Dead Sea, Jordan: 6 Best Things To Do Dead Sea, Jordan: 6 Best Things To Do

Dead Sea, Jordan: 6 Best Things To Do

Discover the fascinating Dead Sea in Jordan, a natural wonder whose origins date back to almost 4 million years ago! This landlocked body of water is famous for its incredibly high salt content, allowing visitors to float on top of the water — a truly relaxing experience. Spend a few days at the Dead Sea, soaking up the natural minerals in the water, floating under the sun, taking mud baths, and pampering yourself at one of the many luxurious resorts. Discover all the best things to do in the Dead Sea on your Jordan itinerary with our complete travel guide.

6 Things to do in the Dead Sea, Jordan

Famous for being the saltiest sea on earth (about 10 times saltier than normal seawater), many people visit the Dead Sea in Jordan to experience the floating phenomenon caused by the salt. This allows you to float gently on top of the water and experience the feeling of being totally weightless! 

salt dead sea jordan

So how is this possible? Because the Dead Sea is landlocked, it causes the water to evaporate quickly, leaving behind tons of salt. It’s this salt that causes the water to be much denser, meaning your body is lighter, allowing you to float effortlessly. The high salt content is also what makes the sea ‘dead’, as no living thing can exist here; you won’t find birds, marine life, or plants in this area.

Did you know? Although named ‘The Dead Sea’, this incredible body of water is actually a Lake that sits 420 meters below sea level. It is famed as the lowest point on Earth! It’s also long and not particularly wide, so you can even see across to the West Bank. 

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1. Float in the Dead Sea

Experience the unforgettable moment of floating in the Dead Sea! Because of the high salt content, it’s almost impossible to swim. Just simply relax and float — bliss! 

Along with the peaceful nature of floating, this water has some extraordinary health benefits. In fact, there are over 20 minerals in the water (some of which are known to alleviate pain from arthritis!).

floating dead sea jordan

Some examples are Calcium, which helps keep skin hydrated and preserve a healthy skin glow, and magnesium, which has excellent properties for relaxing muscles. Undoubtedly, this activity alone is one of the top things to do at the Dead Sea, Jordan.

Tip: Sadly, the Dead Sea is reducing in depth by nearly 1 meter per year. Do your bit to be a responsible traveler and follow our sustainable travel tips.

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Top tips for floating in the Dead Sea

  • Before you go in, you must remember to cover any minor cuts or grazes with Vaseline, otherwise, the salt will really sting.
  • For the same reason, don’t shave for a few days before. 
  • Try not to splash; the high salt content can hurt your eyes!
  • Take water shoes. In some parts, because of the beautiful salt crystals on the shore, it can be tough and spiky on your feet.
  • Limit your swim to 15 minutes (allowing your skin to get used to the high salt content).
  • Shower straight after and rinse out your swimsuit.

2. Dead Sea Mud Bath

Get muddy at these unique Dead Sea beaches! The best way to fully enjoy a Dead Sea Mud Bath experience is to begin by taking a relaxing dip in the sea. After, cover yourself in the mineral-laden mud and bake for 15 minutes in the sun before washing off in fresh water. If you are nowhere near fresh water, hop back in the sea to uncover your super soft body.  

Mud bath dead sea jordan

Tip: You don’t have to pay to stay at a resort hotel to enjoy a Dead Sea Mud Bath! There are a few public beaches that locals access, and you can join them.  However, the advantage of paying for a ticket at a resort hotel is that you can make full use of the showers and dressing rooms.

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Dead Sea, Jordan: 6 Best Things To Do

3. Visit a Spa

There’s nothing better than enjoying a relaxing spa experience as one of the top things to do at the Dead Sea in Jordan! There are plenty to choose from. All with a huge choice of facilities and treatments to pamper the senses and relax and revitalize the body and mind. 

Spa dead sea jordan

Choose from traditional spas with ancient Arabian and Asian rituals, hop in and out of indoor Dead Sea saltwater pools, take a sauna, and enjoy a drink while watching the sunset over the Dead Sea. 

These are just a few of your options:

dead sea jordan sunset

4. Visit Wadi Mujib Canyon

This incredible canyon is a must-see in your things to do in the Dead Sea, Jordan. Discover small waterfalls, epic rocks, and a refreshing cool air that moves through the canyon, protecting you from the searing Jordan heat.

dead sea Jordan wadi mujib

There are several trails you can choose from exploring Wadi Mujib, climbing small waterfalls and rocks using ropes and rungs, or just sticking to the beginning of the Canyon. The adventure starts in ankle-deep water and then gets steadily deeper until you will need to swim some sections. Remember, though, you will need to be reasonably fit – it’s a bit more than just a hike. 

Tip: The ‘wet trails’ are only open from April to the end of October because of flash floods and dry season droughts.

waterfall wadi mujib dead sea jordan

How to get to Wadi Mujib

The trails are all situated within the Wadi Mujib Biosphere Reserve, which is situated in the Karak Mountains. You can reach the most popular section from Highway 65 by the Dead Sea, and this is just 30 minutes by car from the Dead Sea resorts and 90 minutes from Amman. This is where the location of the Mujib Adventure Centre is and where the trails begin and finish. 

There is a car park there, visitor information, toilets and a cafe. Opening hours are 8 AM to 3 PM, and entry costs around 21 JD (about $30 USD) per person (cash and card payments are accepted).

canyon wadi mujib dead sea jordan

5. Visit Madaba: The City of Mosaic

This bustling city is a fascinating place to visit with its many beautiful mosaics from the Byzantine Empire. The most famous site is at St George’s Church, where you can see the most extensive mosaic map in the world, depicting the Holy Land. 

While you are in Madaba city, it’s also well worth visiting Mount Nebo, which is just 10 km away.  This elevated ridge is about 700 meters above sea level, so visitors can see the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, and even Jerusalem from this sacred mountain on a clear day.  It is said that Moses lived out his final days here.

6. Ma’in Hot Springs

You can’t leave without visiting the hot mineral springs and waterfalls of Ma’in (also known as Hammamat). Herod the Great was said to have bathed in the medicinal water here. Many people came to enjoy a hot soak and thermal treatments. 

At Ma’in, the water ranges from 45 degrees C to 60 degrees C and tumbles off the hillside, collecting in little pools for visitors to bathe in the hot mineral water. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience when you plan your things to do at the Dead Sea.

Getting there: Ma’in Hot Springs is just 18 km from the Dead Sea resorts and easily accessible by car in just 20 minutes. If you are traveling from Amman, the journey will take you about an hour. It’s the perfect addition to your Jordan itinerary!

salt concentration dead sea jordan

Best Cafes & Restaurants at the Dead Sea

There’s a wide variety of restaurants at the Dead Sea, whether you want mountain views, fresh seafood, or traditional food from Jordan. These are a few of our favorite restaurants:

  • Panorama Restaurant
  • The Ocean Restaurant
  • Elite Restaurant and Cafe

Tip: Make sure to try one of Jordan’s signature dishes. For example, Mansaf is a mouthwatering dish made of spiced lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented, dried yogurt and served with rice or bulgur. Makloubeh is also delicious; it’s a rice dish with vegetables and cuts of chicken or lamb.

where to eat in dead sea jordan

Where to Stay at the Dead Sea Jordan

Most people choose to stay in resort hotels, which have their own spas, for the ultimate luxury experience! Resorts such as The Hilton, Movenpick, and Marriott also have direct access to the Dead Sea beachfront at Sowayma, just off the Dead Sea Road. 

Don’t worry if you’re choosing to stay in an apartment or guesthouse instead; there are also public areas to access the Dead Sea. There is also a small choice of hostel accommodation in the area, ranging from modern dorm buildings with balcony views over the water to backpacker hotels in the desert.

where to stay at the dead sea jordan
The Hilton

How Many Days at The Dead Sea?

A couple of days at the Dead Sea will give you enough time to make the most of the attractions that the area has to offer without rushing. It is possible to visit in a day from Amman, but you’ll need to leave early in the morning.

How to Visit The Dead Sea, Jordan

Most visitors arrive in Amman, the capital of Jordan, by plane. The Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) is the main airport in Jordan and is just 50 minutes from downtown Amman. 

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From Amman to Dead Sea

Getting to the Dead Sea area from Amman only takes 45 minutes by rental car, taxi, or shuttle service and is a very straightforward, safe drive. 

visit beach dead sea jordan

By Bus

Alternatively, there are public transport options, such as the local bus from Amman, which takes around an hour.

Dead Sea Tour

For the most straightforward option, choose a tour with return transportation and visit the Dead Sea on a day trip from Amman.

Getting Around

Once you arrive at the Dead Sea, the easiest way to get around is by car so that you can travel around at your own pace and visit the destinations of your choice.

Alternatively, you can book tours or private taxis.  You can, of course, walk around the beach areas and attractions close to the Dead Sea from your accommodation.

How Much Does the Dead Sea Cost?

The Dead Sea is accessible for all kinds of travelers and budgets. For example, you can spend lots of money at luxurious resort hotels, or you can travel to the area on a small budget, stay in hostels, and enjoy the ultimate free activity – floating on the water! This is possible from public beaches (as well as resorts), so you won’t have to pay.

Costs of Traveling in Dead Sea

Travel on a budget in Dead Sea, from $720 − $550 USD weekly per person, mid-range $1510 − $2580 USD, and high-end from $2490 − $3350 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

* Average daily costs
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Best Time to Visit

The Dead Sea area is one of the hottest places in Jordan, so we recommend the Spring and the Fall as the best times to visit. It may be slightly cooler early in the morning, but by the time you visit the beach, it will be a very pleasant temperature. 


Tip: Be mindful of the holidays as the locals love to visit the beaches at this time, and the accommodation will be more expensive due to demand.

beach area dead sea jordan

What to Pack on Your Visit to the Dead Sea

  • Reusable water bottle. Reduce plastic while traveling by finding places to refill. It’s also essential to stay hydrated because of the high salt content.
  • Dry bag. Place your valuables and electronics inside a dry bag when swimming, as the salt can be very damaging.
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting salty.
  • Sunscreen. Check out our reef-safe sunscreen favorites.
  • Lip balm. The salt and the high temperatures can dry out your lips quickly.
  • Water shoes. These will protect your feet from the sharp salt crystals.

Is it Safe to Travel to the Dead Sea?

Jordan shares a border with Israel and the West Bank as well as with Syria. Many guidelines are updated regularly, so you should check before traveling. At the time of writing, only a 3 KM strip of territory along the Syrian border is off-limits.

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