10 Best Things to do in Amman, Jordan 10 Best Things to do in Amman, Jordan

10 Best Things to do in Amman, Jordan

With earth-colored cube houses that sprawl up on the hills, the capital of Jordan is one of the oldest cities in the world. Apart from excavations dating back to the Stone Age (7000 B.C.!), it has numerous archaeological sites and historical places to see, from Roman ruins to famous mosques. But it’s not all about history – you’ll also find many modern neighborhoods full of colorful markets, delicious food, and stunning art. Spend a day or two exploring the capital before touring elsewhere. Here are all the best things to do in Amman, Jordan.

Things to do in Amman, Jordan

Amman is more than just a place to use as a base for other things to do in Jordan. It’s a lively city with lots going on, though it never feels too chaotic. With bustling markets, shopping streets, cafes, and lots of street art in between, it makes a great starting point for your 7-day Jordan itinerary. Spend a day or two discovering famous historical sites, exploring the many art galleries, and trying out the country’s well-known falafel.

The duke's Diwan door Amman Jordan things to do

1. The Duke’s Diwan

Perhaps one of the most unique things to do in Amman, Jordan, is take a peek into the Duke of Mukhaybeh’s house. This historic building is regarded as one of the oldest houses in Amman, offering a glimpse into the past. It is located in the heart of the city. As you explore the city, take a few minutes to roam around in the rooms decorated with antique furnishings, beautiful ornaments, and artwork. 

blue windows Amman Jordan duke's diwan

Enter through a small door on the main street and make your way up the staircase. Once upstairs, you’ll walk into a very traditional, well-preserved home. It’s said that it was initially used as a post office, later becoming the Ministry of Finance and a hotel. Now, it belongs to the Duke, who you’ll sometimes find on-site.

Note: The house museum is free to visit, and all the rooms are easily explored within 15 minutes.

things to do amman jordan Duke's Diwan dinning room

2. Amman Citadel, Umayyad Palace

Amman is sprawled up and across over twenty hills, creating waves of beautiful cubed buildings. Atop one of the highest hills lies Amman’s Citadel, overlooking the entire city and Roman theater.

things to do Amman Jordan Roman amphitheatre

The view alone makes it a stunning place to visit. However, it is also home to several archaeological remnants, dating back as far as the Bronze Age (1800 B.C.). Wander around the open-air site, taking in the remains of the empires that ruled here, from the Assyrians, Greeks, and Babylonians to the Romans. 

Columns Amman citadel Umayyad Palace Jordan

One of the most interesting remains is the blue-domed Umayyad gateway, the entrance to the Umayyad Palace. This building was the site of power for the first Muslim dynasty that ruled Jordan from the 7th century. 

Architecture Columns citadel Amman Jordan things to do

Getting there: From the Roman Theater, a set of stairs (here’s the location) leads up to the Citadel. Walk up through an old neighborhood, and you’ll eventually reach a road to the site entrance. You’ll find signs along the way, and the walk takes about 20 minutes. Alternatively, arrange a taxi to take you up the hill. 

Ruins Amman Citadel Umayyad Palace Jordan

3. Roman Theater

Though expected in Europe, many Roman remains are found far beyond the continent’s borders. The Roman Theater, nestled in the heart of Amman, stands as a testament to this far-reaching influence of the Roman Empire. Back then, the city was known as Philadelphia. Now, the semi-circular marvel stands as it did nearly two millennia ago, making it a must-do in Amman, Jordan. 

Roman Theater Amman Jordan

As you explore its well-preserved steps and soak up the atmosphere, you’ll be transported back to a time of Roman entertainment. The construction boasts a capacity to host about 6,000 spectators for grand theater performances and spectacles. Climb all the way to the top for panoramic views over the site, as well as the beautiful surrounding buildings. 

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10 Best Things to do in Amman, Jordan

Entrance to the Roman Theater in Amman is included in the Jordan Pass, including its two small museums. Without the pass, entry is 2JD (2.83 USD). 

things to do amman jordan Roman Theater

4. Soak up the (Street) Art

Weave your way through the narrow alleys that move up and down the hills of Amman, soaking up the different sights as you go. During your stroll, you’ll quickly notice that besides its uniform-hued buildings, some pop out in various colors.

Street Mural Amman Jordan women

These beautiful contemporary murals sometimes rise several stories high, giving the ancient city a more modern feel. You’ll spot many as you walk around Amman; however, the most interesting pieces are found in neighborhoods further away from downtown. 

Street art Amman Jordan

Art Galleries

Apart from street art, you’ll also find incredible gallery houses with curated collections of modern Middle Eastern art and sculptures. After diving into the city’s history, visiting one (or a couple) of art galleries is one of the best things to do in Jordan. Some of the best are: 

  • Darat al Funun
  • Jadal for Knowledge and Culture
  • Nabad Art Gallery
  • Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Amman Panorama Art Gallery
  • 3J Gallery
best things to do amman jordan art gallery

Odora Mosaico

If you’re fascinated by Amman’s vibrant art scene, consider joining a mosaic workshop. Amidst the city’s bustling creativity, you’ll learn about the ancient art of mosaic-making. Here, colorful tiles come together to tell stories on walls and floors. 

Under the guidance of skilled artisans, you’ll learn to craft your own intricate masterpieces, leaving you with newfound skills and a deeper appreciation for the city’s rich artistic heritage.

faces street art amman jordan

5. Rainbow Street 

With lots of bars, cafes, and restaurants, the lively area of Rainbow Street is quite possibly Amman’s most famous street. It’s known as a place where tourists and locals come to mingle or go for a night out, making it the perfect place if you’re looking for nightlife and entertainment. 

However, the kilometer-long street also houses some great food spots decorated with colorful lights, picturesque decors, and unique ornaments. Its central location intersects with some of the best things to do in Amman, allowing you to hop into the quieter side alleys for some delicious falafel or beautiful artwork. 

best things to do Amman Jordan Rainbow Street

6. King Abdullah Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Unlike other mosques, the King Abdullah Mosque welcomes tourists to take a look inside its beautiful building. With an impressive sky-blue dome that towers over the rooftops of Amman, it’s a must-see in the city. Marvel at the carefully crafted shape of the mosque, its colored ceiling, and detailed little windows. 

blue dome King Abdullah Mosque Amman Jordan

It’s not an ancient historical landmark, as it was completed in 1989 by the late King Hussein in honor of his grandfather. However, it’s a great way to glimpse the largest mosque in Amman and see how the locals practice their religion. Entrance to the blue mosque is timed and costs 2JD, only in cash.

Note: Women must cover their heads, arms, and legs to enter the mosque. You can get a free abaya (scarf) in the gift shop (the entrance). Men are recommended to wear long pants and no hats.

7. Old Signs of Amman Museum

Tucked in the charming streets of Amman, the ‘One Thousand and One Signs Museum’ is where a collection of old shop signs began nearly 40 years ago. It immerses you in the city’s history, boasting a stunning collection of vintage signs, each telling a story of Amman’s evolution. 

Amman Museum Jordan Old Signs

The purpose of this museum is to preserve an important part of Amman’s history, with the first sign dating back to 1986.

It’s a great place to take some photos because of its vintage vibe and cute photo booth. Run on a voluntary non-profit basis, the museum is free to enter and open Saturday through Thursday from 10 AM to 5 PM (closed on Fridays). 

best things to do amman jordan old signs museum

8. Cooking Class: Beit Sitti

No matter where you are in the world, whether it’s Paris or Costa Rica, there’s probably an option to try delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. However, the very best is undoubtedly found in the region itself. Embark on a culinary adventure in Amman, Jordan, by joining a cooking class that delves into the rich gastronomy. 

Beat Sitti cooking class Amman Jordan

Under the expert guidance of local chefs, you’ll knead the dough for fluffy falafels, savor freshly ground spices, and master the art of crafting delicious dishes like mansaf or maqluba. One of the best places to follow a class is at Beit Sitti, which translates to ‘Grandmother’s House’ and lies in one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods. 

Run by three lovely ladies, you’ll learn how to cook the Jordan way, making traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. For us, they adjusted their class to vegetarian. Learn to work with delicious ingredients and get a better understanding of Jordan’s vibrant culinary heritage. 

Jordanian food

9. Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum in Amman is a window into the country’s storied past, full of interesting archaeological treasures. Marvel at the inspiring Dead Sea Scrolls, explore the intricate exhibits of ancient artifacts, and gaze at the well-preserved remnants of Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 

Jordan Museum sculpture amman

With immersive displays, the museum gives you insight into Jordan’s rich and long history, with exhibitions that showcase the different civilizations that have called this land home for millennia. It’s an interesting thing to do in Amman and a great review for the start of your 7-day Jordan itinerary.

fruit juices market amman jordan

10. Visit the Markets

Get lost in the Souks of Amman, where towers of local fruit stand tall next to one another, and the smell of fresh daily bread, coffee, tobacco, and sugary snacks flows through the narrow alleys. Visiting the vibrant local markets is one of the best things to do in Jordan. Nothing tops wandering through the bustling streets, taking in all the colors, noises and smells. 

Market Amman Jordan

Two of our favorites are Souk Jara and the Sugar Market (Souk Al-Sukar), full of delicious food and drink options and lots of unique artwork. Dip in and out of the daily market to soak up the atmosphere, grab some pictures, and try some new local foods. Some stalls are open from early in the morning, but most open around 10 or 11 AM till 10 PM. Make sure to stop here for some fresh juice as you browse the interconnected souks. 

Note: Bargaining is part of the culture here, and you’ll experience first-hand how locals shop in the souks. Please remember to always politely ask if you can take a picture of someone before doing so.

Local market

Best Cafes & Restaurants in Amman

Jordan’s flavors, textures, colors, and ingredients all give a glimpse into the country’s rich cuisine. From delicious falafels, a Middle Eastern staple, to fresh baba ganoush or maqluba, delve into Amman’s great food scene. Some of our favorite restaurants are: 

  • Zghairon Cafe
  • Byat Sara (vegan)
  • Sufra
  • Hashem Restaurant
  • Yafa Coffee House
  • Mijana
  • Rumi Cafe
  • Jordan Heritage
  • Rouhi AlAqili
  • Jadal Cafe

Tip: Though many Eastern delicacies have made their way to the Western hemisphere, there’s nothing better than trying them in their original countries. 

most beautiful restaurants Amman Jordan

Where to Stay

In the heart of Amman, you’ll find many vibrant accommodation options near some of the best things to do in Jordan.

From luxurious boutique hotels overlooking the ancient citadel to cute guesthouses nestled in the bustling downtown, there’s something for every type of budget. We recommend staying in the center, around the colorful and lively Sugar Market area. 

street amman

How Many Days in Amman?

As most international flights to Jordan arrive and depart in the capital city, Amman, it makes a lovely destination to explore for at least one full day, either at the beginning or end of your 7-day Jordan itinerary. 

How to Visit Amman, Jordan

Conveniently located only 50 minutes from the historic center, Queen Alia International Airport is the main airport in Jordan and has many connecting flights with its surroundings, including Europe

Find flights to Amman ✈️
citadel Amman

Though many visitors often skip the capital city, it has a cool vibe worth exploring. The easiest way to get downtown is by taxi, which takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes. Expect to spend about 15JD (22 USD) for the journey. Alternatively, there are also shuttle buses that depart for the city about every half hour.

Getting Around

The labyrinth of alleys and busy streets in Amman, Jordan, are best to explore on foot. Make your way past colorful neighborhoods, gradually climbing one of the city’s many hills. Up top, look out over the sea of cubed houses and stunning historic buildings. Another option to get around town is to arrange a taxi.

How to get around Amman Jordan

How Much Does Amman Cost?

You can travel to Amman in Jordan and savor the city’s rich culture and history without breaking the bank. There are plenty of affordable accommodations and local restaurants to choose from. Taxis usually don’t cost more than a few dollars, and many attractions have a small entrance fee or are included in the Jordan Pass

Costs of Traveling in Amman

Travel on a budget in Amman, from $280 − $400 USD weekly per person, mid-range $620 − $1270 USD, and high-end from $1200 − $1720 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Jordan is during the spring and fall months. The weather is pleasantly mild during this time, with daytime temperatures between 20 and 30 °C. Because of this, it’s a great time to explore the beautiful red outdoors and cities without the desert heat of summer.


Summers in Amman can be very hot, with temperatures often exceeding 35 °C, making traveling in the desert quite challenging. Winters can be cold and rainy, closing many outdoor activities.

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