Best Things To Do in Fethiye: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast Best Things To Do in Fethiye: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Best Things To Do in Fethiye: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Fethiye is an area on the turquoise coast of Turkey that shouldn’t be missed on your trip through this incredible country. It is very popular for its paragliding which is definitely a must-do. Here are 9 reasons why Fethiye is the hidden gem of Turkey’s turquoise coastline.

Butterfly Valley viewpoint

One of the craziest drops you will ever see, Butterfly Valley is mainly visited by boat, where you can enjoy the beautiful white beach. If you rent a car or motorbike, you can get to the viewpoint that looks out over the valley. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Oludeniz town. (Also see our complete Turkey route)

fethiye things to do butterfly valley

Paragliding from 1960 meters

Paragliding is a must-do in Fethiye. There are plenty of operators that work out of Oludeniz town, offering tandem paragliding experiences.

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Best Things To Do in Fethiye: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

After instructions you will be taken to the top of Babadag Mountain at 1960 meters, which is about a 40-minute drive to the top. You will get to know your instructor, and he asks you if you like to do tricks or just enjoy the incredible views of Oludeniz and Butterfly Valley — an out of this world experience!

Explore Fethiye old town

After some adrenaline-pumping sports, cool down in Fethiye. Old towns are always the best areas to explore if you ask us. Fethiye Old Town is a cute small shopping area including the famous Umbrella Street and Fish Market, where you pick a fish and a restaurant at the market prepares it. This is a perfect place to get dinner in town! :)

fethiye things to do old town

Shopping and beach in Oludeniz

Oludeniz town is about a 20-minute drive from Fethiye. It has a great boulevard, a widely stretched beach perfect for sunbathing, and the best fake brand shops. Great to fill up your Nike or Adidas collection back home :-) The quality and price of these shoes will blow your mind.

fethiye things to do shopping

Saklikent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge is a 300-meter-high and 18-kilometer-long canyon, one of the deepest in the world. Its name means hidden city. You don’t have to walk all 18 kilometers; a small walk can be enough to see some highlights.

Remember to take your waterproof camera since you will have to walk through the water. The level of the water changes by day, and can easily get to your knees. The water is super clear and cold since it is meltwater from the mountains.

fethiye things to do Saklikent Gorge

Lycian Rock Tombs

These tombs are carved into the rock and can be seen from all around Fethiye town. Getting there is easy, just head over to The Kings Garden restaurant. Across the street is the entrance. You need to climb 200 steps up to take a closer look. You will be rewarded with a tomb entrance of an impressive size and a beautiful city view.

fethiye things to do Lycian Rock Tombs

Where to eat in Fethiye?

We lined up our favorite restaurants, including a yummy(♥️) rating.

  • Nazilli Pide Salonu ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Sundial Restaurant ♥️♥️♥️
  • Jade Terrace ♥️♥️

Don’t forget to check out the fish market in Fethiye Old town!

Where to stay in Fethiye?

Fethiye is home to plenty of accommodation options for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking to stay in a budget guesthouse or a luxury beach resort, Fethiye has it all.

There are enough affordable options in Fethiye, but if you really want to be on a piece of heaven on earth, then visit Hillside Beachclub. This is, on the date of writing, the number 1 accommodation we’ve ever stayed in. Hillside is an incredible beach club resort with 3 private beaches, 3 restaurants with incredible food, and even the real Bali Spa treatment!

fethiye things to do coastline
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