7 Best Things To Do in Kas, Turkey 7 Best Things To Do in Kas, Turkey

7 Best Things To Do in Kas, Turkey

Kas is a very cute little town that shouldn’t be skipped on your road trip along Turkey’s turquoise coastline. It offers beautiful beaches, great food, shopping, and a lot more. Kas is pronounced as Kash. Read our guide to 7 reasons why you should visit Kas, Turkey.

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Wandering and shopping in the streets of Kas

The streets of Kas are gorgeous. It is small and easily be explored in one or two nights during your Turkey Route. Spend a night here, wandering around, look inside a handicraft shop or have a bite at one of the great Turkish cuisines.

Visit Kaputas Beach, Turkey

Just a 30-min drive from Kas is one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever visited. Kaputas beach is popular for its unbelievable turquoise blue water and location.

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7 Best Things To Do in Kas, Turkey

It’s super easy to get there if you have a motorbike or car. Make sure to be there either before 12 AM or after 4 PM to avoid the crowds.

Hike up the mountain for sunset or sunrise (Lycian Way)

If you have an extra day in Kas, make sure to hike up the mountain for an incredible sunrise or sunset view all over the city. The hike itself starts at the main road and takes about 40-minutes. It is part of a much bigger hike route called the Lycian Way. You don’t have to be an expert to get up the mountain.

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Go on a day-trip to Greece, Meis Island

Meis is an island of Greece and is just a 20-minute boat trip from Kas. Which makes it perfect for a day-trip. While we didn’t have the time to go there, we highly recommend you to do so. The day-trip to Meis is very popular and that isn’t without a reason. You can book your tickets in the city center.

Climb up the Amphitheater for Sunset

Just a few minutes walking out of town is an old amphitheater. It is the best climbing up there during sunset or in the evening when it’s lit beautifully. It is open to the crowd and safe as well.

Grab a drink at Kas Square

The main square of Kas is a small area overlooking the harbor. It’s so lovely to just hang around here, watch the people enjoying their time and you enjoying your drink at one of the many terraces.

Have dinner at a restaurant

Oburus Momus

The best vegetarian in town, with delicious food and such a good atmosphere. Remember to make a reservation one day ahead.

Retro Bistro

Most delicious burgers and handmade pasta in town, run by a lovely couple. The terrace is located in the center of Kas where the atmosphere is at its very best. In the evening the terrace is lit and it creates something magical.

Paragliding in Kas, Turkey

Paragliding is popular along the whole turquoise coastline of Turkey. We did this ourselves in Fethiye. Kas is, like Fethiye, a popular place to tandem run of a mountain. While this isn’t a thing for everyone, we highly recommend to do it. The feeling of just floating through the air and the view is an experience you won’t forget that quickly.

Best hotels in Kas

Kas, Turkey offers some great places to stay.

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  • Hilary

    Kas is lovely. The hammam spa in the centre of town is amazing, clean and professional. Take a walk up to the old helipad and watch the sunset.

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