Best Cafes to work as Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai

9 Best Cafes to work as Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of the best places in the world to live a life as a digital nomad. Cheap accommodation, amazing Thai food, relatively cheap western food, incredible WiFi speeds, and a wide range of cafes to work in Chiang Mai. The one has amazing coffee, the other better WiFi. There are so many that we made a list of the 9 best cafes to work in Chiang Mai.

Finding a cafe to work

Whether you like a cafe or not is based on personal preferences. Maybe you prefer a big couch and don’t give about the coffee at all. Or you need the fastest upload and the best coffee. We wrote down all the details per cafe so you can choose your own favorite.

Secret Cafe in Town

The absolute number one place to be is ‘My Secret Cafe in Town’. This small cafe is hidden in a little side road from one of the main streets in Chiang Mai old town. It has two super comfy couches and other working tables, great smoothies, coffee, a-ma-zing food, and free water.

  • WiFi speed download: 13.5MB / Upload: 1.3MB
  • Coffee: Great
  • Lunch: Outstanding
  • Power plugs: Enough
  • Seats: Great

Best download/upload: 1989 Cozy Cafe

Looking for the best upload or download speed in Chiang Mai? Then 1989 Cozy Cafe is the place to go! They are the new kid in town.

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9 Best Cafes to work as Digital Nomad in Chiang Mai

It’s tiny and has ok seats to upload for an hour or two. Located in the Santitham neighborhood.

  • WiFi speed download: 157MB / Upload: 97.7MB
  • Coffee: Mweh
  • Lunch: No
  • Power plugs: A few!
  • Seats: Ok

Rustic & Blue

Looking for some amazing coffee and an inspiring vibe? Head over to Rustic & Blue. WiFi is not great but you can get the basic things done. Oh and, the food in here is way too good to just visit them once ;-)

  • WiFi speed download: 4.1 MB / Upload: 2.8MB
  • Coffee: Amazing
  • Lunch: The very best!
  • Power plugs: Not many
  • Seats: Great

Aka Ama Coffee

Aka Ama Coffee owns two places where they offer a great selection of coffee. One is in the middle of old town near ‘It’s good Kitchen’ and the other one in the Santitham area. The last one is quieter and easier to sit down to get the job done.

  • WiFi speed download: 17.6MB / Upload: 3.6MB
  • Coffee: Good
  • Lunch: Not available
  • Power plugs: No
  • Seats: Ok


AIS, one of the big telecom providers in Thailand created the ultimate workspace on top the top floor of the Maya shopping mall. If you get a coffee or something to eat you receive a WiFi code valid for two hours. The downside, WiFi is slow when there are a lot of people.

  • WiFi speed download: 4.5 MB / Upload: 1MB
  • Coffee: Ok
  • Lunch: Yes, but not great.
  • Power plugs: Too many!
  • Seats: Very good

Ombra Cafe

Ombra Cafe is one of the hidden gems of cafes to work in Chiang Mai. It’s hidden between Nimman and Santitham. The atmosphere is very relaxed, not too busy and they have the best seat selection in town. :) Oh and don’t forget the super fast WiFi!

  • WiFi speed download: 62.9 MB / Upload: 20.7 MB
  • Coffee: Amazing
  • Lunch: The very best!
  • Power plugs: Enough
  • Seats: Amazing

Artisan Cafe

Artisan Cafe is located on the other side of Chiang Mai. The place is very hipster looking, beautiful interior and a good selection of coffees. Great place to work in your afternoon!

  • WiFi speed download: 33.1 MB / Upload: 3.1 MB
  • Coffee: Amazing
  • Lunch: Not sure …
  • Power plugs: Enough
  • Seats: Very good

Ab Petite

Are you looking for a place without 10 other digital nomads? Ab Petite Cafe is hidden in the Santitham area and is unknown as a working space.

  • WiFi speed download: 10.5 MB / Upload: 11.3 MB
  • Coffee: Mweh ..
  • Lunch: It’s ok
  • Power plugs: Enough
  • Seats: Good

Dolcetto Nimman

In Nimman, there’s a little cafe on the side of the main road that offers good coffee and a steady strong WiFi! They have some small snacks but we couldn’t find any lunch options.

  • WiFi speed download: 37 MB / Upload: 31.7MB
  • Coffee: Good
  • Lunch: No
  • Power plugs: Many
  • Seats: Ok

Staying in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has many options to stay. The best areas are Nimman or Old Town.

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