Canyoning in Wadi Mujib, Jordan: Explore the Siq Trail Waterfalls Canyoning in Wadi Mujib, Jordan: Explore the Siq Trail Waterfalls

Canyoning in Wadi Mujib, Jordan: Explore the Siq Trail Waterfalls

In a land known for its red deserts and dry, cracked earth, a waterfall isn’t really the first thing you might think of. Nevertheless, Jordan harbors some impressive wet trails that pass through grand canyons, leading to stunning waterfalls. Wadi Mujib, in particular, which lies close to the Dead Sea, makes a fun and challenging location to go canyoning. Traverse your way through water that flows between incredible stone edges, climbing over boulders to reach the falls. Here’s all you need to know about canyoning Wadi Mujib in Jordan.

The Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib, Jordan

Wadi Mujib is a 212-square-kilometer Biosphere Reserve that spans from the Karak Mountains down to the Dead Sea. The gorge, with towering 40-meter-high cliffs, is home to several rivers that, depending on the season, make an incredible place to go canyoning. Though there are officially three ‘wet’ trails, the self-guided Siq trail in Wadi Mujib is by far the most popular. 

Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib Jordan

As you wade through the stream, holding on to the ropes and ladders, you pass multiple waterfalls that powerfully flow between the canyon. Marvel at the structure’s beautiful orange walls carved out centuries ago by the rain and its turquoise water.

The ‘hike’ requires a bit of strength to climb the ladders up the falls, but it isn’t too difficult. Keep in mind that some sections of the trail are deeper, making you wade through chest-deep water. Nevertheless, if you have the chance to go, Wadi Mujib is a must-do on your 7-day Jordan itinerary. 

Canyoning in Wadi Mujib

The Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib is a refreshing welcome after days in the sun and sand. The journey begins at the Mujib Adventure Center, where you cross a bridge and go down a ladder into the wadi itself. Beforehand, you’ll have gotten your gear to start your canyoning experience carefully. 

The moment you step into the water, you’ll notice that it already runs pretty fast. Once you pass the first corner, the water becomes deeper – this is where the adventure truly begins. While you proceed through the gorgeous narrow passage, admire the sandstone curves of the canyon. There are lots of shallow sections where you can rest to take some photos. 

canyon Wadi Mujib Jordan

After a while, the water becomes deeper and starts flowing faster, so you’ll have to hold on to the ropes and rocks. These sections are easily identified, but there’ll also be staff there who’ll help you navigate the best section. Hold on to the ropes as you move through the white water, feeling the streams quicken below the surface.

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Canyoning in Wadi Mujib, Jordan: Explore the Siq Trail Waterfalls

The Waterfalls

About halfway along the Siq trail in Wadi Mujib, you’ll come past the first cascade to ascend a level. This scramble up the rocks requires some upper body strength and a calm head if you can’t reach the rope immediately. Always take your time here, navigating how to climb up. There are a couple more climbs like this on the way to the waterfall. 

Wadi Mujib Jordan waterfalls Siq Trail

At the end, you’ll find a stunning waterfall flowing powerfully into a small pool. Here, you have the chance to relax for a bit before making your way back the same way you came in. Cool off in the water below the falls, listening to it flow into the pool and echo through the canyon.

The route back is incredibly fun as you’ll slide down the rocks of two falls and float the rest of the way, following the stream. The friendly staff in these sections will point out where it’s best to get down. 

Canyoning in Wadi Mujib Jordan

Wadi Mujib Guide

All of the canyoning trails in Wadi Mujib are well-maintained, with staff stationed throughout. However, for those who don’t want to explore on their own, there’s also the option to get a guide to accompany you. This is optional for the Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib (mandatory for the other two) and can be arranged at the activity center or later on at the more difficult sections. The cost for a guide is 30 JD (42 USD) per group.

Note: Always be patient at the more difficult sections. There might be a line-up as some people find it more challenging than others. Doing it safely is always more important than quickly.

waterfall wadi mujib jordan

How long is the Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib?

The Wadi Mujib Siq Trail is 2 kilometers in total, with the same way back as you entered after reaching the waterfall. The first half is an exciting climb upstream through changing rapids and over cascades. Expect to spend about 2 – 3 hours on the trail, admiring its beauty as you go. This is an incredible stop en route to the Dead Sea on your 7-day Jordan itinerary.

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guided tours Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib

Opening Times & Entrance Fees

The season for canyoning in Wadi Mujib usually runs from April till the end of October (dry season), with the Siq trail open between 8 AM and 3 PM. We recommend getting there as early as possible, allowing you to have much of the canyon to yourself. If you visit later or on the weekends, you might have to wait before entering as it can get busier. There’s a maximum of 100 – 150 people allowed in the canyon at the same time. 

Tip: Always check the Facebook page of the Wadi Mujib Adventure Center to see if there are any updates on the opening times.

The Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib costs 21 JD (30 USD) per person and can be paid for in cash or card at the Adventure Center. You can also rent water shoes for 5 JD (7 USD). Wadi Mujib is not included in the Jordan Pass.

Getting to Wadi Mujib, Jordan

Located on the western side of the reserve, close to the Dead Sea and Highway 65, you find the Wadi Mujib Adventure Center, where all the trails start and end.

By Car

Public transport is limited to non-existent in this part of the country. Therefore, the quickest and most convenient way to get to Wadi Mujib is by car. Rent a car in Jordan and travel at your own pace, stopping wherever you want. Explore King’s Road on your Jordan itinerary, driving from Amman down to the Dead Sea and passing many beautiful attractions. From the Dead Sea, it’s only 25 minutes to Wadi Mujib. 

how to get to Wadi Mujib, Jordan

You can also opt for a driver who’ll take you to Wadi Mujib from Amman and back for about 75 JD (105 USD). The drive takes about 1.5 hours one way, and the driver will wait for you in the Mujib parking lot. You can also combine this with a trip to the Dead Sea. 

Good to know: The parking lot (and overflow) at Wadi Mujib becomes full quite quickly, as there’s only room for about 30-40 vehicles. Try to get here before 10 AM.  

By Organized Tour

Alternatively, you can join an organized tour from Amman that includes Wadi Mujib and the Dead Sea. Comfortably drive over to the canyon to experience a refreshing break from Jordan’s heat before relaxing in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. 

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organised tour Siq Trail Wadi Mujib Jordan

Where to Stay

Though you can visit Wadi Mujib on a day trip from Amman, there’s more to explore in the region, making it worth spending a night or two. The closest accommodations are resorts and hotels dotting the Dead Sea coastline. Enjoy stunning views, in-house spa treatments, and easy access to the natural wonders of the biosphere reserve.

What to Pack for Canyoning in Wadi Mujib?

Before you go into the water, the Adventure Center gives you a compulsory life jacket. Other than that, there are a few things to pack: 

  • A waterproof/dry bag
  • A small bottle of drinking water
  • Your swimwear or sports clothes
  • Shoes that can get wet (don’t wear slippers or Birkenstocks as they lack grip)
  • A (waterproof) camera or your phone to snap some photos

If you don’t want your shoes to get wet, you can purchase water shoes from the Adventure Center for 5 JD (8 USD). They also rent out dry bags for 10 JD (14 USD) in case you don’t have your own and want to bring your things along. Most of the trail is in the shade, so you don’t have to bring your sunglasses on this refreshing activity. You can store everything you don’t need in your car or in the free lockers at the center. 

what to wear Siq Trail Wadi Mujib Jordan

The Best Time to Visit

Wadi Mujib makes a refreshing little oasis in the blazing heat of the Dead Sea area. However, it’s only open during the summer months (April 1-Oct 31), making that the best time to add it to your Jordan itinerary. Because of this, it can get busy, so try to come as early in the day as possible. Water levels vary throughout the season, giving the canyon a few deeper sections.


During the winter, the wet trails close as there’s more rain and a chance of flash floods.

What to pack for Canyoning Wadi Mujib Jordan

Other Trails in the Wadi Mujib Reserve

Though the Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib is the most popular and accessible canyoning trail in the reserve, there are two other ‘wet’ trails. The Malaqi and Canyon Trail are both longer, deeper excursions into the park and include rappelling down a waterfall and returning through the Siq Trail. These trails also leave from the Adventure Center but require a mandatory guide. 

The Canyon Trail 

  • 4-kilometer round trip
  • Moderately challenging
  • Takes about 2-3 hours
  • Guide and reservations required 
  • Cost: 31 JD (44 USD)

Alternatively, if you visit outside of the dry season, you can also do the Ibex Trail, which is open year-round. This 5-kilometer round trip makes a great attraction during the winter, taking you up a mountain with views over the Dead Sea. Hike in the stunning landscapes of Jordan, looking out for Ibex goats as you go. A guide and reservations are required and cost 31 JD (44 USD).

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