Alhambra Palace: The Gem of Granada, Spain Alhambra Palace: The Gem of Granada, Spain

Alhambra Palace: The Gem of Granada, Spain

There is nowhere in the world quite like Alhambra. This magical Moorish palace sits high on the mountainside overlooking the ancient city of Granada, Spain. Discover the uniquely Islamic architecture of the multiple palaces and beautiful gardens, home to some of the most intricate tilework and carvings ever seen. Find out all you need to know about Alhambra Palace, purchasing Alhambra tickets, and how to get there in this travel guide.

History of Alhambra

The Royal Alhambra Palace was built in the 1200s by a Muslim king named Muhammed Al-Ahmar. He was the founder of the Nasrid Dynasty (the last Muslim dynasty in the Iberian peninsula), and he ruled over the region of Granada for many years.

alhambra palace granada garden

However, during the Reconquista (1492 in Granada), the Christians took back Spain from the Moors. The Alhambra Palace was also recaptured during this time and, since then, has been ruled only by Christian kings. Despite this, the architecture of Alhambra has remained predominantly Islamic, making both the interior and exterior exceptional to look at. 

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alhambra palace granada

Because of its fascinating story, it’s no surprise that Alhambra is one of Spain’s most visited historical sites! In fact, its history and beauty are so extensive that it’s been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site, drawing visitors from all over the world. 

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Alhambra Palace: The Gem of Granada, Spain

We recommend visiting close to sunset when you can wander among the grounds and watch the beautiful red stone change color.

Did you know? The name Alhambra comes from Arabic origins meaning ‘red’.

Visiting Alhambra

The Palace of Alhambra is mammoth! The palaces and the grounds sit within a large area, so it takes a fairly long time to walk between the sites. For this reason, it’s recommended to allow 3-4 hours to visit the Royal Alhambra, Granada. During this time, you’ll get to see several different areas:

Nasrid Palaces

The Nasrid Palaces were the primary homes of the Moorish kings. Here you’ll discover typical Muslim architecture with beautiful baths, tilework, and extraordinary Moorish courtyards with stunning fountains.

alhambra palace spain

Every detail is breathtaking: the stonework carved into the most beautiful patterns and even the heavy wooden towers carved with beautiful Islamic-style details. It’s hard to believe you’re in Spain and not in a Moroccan palace!

 alhambra palace granada spain

Tip: You will be given a specific timeslot on your Alhambra tickets to visit the Nasrid Palaces. The security guards will only let in a specific amount of people each hour, so if you miss your slot, you won’t be able to visit again. 

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alhambra granada spain Nasrid Palaces

Charles V Palace

Next to the Nasrid Palaces, you’ll find the palace of Charles V, which is a complete contrast. This palace is from the Christian time of the Royal Alhambra, so you can see the stark differences between the architectural styles. This palace was built in the newer Renaissance style, a far cry from Islamic architecture. However, it’s still extraordinarily beautiful with its expansive circular courtyard, massive columns, and circular ceiling opening where you can see the fantastic blue Granada sky. 

Charles V Palace alhambra granada spain

The Alcazaba

The oldest part of Alhambra Castle is the military fortress of Alcazaba. It looks out over the city, so it’s easy to see why this building was chosen as the best location for defense. There is also a tower here, which you can climb for incredible views over the city of Granada and the valley below. 

Alcazaba alhambra granada spain


Generalife houses the incredible gardens of Alhambra, with its lovely walkways, fountains, beautiful hedgerows, and giant ancient trees. In the spring/summer, the gardens really come to life when the flowers and rose gardens burst into bloom.

Generalife alhambra granada spain

There’s something very romantic about walking through these gardens, under rose arches and tunnels of jasmine and creeping flowers—it almost feels like you could be in the Secret Garden!

Tip: The Generalife is also home to a small palace, which was the summer palace for the kings when they wanted to escape the politics of the principal residences and courts. 

things to do granada alhambra palace gardens

Alhambra Tickets

When buying your Alhambra tickets, remember that tickets allow for a 4-hour window of visiting time. During this time, you can wander among the different areas as you wish. The only exception is for the Nasrid Palaces, for which you have a specific 1-hour slot (you choose this slot when making your reservation online).

If you miss your slot time, you’ll sadly lose your entrance to the palaces. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the Royal Alhambra Palace, so make sure to keep an eye on the time. 

alhambra granada things to do spain

Ticket Price

Tickets cost 14 EUR (15 USD) for a self-guided tour and must be pre-booked online before arrival. As Alhambra is the most visited site in Spain, it’s best to book well in advance to avoid disappointment (Alhambra tickets are available up to 90 days before). An audio guide is included in the price, so you can learn about Alhambra as you go. 

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Alternatively, join a tour if you want insider knowledge about Alhambra Palace. This is also an easy way to buy your tickets and skip the line. However, be aware that the big group tours do move through the complex quite fast. For a more unique, intimate experience, we recommend a private tour.

Alhambra Opening Times

Alhambra is open every day apart from Christmas and the first of January.

April 01 – October 14 

Opening times through the spring/summer are 8.30 AM – 8 PM. Alhambra closes at 8 PM, so make sure to enter at least a few hours before. 

During these months, it’s also possible to do a night tour from Tuesday to Saturday.

October 15 – March 31

Opening times in the winter months are 8.30 AM – 6 PM. During this period, evening visits are limited to Friday and Saturday only.

alhambra granada door

Tips for Visiting Alhambra

Visiting Alhambra is a must on any Andalusia road trip and the top thing to do in Granada! Here are some top tips for your visit:

  • Bring ID (you’ll need to show this on entry to Alhambra castle).
  • Visit in the afternoon. Most people choose the morning to avoid the heat, but this means you’ll also be sharing the complex with large tour groups. The late afternoons are much quieter. 
  • Choose early evening for better light. The harsh light of midday can make taking photos of Alhambra a little harder. 
  • Visit outside of high season (summer) for fewer crowds. However, be aware that the gardens are at their most luscious during the spring/summer. 
  • Allow for 3-4 hours to see everything in Alhambra Palace.
  • Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, especially in the high temperatures of the summer. Water is drinkable in Granada, so we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle to travel plastic free
  • Wear good shoes. The Alhambra Royal Palace is massive, so wear suitable footwear for walking around. 
  • Drones are prohibited in Alhambra. Additionally, in some areas, so are tripods and selfie sticks. See the best cameras for travel.
  • Don’t bring big backpacks or suitcases; you’ll be asked to leave them in a locker by the entrance. 

How to Get to Alhambra

Getting to Alhambra is really easy. You can take bus C30/32 from the city for 1.40 EUR (1.42 USD). It’s a 10-minute ride from the center. 

Alternatively, you can walk to the palace if you prefer. However, be aware that it’s a 30-minute uphill walk, so bring plenty of water. 

Getting to Granada

Granada has a small airport that serves major cities in Spain, like Barcelona and Madrid. There are also some flights from major cities, like London, but these are very infrequent and often seasonal. For this reason, it’s best to fly to the international airport of Malaga

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To get from Malaga Airport to Granada, hire a car and follow an Andalusia road trip itinerary

Alternatively, you can take a direct train from Malaga city center to Granada. It takes around 1.5 hours and can cost between 15 – 20 EUR (15.30 – 20.35 USD).

granada spain things to do

Where to Stay in Granada

Albaicín is the best neighborhood to stay in if you want views of the Alhambra. This beautiful old part of the city is on a higher level than the city center and has many viewpoints where you can look out onto the palace. As it’s a local area, most accommodations here are self-catering apartments. 

things to do granada spain Albaicín Neighborhood

Alternatively, you can situate yourself in the old town, where you’ll find some beautiful boutique hotels by the cathedral.

If you want something more modern with a pool, consider looking further out of town, where the more prominent hotels are situated. 

Best Time to Visit Alhambra

Granada is exceptionally hot in the summer, and temperatures can reach upwards of 35°C (95°F). This can make walking around and seeing Alhambra a little bit more difficult. It’s also the busiest time, with many tour groups visiting Alhambra.


Spring or fall is the perfect time to visit as temperatures are lower and the days are still sunny and bright. Plus, in late spring/early summer, the gardens will be in full bloom.

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