20 Best Things to do in Mallorca, Spain 20 Best Things to do in Mallorca, Spain

20 Best Things to do in Mallorca, Spain

Discover the beauty of Mallorca, a Mediterranean island off the coast of mainland Spain (near Ibiza), home to plunging cliffs, turquoise coves, charming hilltop villages, and Moorish cities. Whether you’re looking to spend your days relaxing on the sparkling shores or prefer thrilling speed boat rides and mountain road trips, the wild and rugged beauty of the island will surprise you at every turn. Find out all the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain, with this complete guide!

Things to do in Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is the largest island in Spain, famed for its dramatic landscapes, spectacular beaches, and magnificent architecture. It attracts a blend of famous actors, artists, professional cyclists, and tourists — all hoping to be inspired by its unique terrain. Discover it all with the best things to do in Mallorca! 

hotel ca'l Bibs things to do in mallorca
Hotel Ca’l Bisbe

1. Valldemossa Village

Nestled deep in the foothills of the Tramunta Mountains, discover the picture-perfect village of Valldemossa. As you start your ascent up into the mountains, watch as the green shutters, stone cottages, and church spires appear between the misty orange groves. It’s absolutely spectacular! 

Viewpoint Valldemossa Village things to do in mallorca Spain

Although there are not necessarily many ‘activities’ in Valldemossa, the real beauty is simply wandering around and discovering charming buildings and viewpoints at every turn. This one was our favorite

Did you know? A famous hike starts from Valldemossa and goes through the mountains to the village of Deia. It’s a moderately challenging hike that takes about 5 hours and crosses over the summit of Puig Gros.

old town valldemossa woman cat mallorca Spain

2. Jardins d’Alfàbia

Explore the beautiful botanical gardens, Jardins d’Alfabia, on the outskirts of Soller. Although the gardens have a typical Mallorcan feel, they also offer a glimpse into other architectural eras, including Baroque, Gothic, Arabic, and English. On the ceilings of the old buildings, you can even see Arabic coats of arms belonging to the families that once lived here! 

Jardins D'Alfàbia things to do in mallorca Spain

The gardens are especially breathtaking, home to princess-like flower displays, fountains, water lilies, and tree-lined avenues. It’s no surprise that Jardin d’Alfabia has been frequented by many important royals, including Queen Elizabeth II of England.

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20 Best Things to do in Mallorca, Spain

Tickets and Entry Fee: You can buy tickets online (9 EUR). Opening times are 9.30 AM – 6.30 PM from 15 February – 31 October (check seasonal opening times in advance).

interior Jardins d'alfàbia things to do in mallorca Spain

Getting there: Jardins d’Alfabia is located in Bunyol, just before the tunnel, on the way to Soller. Please note that there is limited parking, so arriving early is a good idea. If you’re already in Soller, you can also reach the gardens by the old vintage tram. 

Balcony Jardins D'alfàbia Mallorca Spain

3. Take the Train + Tram from Palma to Soller

One of the most spectacular things to do in Mallorca is to visit the beautiful northern town of Soller. And what makes it even better is the route to get there! Jump on a 100+-year-old train comprising wooden carriages and leather seats and weave through the Tramunta mountains.

cathedral tram roller things to do in mallorca Spain

While you travel, you’ll pass by orange and olive groves, traditional Mallorcan villages, and mountain tunnels. You can also open the windows in the carriages to take photos of the dreamy scenery as you travel!

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Note: The vintage train leaves from Palma and takes 1 hour (27 km journey) to reach Soller. 

Take the Tram to Puerto de Soller

Soller is divided into two parts: Soller town, which sits inland in the shadow of the mountains, and the Port, which is a 15-minute tram ride away. The town is definitely one of the most developed in the northwest of Mallorca, home to charming village streets, pretty plazas, and some great restaurants.

Tip: For traditional Italian food, check out Ca’n Llimona. Make sure to book a table in advance! On Saturdays, you can also visit Soller’s weekly market to buy some delicious local produce.

tram interior Mallorca Spain Soller

Once you’ve explored Soller, hop on the next stage of your journey: a famous vintage tram ride to the port! Traverse along the horseshoe bay to the marina, where you can admire the quaint fishing boats and luxury yachts. You can also go for a dip at the sandy swimming beach, which is the furthest side from the marina.

Soller Marina things to do in mallorca Spain
Tram Tickets

The tram from Soller to the Puerto is marketed as one of the most beautiful journeys in Mallorca. Although we didn’t find the trip that scenic, it’s a nice thing to do if you have the time and budget (8 EUR/one way/15 minutes). 

Did you know? Puerto de Soller is also the departing location for most boat trips to Sa Calobra, the famous wild cove of the north. 

Port beach sunset Soller things to do in mallorca

4. Deia (Top Thing to do in Mallorca, Spain)

Discover the romantic artist’s village of Deia, sandwiched between the plunging cliffs of northwestern Mallorca and the majestic peaks of the Tramunta Mountains. Once famous as a hippy town frequented by musicians, poets, and artists, Deia has maintained its name among the rich and famous, now home to luxury hotels and fine-dining restaurants. Despite this, it still has its old-world charm, with quiet stone-stepped streets that weave amongst cypress trees and traditional houses.

restaurant outdoor deja village mallorca

Grab an Ensaimada (a Mallorcan sweet pastry) from the local bakery and wander to the cemetery for fantastic views over the village and rocky coastline below. Better still, walk down to the Cala through the olive terraces. You can then spend a few hours snorkeling in the crystal-clear turquoise waters or enjoying a fresh seafood lunch at Ca’s Petro March.

Mountain deia things to do in mallorca Spain

If you’re renting a car on your Mallorca itinerary, stop at the viewpoints on the coastal road between Valdemossa and Deia. One of our favorites was Mirador de sa Foradada, which also has a clifftop bar with incredible sea views.

Mirador de Sa Foradada things to do in mallorca

5. Cala Pi

After descending some clifftop stairs, emerge in this little slice of paradise: the sandy, unspoiled beach of Cala Pi! This cute bay, sandwiched between two cliffs covered in green pine trees, is home to some of the island’s most turquoise water. It’s also excellent for snorkeling, and you can even swim over to the traditional boat houses on the water’s edge.

Important Information: 

  • The beach is only accessible by steep stairs (nearly 150!), making the return walk challenging. 
  • Parking is more accessible here than at other beaches on the island; you can park along the road in the village, and it’s free! 
  • There are no facilities once you’re down at the beach, so bring drinks and a picnic if you’re coming for the day.
Calla Pi viewpoint things to do in mallorca

6. Palma de Mallorca, Spain

No trip to Mallorca would be complete without spending time in Palma, the capital. This incredible coastal city blends cosmopolitan buzz with the old-world charm of a traditional village. Upmarket boulevards and cobbled streets sandwich ancient palaces and churches, creating a real contrast. 

Almudania Palace interior patio things to do in mallorca Spain

Join a walking or bike tour of the Old Town to learn more about the city’s highlights, from the spherical castle of Bellver to the jaw-dropping beauty of the cathedral. At sites like Almudania Palace, you can also climb to the top for incredible views over Palma

facade Almudania Palace things to do in mallorca

Tip: If you’re in Palma for more than one day, we recommend joining a boat tour from the marina. This way, you can explore all the beautiful beaches on the south of the island. We booked a traditional Llaut boat tour, with plenty of time for snorkeling at hidden spots! 

boat tour palma things to do in mallorca

7. Snorkel at Cala s’Almonia

Cala s’Almonia has an incredibly rural and natural feel, which we loved! As you descend some steep steps down to the beach, you’ll see cute boathouses to your left and rocky cliffs and outcrops to your right.

boat house beach mallorca

There’s plenty of space along the rocks to sit and look out into the water, but make sure you bring some water shoes, as getting down into the water from the rocks can be a little tricky! 

Important Information: 

  • Free parking is nearby on the side of the road, but it gets full quickly.
  • If you can’t find a space, there is a bigger free parking lot 15 minutes away. Here is the exact location.
  • If you choose this option, remember the heat in the summer, as most of the route is not shaded. 
  • Part of s’Almonia’s charm is that it feels rural because there are no facilities. There is a lady who sells drinks down at the bottom of the steps. Otherwise, bring your snacks and refreshments for the day. 
drone view Cala s’Almonia mallorca

Cala del Moro is one of the top things to do in Mallorca, reachable by the same path as Cala s’Almonia. Once you reach the bottom of the steep steps, turn left towards the boathouses and keep going around the corner until you reach one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island! 

cala del moro things to do in mallorca

Alternatively, take the natural path along the cliffs that starts before Cala s’Almonia (exact location here). Although it’s a beautiful beach, please note there is not much space to lay your towel because it is covered by boulders (part of its charm!).

drone view Cala del moro things to do in mallorca

9. Santanyí Market (Unmissable Thing to do in Mallorca)

One of the best things to do in Mallorca is to visit the colorful Santanyi Market! The charming inland village hosts hundreds of vendors on its streets every Wednesday and Saturday (between 9.30AM & 2PM), selling uniquely different wares, such as fresh food, clothing, or handicrafts. It’s a colorful and vibrant experience!

Santanyi market church things to do in mallorca

Tip: Make sure to also visit the incredible interior shop Terra Origens, which is jam-packed with unique interior decoration, stoneware, and textiles.

Getting to Santanyi: It’s best to reach Santanyi by car (50 minutes) as the public bus takes a few hours. We also recommend arriving early to get a good parking space. 

bag shop hanging mallorca

10. Dine at Terragust (Vineyard Restaurant)

For a unique thing to do in Mallorca, book the Terragust vineyard dining experience. Located on a farm deep inland, visitors are invited to experience this wholesome setting, dining amongst the vines on local farm products. Enjoy four courses of delicious food, basking in the sun until the early evening. At this time, the vineyards take on a new romance as the sun goes down, with trees covered in fairy lights. 

vineyard restaurant things to do in mallorca

There are several different experiences to choose from:

  • Tasting Menu: Dining experience on one of the Terragust farms with four courses based on seasonal products.
  • Tour + Lunch: Tour of the farm with an additional collection of fruits and veggies to take home. (Enjoy a four-course tasting afterward).
  • Terragust Tasting: A covered restaurant located within a greenhouse offers breakfast and lunch.
cheese board restaurant mallorca spain

11. Pollença Village

Discover the charming Pollenca village in the northeast of Mallorca, home to cute stone houses surrounded by epic mountain peaks. Spend a few hours here getting lost in the streets, delving into the lovely boutique shops, and people-watching from broad plazas and romantic restaurants. There are also some incredible historical sights, from the Museu de Pollença to the Església Santa Maria de Pollença.

Pollença Village things to do in mallorca

We recommend stopping in Pollenca on your way to/or back from Cap de Formentor as a place to eat your dinner or shop for some traditional Mallorcan souvenirs. Some excellent restaurants are Portofino, a fantastic pizza restaurant in town, and Bellaverde Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant, located in Port de Pollenca, a little further from the main village. 

Polllença street mallorca

12. Cap de Formentor

Discover the stunningly beautiful Cap de Formentor, a piece of headland at Mallorca’s most northern point. On top of the plunging cliffs is the picturesque white lighthouse—the island’s crown jewel. 

Cap de Formentor lighthouse things to do in mallorca

The journey to Cap de Formentor is one of the greatest things to do in Mallorca and is just as beautiful as the viewpoint itself. On narrow roads, snake your way to the tip of the headland, passing through limestone rock tunnels and along sheer drops. Time your visit for sunset, when everyone gathers to see warm orange and red hues on the water.

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Tip: On the way up to Cap Formentor, there are various viewpoints where you can stop and drink in the incredible views (much quieter than the lighthouse itself). It really feels like ‘the end of the world’!

sunset viewpoint cap de fermentor things to do in mallorca

Getting to Cap Formentor

By Car: The drive from Palma to Cap Formentor takes 50-60 minutes. Although the lighthouse has free parking, it fills quickly, and there can be queues. Because of this, we recommend arriving as early as possible to secure your spot.

By Scooter: If you’re not driving, book your scooter or motorbike rental from Palma instead! 

By Bus: Take the public bus (route 334) from Pollenca to Cap Formentor. This is also a good idea if you want to save yourself parking issues at the top.

By Boat: Plenty of boat tours explore the hidden beaches and caves of Cap de Formentor. This is another great way to see the lighthouse from a different perspective.

car road cap de fermentor mallorca sunset

13. Relax at Cala Llombards

Cala Lombards is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Mallorca, and for good reason! Shallow turquoise waters and verdant pine trees sandwich the small, secluded, sandy cove. It is excellent for swimming and snorkeling, and the small rocky cliffs are also popular for cliff jumping. 

Facilities: You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and there is even a tiny beach bar for snacks or drinks. Additionally, parking is close to the beach. However, like many other areas on this stretch of coastline, you’ll need to get there early to get a spot! 

Please note that Cala Lombards is exceptionally busy in the summer. For a slightly quieter alternative, visit Cala s’Almonia instead.

14. Coves del Drach

Don’t miss out on one of the most extraordinary things to do in Mallorca: visit the Coves del Drach, a series of four huge underground caves extending to 25 meters below ground. Most impressive of all, Lake Martel, said to be the largest underground lake in the world, is among these caves! 

Drach Caves tour things to do in mallorca

Once underground, follow a 10-15-minute walking path through the well-lit caves, which showcase the most beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. You’ll also be invited to listen to an underground classical concert before crossing the great Lake Martel on small boats. The sounds of music, alongside the light show, really bring the cave world to life!

Note: Although a visit to Coves del Drach is not necessary, it’s well worth it if you have some extra time. Unfortunately, the caves are a bit too crowded, but we found the classical concert and boats incredibly impressive!

drach caves lagoon mallorca Spain

Tickets and Opening Times

  • Open year-round (apart from Christmas and New Year’s Day).
  • Various tours run throughout the day (more in the summer season) and last 1 hour. Check all tour times here.
  • Tickets cost 17 EUR, and you can reserve your place online. Please note: if you buy a ticket at the office, you might have to wait a long time for the next time slot. Because of this, we recommend that you join this skip-the-line tour.
  • There is a large restaurant on site if you need refreshments while you wait to go into the caves.
  • Plenty of parking is available, and it’s free!
  • Be aware that Coves del Drach is very busy; there can be hundreds of people waiting in line to enter.
drach caves boat things to do in mallorca

15. Mondrago Natural Park

Explore the stunning nature of Mondrago Natural Park, a stretch of coastline that feels a world away from the island’s busier resort beaches. Spend a day exploring the reserve’s walking and biking trails and relaxing on the soft white sand beaches. There’s also a wetland area where you can see some beautiful bird species. 

Mondrago Natural Park view boat

There are two beaches within the natural park: Cala Mondragó and its bigger brother S’Amarador, both connected by a nature trail. Both beaches have fine white sand, crystal clear blue water, and plenty of space for relaxation.

Beach Mondrago Natural Park things to do in mallorca

How to Visit Mondrago (Top Thing to do in Mallorca!)

Parking is available on the edge of Mondrago Natural Park (entry to the park is free, but parking is charged). Follow a beautiful trail along the cliffs, which have plenty of trees for shade in the hot summer months. 

hike Mondrago Natural Park things to do in mallorca

16. Nova Church (Son Servera)

This incredible and unusual Gothic church is well worth a visit if you have some spare time on your Mallorca itinerary. Unique, charming, and incredibly atmospheric, the Esglesia Nova (new church) was never finished due to economic problems, so it remains roofless.

Interior Son Servera sunset things to do in mallorca

This creates a beautiful open-air structure to explore. We wandered around for a while, just marveling at the uniqueness of the structure, only accompanied by a few cute cats for company! 

Tip: Nova Church is located in the village of Son Servera, close to the main piazza. It’s also not far from the Coves del Drach if you want to combine your visit. The church is open from 9 AM to 2 PM and closed on Saturdays (although we recommend always checking opening times beforehand). Entry is free!

Exterior arch sunset woman mallorca son servera

17. Visit Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is a must-see on your trip and a top thing to do in Mallorca! Unlike other beach towns, this one has maintained its fishing village character; you’ll see the fishermen returning to the harbor, pulling out their catch, and anchoring their boats in the docks. It feels like a glimpse into old-world island life! 

Come at sunset to explore the streets of the picturesque fishing village and stroll along the harbor while you peruse your options for dinner, many of which have terraces that look out onto the water.

boat marina Cala Figuera things to do in mallorca

18. Rent a Boat

One of the highlights of our trip to Mallorca was renting a private boat to explore the island’s spectacular beaches! Choose from the white sand beaches of the south, the high cliffs and coves of the north, or the golden bays of the east. The best part of renting a boat is that you can take the day at your own pace and also find secluded beaches with very few people. 

drone view rent a boat things to do in mallorca

We hired a traditional llaut boat and guide to explore the beautiful southern area of Es Trenc. This coastline is characterized by its white sand and shallow turquoise waters, perfect for seeing local marine life. Our guide was fantastic, taking us to some of the island’s most private spots (drinks and snorkels were also provided).

swimming rent a boat things to do in mallorca

Tip: We chose the afternoon tour, and the evening sky colors were incredible as we returned to the harbor! However, if you want more peace and pristine waters, choose the morning tour.

rent a boat sunset things to do in mallorca

19. Drive to Sa Calobra

Get your adrenaline pumping with one of the most incredible road trips of all time: the zig-zagging drive to Sa Calobra beach. Starting from Soller, ascend to the summit of Coll des Reis before plunging down the mountain, taking on nearly 30 hairpin bends! The first bend is the most exciting of all, named the ‘Nus de Sa Corbota’ meaning ‘knot of the tie’, as this section of the road actually loops back underneath itself. 

road to Sa Calobra mountain things to do in mallorca

The views as you snake down the mountain are breathtaking. They showcase the best of the Northwestern coastline and the Torrent de Pareis, the huge UNESCO gorge. Once you reach the bottom, walk through narrow tunnels to one of Mallorca’s most wild and rugged beaches.

sa calobra beach things to do in mallorca

Tip: If you don’t have a car, you can also reach Sa Calobra by boat. You can either book the regular ferry or join an organized boat tour to explore more hidden spots.

20. Hiking in Mallorca

Hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Mallorca! Travelers come from all over the world to make the most of the magnificent natural reserves, mountain trails, and coastal paths. From leisurely rambles along the cliffs to strenuous mountain climbs, here are some of the best hiking routes:

  • Cala Pi to Beltran (easy): 1-hour coastal route with incredible sea views.
  • Santuario de Lluc (moderate): This is a 1-2 hour route that passes by the sacred monastery. The cyclical route goes as follows: Santuario de Lluc > Camí vell de Pollença > Es Camell.
  • Valldemossa to Deia (challenging): 5-hour mountain route between the two villages.
  • Tossals Verds Loop Trail (challenging): 4.5-hour hike in the mountains near Soller.
Hiking to Mirador de Sa Foradada things to do in mallorca

Tip: Hiking in Mallorca is great all year round, although summer temperatures can be high. However, always check the weather the morning of your hike, as clouds can quickly cover the mountain peaks, making it harder to follow your route.

hiking in mallorca beach sunset

Our Favorite Hotels in Mallorca 

There are so many incredible accommodation options in Mallorca. From luxury hotels on the slopes of the mountains to boho beach resorts, here are some of our favorite stays:

where to stay in mallorca Spain

How to Visit Mallorca

Palma’s international airport has flights from all over Europe and Spain. Additionally, during peak months, there are direct routes from the USA. The airport is massive, so allow a reasonable time to walk to and from your gate. 

Find flights to Mallorca ✈️

From the airport, it’s straightforward to take a bus or a taxi into Palma in less than 20 minutes. If you’re not staying in Palma, you can also find public transport to different locations around the island.

How to get around in Mallorca Spain

Best Time to Visit Mallorca

Spring and fall shoulder seasons are the best time to visit Mallorca when there are sunny days and fewer crowds. The winter months are also just as beautiful, with cooler days that are better for sightseeing and hiking.


Note: Mallorca can be hectic during the summer. Although this is the best time to enjoy the island’s stunning beaches, you’ll need to make reservations well in advance for parking, restaurants, hotels, and tours.

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